• 3.know: Shelly's Take On Crowdstrike/Microsoft, The GOP Convention, And More
    Thankfully, Shelly Palmer and I conducted this "3.know" via Zoom, not Microsoft Teams, otherwise you might not be seeing it now. He also puts his producer's hat on and assesses the GOP convention.
  • Stan Mack, Real Memes, Not-So-Funny
    Personally, I would have thought comic strips would be the perfect format for Millennials and GenZers, but I think the truth is even that format is too "long form" for many.
  • Omnicom 'ArtBot' Will Do For Creative What AI Has Been Doing For Media, So Far
    It isn't clear how Omnicom's new ArtBotAI differs from other generative AI art creation tools, but if you look at its recently published sizzle reel, you can get an idea of the direction its headed in.
  • Why Google Just Made The Most Detailed Map Of The Human Brain
    Knowing how the brain works can become a Holy Grail for a search and advertising company, and discovering what types of factors AI and the human brain have in common can further innovations.
  • Sora"R"Us
    Famed toy retailer Toys"R"Us this morning released what it is touting as the "first-ever brand film" using OpenAI's text-to-video tool Sora, but readers of this column actually got to preview some of it -- albeit a typographically incorrect one -- even before it was a gleam Nik Kleverov's eye.
  • Two-Thirds Of My Advertising Is AI-Enabled
    If you thought the punchline was going to be a Wanamaker paraphrase, "the trouble is I don't know which two-thirds," you might be right. But the point of this column is that AI-enabled media-buying now has a benchmark -- 69.5% -- according to GroupM.
  • 3.know: Shelly Palmer's Pre-Cannes Take
    In this week's edition of "3.know," Shelly discusses the latest developments in disruptive media tech, and gives a brief preview of what to expect at the upcoming Cannes Lions festival.
  • Klarna's Lean, Mean, AI-Powered Marketing Machine
    Agency holdcos continue to tout how AI is creating a new Golden Age for the ad industry, but anecdotal evidence is mounting that it may be a little more tarnished than that.
  • Consumers To AI Companions: It's Not You, It's Me
    That's what Interpublic found when it asked a global sample of consumers how they feel about having relationships with AI companions. My question: Why is a holding co even asking that question and what are the implications for advertising?
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