• How's Your Digital Strength?
    Isobar and alpha-DNA are out with their latest "TopLine" Digital Strength Index report.
  • LO:LA Wins GRRRL Account
    It's a hot athleisure brand, seemingly with a lot of potential -- Forbes recently called it a "billion dollar brand in-waiting."
  • Advertising Is Your Life. But The Kids Still Have To Eat, Right?
    Stacie Billis, wife of Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz, and Meghan Splawn, have just launched a new podcast about the trials and trepidations of feeding families called "Didn't I Just Feed You?!"
  • David Kenny Interviewed For WPP CEO Post
    The former Weather Channel and VivaKi chief met with WPP Chairman Roberto Quarta last month.
  • Dentsu Explores Structural Changes
    The firm said the change would go into effect in 2020 subject to approval by shareholders. The company said the new structure would enable fast decision making in the rapidly changing advertising and marketing sector.
  • Trump Wants A Wall, And An Ad Agency Builds One
    Several walls actually, pointedly in front of Mexican restaurants to promote Sacha Baron Cohen's New Showtime series, "Who Is America?"
  • The Long Road Back For Papa John's
    The company is working on a big rebranding plan with its new marketing agency Endeavor. But the firm's ugly split with founder John Schnatter has been damaging.
  • George Costanza Is KFC's New Colonel
    God, I hated George. And no, I don't mean in the hateful way that Alex Jones hates. I just mean he played his part so well he set my teeth on edge in almost every episode.
  • Is Sorrell Struggling To Attract Board Members To His New Venture?
    According to one report, he is. That's due largely to his ongoing battles with his former employer WPP.
  • Anonymous Accusers Behind Diet Madison Avenue May Be Revealed
    A California Judge today authorized subpoenas to disclose those behind the social movement.
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