• U2/YouTube's Concert: Big Numbers, But What Else?
    Ten million viewers for one episode on a U.S.-based cable network might have a cable TV program executive singing "Even Better Than The Real Thing." That would be a very high number. For a broadcast network, the song might be "Vertigo" -- nice, but your head might be spinning a bit with people telling you could have done better.
  • NBC Stations: Waiting To Ride Out The Leno Storm
    A late-moving TV storm might be brewing from NBC affiliates. NBC stations' late local news programs were expecting the worst -- which was delivered as promised so far.
  • Viewers Pay For Web TV? Look At How They're Getting Their DVD Fix
    Movie studios may have to change their thinking when it comes to renting versus buying. The declining DVD sales industry, which has recently given executives many restless nights, has elicited one bit of silver lining: a higher rate of DVR rentals.
  • Shocker! 'Family Guy' Is Not Family-Friendly Entertainment
    Branded entertainment can go wrong -- even before it starts. Microsoft was all set to use that cool Fox animated show "Family Guy" to launch its new Windows 7 software, by branding a special called "Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show." Apparently Microsoft thought "Family Guy" was all about advertising-friendly family entertainment -- while the special supposedly included funny bits on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.
  • Driven To Media Distraction?
    Fox News Channel has made a meal of its recent sparring with the White House. Fox commentators and others have said the White House should be talking about more important things. According to reports, there is even a Fox News promo about this issue. Maybe the White House is to blame; maybe Fox News as well. All of it is a waste of our time.
  • Paying For Hulu? Consumers Might Say Hmm...
    What if getting consumers to pay for Hulu's premium TV shows doesn't work? The masterminds of TV will tell you content is king -- but I'm betting a few people might believe this: Access is king. All this comes in the wake of some major TV players talking up the idea of having consumers possibly paying for premium TV programming
  • TV Stations Mull Digital Divide: Money Now -- Or Value Later?
    Local broadcasters have something of value other digital media companies want: the digital TV spectrum. Should they give that up?
  • Will U2 Set Path For YouTube And TV Sports Events?
    The NFL's blackout rule is not in effect in the Rose Bowl this Sunday. There is no need for it -- no one is playing football. The event is a music concert by U2, and the popular Irish band has sold out all of the Rose Bowl's 96,000 seats. With that in mind, the band will stream an entire concert live on YouTube this weekend -- free.
  • Fox Looks To Join CBS' Retrans Fee Act: Will Cable Look To Upstage?
    For some time CBS has been the lone performer when it comes to garnering outright retransmission fees from cable systems to carry its local TV station signals. Other media companies -- News Corp.'s Fox network; Walt Disney's ABC and General Electric's NBC -- have been on the sidelines of this issue. Up until now.
  • When To Hang Up Your TV Phone Apps
    What's the downside to a phone app? Very little, I'm guessing. Software and technology development costs aside, the only hitch might be a TV app lost in an ever-bigger ocean of apps. You might ask: "Hmm... Does this show I'm watching on Icelandic lifeguard-saving dogs have a phone app?"
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