• Discovery Inc. Starts Discovery Sports -- Does It Signal More To Come?
    It's got March Madness and the NBA. But the "NFL Sunday Ticket" contract with DirecTV runs out next year.
  • Roku, Amazon Dominate As Apple TV Rounds Third
    A recent estimate from Parks Associates says Apple TV is in third place in video distribution, at a 12% share, which isn't too shabby.
  • In The-More-Things-Change Department: TV's Recycle Cycle Continues
    Every platform still needs content - and plenty of it - which can make for interesting, sometimes ironic relationships.
  • Happy Days Are Here Again: Return Of 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'
    It's much more fun to see the program as it's meant to be -- back at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC in front of a live studio audience.
  • How To Pick Streaming Content 2.0: Lockdown Lessons
    "Ignore critics, within reason" -- and other tips gleaned from a year of picking films for a Sunday Night Movie Club.
  • It's Not TV, It's TKO
    Today's column was inspired by two stories: A report from GroupM calculating the world's biggest media companies, and Google's Timelapse app, which won an award at this week's Cannes Lions festival. I decided to mash them up to see what the equivalent 37-year time lapse has had on the TV industry.
  • MSNBC News Staffers Have Joined A Union, WGA East
    MSNBC president Rashida Jones has called for a union election to be conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Do Regional Sports Networks Need A Bigger Team For Streaming?
    Research says only around 30% of traditional pay TV subscribers watch sports.
  • Broadway Musicals Could Begin As TV Reality Shows - If The Marketing Works
    What's the best way to monetize a TV series? Maybe it doesn't come from making money from the TV business.
  • Too Many Streaming Ads? Try Fast-Forwarding. Oh, Wait.
    Turns out, consumers are angered by the repeated frequency of these messages.
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