• Nancy Hill Has Three Ways to Improve the Client-Agency Relationship
    Stop 'ambulance chasing,' Hill urges. Respond better to Millennials and re-think outdated compensation models. Meanwhile, kudos to LM&O's Sherri Anne Green, while Lewis Lazare wraps up Chicago's 2013 ad scene.
  • Yet Another Screed (Yawn) About Flawed Agency Model
    The solution? Don't be an ad agency. Also, ever wondered about the ad agency scene in Kosovo? Here's a top-10 list for you. And just what the heck is a fishbat, anyway?
  • Clients Torture Agencies Over the Holidays
    Is it really necessary? It's the holidays for crying out loud. Take a lesson from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and wrap up your reviews before the holidays begin.
  • Nissan United Seems to Think It Can Control Car Dealers
    It's a quiet week here in Ad Land as most of you have been off opening presents and eating ham. But in our ever-connected, always-on world, there's always something ad-related to report. So as you sit on the couch with bloated belly and shiny new toys to play with, here's what's happening today.
  • Card Round-Up Part 3: Y&R Shamelessly Makes Baby Cry
    And here it is, our final sharing of this year's holiday greetings from the ad world. We won't be publishing tomorrow. Heck, we really shouldn't be publishing today but the media never sleeps. If it did, we'd never have been able to wallow in the wackiness of Justine Sacco this past weekend. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas. See you Thursday.
  • Your 2013 Agency Holiday Card Round Up (Part 2)
    As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the agency cards keep flooding our inbox. And it is our duty to share them with you, since, well, there's really nothing else going on news-wise this week anyway.
  • Here's Your 2013 Agency Holiday Card Round Up
    It's Friday before the holidays and you all know what that means. You'll be slacking off today and for the next two weeks all the agency head honchos will be away on vacation and the people who actually do the work will be stuck in the office doing, well, nothing because during these two weeks there is nothing to do. And not much going on. So don't expect too much news from us but, today, we will share with you a collection of agency holiday cards we have received for your enjoyment. So go grab an egg nog latte from …
  • McCann Hong Kong Loves John Woo
    And if you do too, check out the video the shop made celebrating its move to new office digs. But you really have to be a Woo fan to appreciate it. And if you're an airplane memorabilia fan, or maybe just into branding and design, you'll also appreciate Chandelier Creative Founder Richard Christianson's hobby. Up, Up and Away!
  • Huge Changes at IPG's Huge
    Both the CMO and CCO are departing in January. Makes you wonder. Meanwhile GLOW lets you rebrand Santa-say hello to Krystal Kringle (or whatever you'd prefer to call him). The latest trend in awards? In-house. Employees think they're more meaningful. Right, and there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. And check out Sir Martin (man of many hats) the event organizer.
  • Maurice Levy's Holiday Message: The More The Merrier
    And sexier too! If you watch it alone you get, well, Maurice. Get the party started and watch it with a bunch of friends. Meanwhile, one agency has started accepting bitcoins as a form of payment, while two Florida executives went crazy with the corporate charge card. And Victor & Spoils offers a new take on Dove Beauty. Sadly, K.C.-based Barkley is laying off staff.
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