• Amazon Expands Streaming Efforts
    Amazon's Fire TV platform will now allow publishers to have direct access to third-party media-buying programmatic platforms -- similar to what Roku has done.
  • Ad Inventory Bigger Part Of TV Distribution Deals
    Major TV network groups continue to be adamant about controlling all their national linear TV advertising inventory.
  • Trump Takes Pot Shots At Fox News, NBC Posts Higher Upfront Ad Sales
    When a Fox News poll showed Trump losing to VP Joe Biden, he took to Twitter.
  • AT&T TV Launch: For Now, It's Only A Test
    The company describes the new launch as a "thin client broadband TV service" that will beta launch in a few markets this summer.
  • Prospects For Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Services Just Got Better
    Though ad-supported streaming platforms contribute to fractionalized media viewership and consumption, it's good for marketers.
  • Rethinking Price Points For Movies, Streaming TV
    Should different theatrical movies have different price points? A few theatrical film executives believe so. Maybe the same should be true for TV shows.
  • Is Netflix Facing A Quality Issue?
    Many might look at traditional TV's current schedule -- especially prime time -- to gauge some value. But with Netflix, everything is on-demand, with full seaons available immediately.
  • TV Sellers Need Better Data Connections
    TV networks complain about media measurement from Nielsen and others, especially when it comes to finding easy access to cross-platform metrics.
  • It's Time For TV Blackouts - Enjoy TV, On Your Laptop
    Those nasty corporate battle headlines are here -- just not the TV dramas consumers are looking for.
  • HBO, Netflix Share Similarities -- It's All About Content
    To many consumers, advertising support just means a way to keep subscription prices down. For Netflix and HBO, content is king.
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