• Hey Alli, I'm Still Waiting For Your Answer
    Tech-savvy PMG this morning became the latest in a long line of agencies launching their own bespoke generative AI chatbots. But so far, it's not talking. At least not to me.
  • Why TikTok's 'Self-Attribution' Model May Be The Next New Thing, Or Not
    This week, TikTok introduced multiple features that should help advertisers better track the performance of their ad campaigns in the social-media app, including new attribution analytics and self-attributing networks.
  • The Blueprint For AI Success: How To Get Your Data In Order
    A well-structured, efficient data architecture gives AI models the foundation they need for optimal performance, with mechanisms that streamline data collection and guarantee timely and precise ingestion of data.
  • Meta Preps 'AI Holiday Season' With AI Bid Multipliers, Budget Scheduling
    Meta is prepping marketers for the world's "first AI-powered holiday season" with the launch of automated budget scheduling and bid multipliers to help make the most out of ad campaigns.
  • Dentsu 'd.scribes' New And Improved AI Tool
    Dubbed d.scriptor, Dentsu says the new tool, "allows us to use AI to speed up processes and scale output while maintaining the critical human element. It's yet another example of our purpose-built performance toolkit, filling a void in the marketplace."
  • Sarah Fay Steps Down From AI Venture Capital Role
    "In the firm's early days, we often had to explain why AI would be big enough as a focus for our thesis, and today AI is recognized as the biggest and most important technology wave in history," she recalls.
  • Why WebAR Is The New Ecommerce
    And why many marketers and retailers aren't ready for augmentation -- yet.
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