• MARC USA + BFG + BLR | further = 9Rooftops
    The three Eastport Holdings shops quietly joined forces at the end of March. They didn't exactly shout the news from the rooftops.
  • With Maurice Levy's Work Done There, WeWork Hires Two To Fill His Shoes
    The latest hire is Lauren Fritts who has been elevated to Chief Communications Officer, one of the roles held by Levy during his interim tenure at the firm from December of last year through March.
  • Imagine A Pro Sports Team Called The 'New York Jews'
    Crazy, right? Why is it any less crazy than teams called the Cleveland Indians or the Washington Redskins?
  • Martin Sorrell's Disruption Strategy
    The S4 Capital chief spoke Friday about his company's M&A strategy, business development approach and why WPP should be broken up.
  • Analytics And AI Firm SAS Taps MWG For Global Assignment
    The assignment for McCann and CRM specialist MRM will include the development of a global campaign highlighting the company's ability to help organizations in their digital transformations through innovative analytics software and services.
  • Social Justice Platform And Campaign 'It's Black & White' Launches
    A new platform created by agencies is designed to spark a conversation about differences in the perceptions of Blacks and Whites and unveil unconscious biases.
  • Ad Hits Trump Where Millions Are Suffering: Job Losses
    It's the bread-and-butter issue that often determines election outcomes. As James Carville famously put it: "It's the economy, stupid."
  • Just How Far Has The Media Procurement Process Evolved?
    Media procurement teams are not so singularly focused on the mission of cutting fees as they once were.
  • New Ad Calls Out Trump As 'America's Worst President'
    As Trump prepares for a trip to Mount Rushmore over the July 4 holiday weekend, the ad compares him unfavorably to four of the greatest presidents whose countenances are carved into the Black Hills monument.
  • Kantar Names Griffiths Deputy CEO
    Griffiths, who has been CFO since January, will retain those responsibilities and run the company until a permanent CEO is named. Former CEO Eric Salama has opted out of an advisory role with the company.
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