• The Super Bowl's Biggest Agency Cheerleader Gets Tackled
    Hmmm -- looks like not everybody agrees with the assertion that the Super Bowl is the only venue that allows a brand to say "you're a first-rate, big-time, trustworthy brand." Know any kids thinking about dropping out of school? Point them to "Set Yourself Free." Bud Bowl co-creator Grant Pace talks about the promotion 25 years later and three ad guys offer up a solution for creatives in a funk.
  • Check Out The Super Bowl's Big Agency Cheerleader
    This Ad exec will make you feel awesome for spending $4 million on a Super Bowl ad. And forget the old-fashioned idea that haste makes waste. Two ad creatives are out with a project touting the notion of shooting first and asking questions later. And another shop is campaigning against hashtag abuse. Also, ponder this: What's more important in creating a successful TV campaign, creative or data?
  • Who Let The Dogs In?
    At one ad agency, employee-owned mutts get their own office. Jeez -- soon they'll be running the place. And we also have more on Fallon's new Starter Kit. Looks like marketers will be spending more this year, according to one study. Just make sure clients spend it with you, agencies. And leaky apps are a spy agency's dream. Just ask Rovio.
  • Erwin Penland Wants You! In Advertising
    Now there's some food for thought. And women's leadership group C200 has named its first chair from the advertising community-T3 Founder and CEO Gay Gaddis. Meanwhile, Radio Shack and its agency GSD&M embrace a Can Do attitude.
  • Dear Agencies: Lying is Easy. Being Truthful Is More Creative
    The Nissan Frontier can do some really neat stuff. Just not the trick depicted in its ad. Meanwhile, Fallon starts a starter kit. And the question of the day: Are agencies really trendsetters? We know they want to be.
  • Want A Creative Gig? Snapchat DDB. You Might Get Hired
    Got 10 seconds? DDB Oslo is using Snapchat to recruit creatives. And here's how some industry creatives find relief from the daily ad grind. Meanwhile, 72andSunny rocks LA's Madison Avenue and the industry recently lost its king of agricultural advertising, the well-regarded Joe Osborn.
  • Why Agencies Are Like Baseball Managers (And Should Get Used to It)
    When the chips are down, brands need a scapegoat -- and agencies usually fit the bill. And who was the girl in that "What is Beautiful" ad? Ever been in a staring contest? Sure, it's probably been awhile, unless you have a 5-year-old at home. If not, try doing it digitally via the new app that Goodby created. Meanwhile, JWT NY welcomes its new ECD for digital.
  • Why Is Hill Holliday Chairman Mike Sheehan Leaving the Agency?
    Could it be because Sheehan recently took on an ad sales advisory role with the "Boston Globe" which could lead to several conflicts with agency clients? And kudos to redpepper for its latest community outreach effort in Nashville. Meanwhile, Andy Collins weighs in on the Lowe-Profero deal, which he helped broker.
  • Wait, What? A Creative Director That Doesn't Care About Awards?
    That's what he says, anyway. Meanwhile, ad people have told Yahoo's Marissa Mayer what they think she needs to do to up her company's game with the ad community. And Lowe Campbell Ewald prepares for its big Move to Motown.
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be Yahoo's Next Ad Guru?
    Here's a list of ad pros one writer thinks might fit the bill. Are ad agency people meanies? One former ad guy says so. He's now in PR, land of the nice people. It takes someone special to be a collaborator. Who knew? And what's old is new again -- integration.
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