Your 2013 Agency Holiday Card Round Up (Part 2)

This is perhaps the strangestholiday card  we have ever seen. It comes to us from Viewpoint Creative and features small scale figurines who are attacked by aliens who take on evil holiday personas. And there's Jello. And a giant baby. And it's all a message to make sure we don't leave our Christmas tree plugged in so they can blow up and cause a fire. Not sure that actually happens anymore but that's the message here. At least we think that's the message. It could be anything given the oddity of this work.

For its 2013 holiday card, RP3 Agency sent all its clients $50 gift cards to D.C.-based Global Giving a charity fundraising website that gives social entrepreneurs and nonprofits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise money. Recipients are directed to a special landing page where they learn about GlobalGiving's initiatives by watching an origami-themed video created by, RP3 art director Jamin Hoyle. 

Boston-based Conover Tuttle and Pace created its holiday card using the website trend-du-jour, the endlessly scrolling vertical website. As you scroll down the site, you get some snowfall, some ho, ho, ho's and a message of hope that points to several of the agency's philanthropic partners. It's really that simple but we love scrolling up and down that website. Yes, we know. We are easily amused.

In a similarly altruistic vein, Tribal Worldwide has launched its New York office’s 2013 holiday card entitled  The Tribal Table which offers food obsessed people the chance to donate a meal to a hungry child by sharing a picture of their home-cooked, holiday meal via FEEDIE, said to be the first-ever philanthropy app for foodies. The app taps into existing foodie behavior and current technology, inspiring foodies to share photos of food along with actual food for those in need.



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  1. Matthew Greene from WiOffer, December 23, 2013 at 12:44 p.m.

    Wow. Big news for Horizon! StarCom, I wouldn't take it personally, it's only business.

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