• New York's Korey Kay Has Closed Its Doors
    The agency was behind the iconic catch phrase "If You See Something, Say Something," which it created for long-time client Metropolitan Transit Authority. And Omnicom veteran Peter Sherman, who jumped to WPP's JWT, is now back at Omnicom. Meanwhile, programmatic buying and branded content are two big themes standing out at this week's Advertising Week Europe. And Havas' Arnold Worldwide got hit with a round of layoffs affecting both its Boston and New York offices.
  • Has Social Media Killed Creativity?
    McCann Melbourne ECD and D&AD Awards Judge John Mescall thinks so. On a sad note, one of Adland's brightest luminaries, and a champion of research, Bob Barocci, has died. And this probably isn't a great surprise to many in the business, but in fact, very little advertising awesomeness still occurs on Madison Avenue. It's no longer 1968, and advertising awesomeness is now everywhere. Even in Minnetonka, MN. Meanwhile, branded entertainment and cross-media storytelling shop, Campfire, has been acquired by Sapient Nitro and will help fuel the agency's deeper foray into the world of interactive film.
  • World's Most-Hated Airline Seeks Ad Agency
    At least that's what some call Ryanair, including one dissatisfied customer who set up the ihateryanair.org Web site. Good luck pitching that one. Meanwhile, Sir Martin's India-based agency buying binge continues. And Adland is getting more competition from IBM, which just launched the IBM Interactive Experience. Meanwhile, Hype Media Marketing is on the scene. Just ask them.
  • David Droga Has a Justine Saco-Like Moment While En Route To Australia
    In the time it took him to travel from New York to Sydney, his agency got a wee bit smaller. But Droga doesn't want it to be the biggest agency anyway. "I want it to be the best." Here's the question of the day: Is digital marketing dying? Depends on how you look at it. And BuzzFeed and Mindshare do a deal while one CMO espouses a philosophy that Adland can certainly get behind.
  • What's A Retired NBA Vet Do For An Encore?
    Why, go into advertising, of course! At least that's what Jamal Mashburn is doing after an NBA career with the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. Of course, he's not exactly a business newbie. Since leaving the NBA in 2005 he's established five major car dealerships and has invested in a company that makes parts for automakers. The ad biz is just his latest business venture. And speaking of encores, agency veteran Phyllis Green is out with a new book that tells her story of rising and falling in the TV business and how she reinvented herself as an agency …
  • Telltale Signs of Incumbent-Biased Briefs
    They're not uncommon and pretty easy to spot. One clue -- if the brief is too brief and doesn't contain detailed information, then only the incumbent has the knowledge. And next month a new documentary series will kick off with a film about ad legend Lee Clow. It's part of Rick Boyko's new series entitled "InspirADCion." Fortunately, a few people in the programmatic ad-buying business like Dstillery's Tom Phillips are mad as hell about all the fraudulent practices that are rife within the sector. Sadly, too many others are content with the status quo because doing the right thing is …
  • Publicis Groupe Wins 'Most Attractive Employer' In France
    Think they'll repeat next year, when if all goes according to plan, they'll be part of POG? And nice agencies don't necessarily finish last. Sometimes clients like that trait in a shop. And Bright Red/TBWA wants to talk dirty to you. Meanwhile, Boise ad man Bill Drake, who is retiring, talks about how consumers and the biz have changed over the years.
  • Britain Invades India (Again)
    No, it's not the return of the Raj, but WPP is zeroing in on a deal to give it control of Rediffusion Y&R India. Meanwhile, Brokaw hires a Rosetta vet. And outdoor company Billups makes an epic hire. Well, at least the agency thinks so. Also, check out this story about the ad biz and how hard it is and how most folks don't make much money doing it.
  • Does 360i Need David Berkowitz's Help To Retain The Capital One Account?
    Berkowitz leaves the agency and a few months later Capital One puts its digital business in review. Wonder if there's a connection? Meanwhile, H&L Partners opens a Boston office to service its recently won McDonald's business. And TBWA Worldwide buys control of a Brazilian firm, while RG/A starts a startup investment fund.
  • Pereira & O'Dell Explains 'Hunkvertising' on Nightline
    Nightline? Really? Is there a shortage of actual news to cover? Whatever. Now on to the really silly stuff: "The Last FIRST KISS Parody You Need to See." And Amex CMO John Hayes has some advice for ad agencies, while Tom Burrell, founder of Burrell Communications Group, has some advice on how to fit some social good into your daily routine.
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