• Earned Media Out Of Gas, Trump Now Spends Big On TV
    Just weeks before the election, Donald Trump is now outspending Hillary Clinton on TV -- something many believe he should have been doing for months -- if not a year ago.
  • Trumping A TV Network: Self-promotion Would Be Trump's Biggest Ad Category
    Running on Facebook Live, the Trump Tower Live efforts appear to focus on all the Republican candidate's recent efforts. With two weeks ago before the election, it's all about promoting your own brand.
  • NFL Down In Ratings, Other Sports Vary
    TV executives are still scratching their heads over 15% average declines across NFL programming -- and much bigger drops in NFL prime time. But now we see that it isn't the same for all sports. The first game of Major League Baseball's World Series between Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians posted a Nielsen 18.7 million viewers.
  • Better Health Care TV Ads? Finding Fun, New Consumer Targets
    Health-care insurers need to start TV advertising with some frank talk, now that health care costs are going higher -- much higher. Can they have some fun with that creative?
  • What New FCC Restrictions Would An AT&T/Time Warner Deal Have?
    The lure of big content is evident: AT&T grabbing big cable networks HBO, TNT, TBS and the Warner Bros. movie studio, paired with DirecTV, the biggest U.S. pay TV distributor.
  • Political Voters Split Along Brand Preference Lines
    Only two of the top 10 consumers media brands got high marks from Democratic-leaning voters -- YouTube (a 49.6 index, according to YouGov Brand Index) and Netflix (46.7 index). Republicans-minded voters didn't have any media companies in the top ten. (Independent voters had one: YouTube, in ninth place)
  • Your Media, Voting Machines And Swamp Are Rigged. Rig Up a Funny-Looking TV New Net
    Maybe if one presidential candidate owns and designs a TV news network, all kinds of rigging goes out the window. Still other parts of media world remain rigged. Apparently those iffy TV award shows, like the Emmys. Which Trump keeps losing.
  • Lying About What You Watch On TV? Heavens No!
    A recent Hulu Insights study of over 1,000 adults who have watched TV in the past six months found that close to half of those surveyed lied about watching a show in order to fit into a conversation.
  • Fast Maturing OTT Big Data -- And How To Use It
    YouTube Red wants to be "uniquely" YouTube. But what is that exactly? The $9.99 month service is competing with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, but YouTube executives said it wasn't going after those OTT viewers in the same way.
  • Digital Video Players Up The 'Premium Video' Game
    Both Facebook and Twitter want to offer up better quality live programming -- content one might see on a TV network -- all to put live streaming content on the same quality level with one specific financial target: sharply rising digital video advertising revenues.
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