• Klarna's Lean, Mean, AI-Powered Marketing Machine
    Agency holdcos continue to tout how AI is creating a new Golden Age for the ad industry, but anecdotal evidence is mounting that it may be a little more tarnished than that.
  • Consumers To AI Companions: It's Not You, It's Me
    That's what Interpublic found when it asked a global sample of consumers how they feel about having relationships with AI companions. My question: Why is a holding co even asking that question and what are the implications for advertising?
  • A Principled Approach To AI
    Adoption of generative AI has outpaced both smartphones and tablets. Now is the time to temper enthusiastic impulses and build a principled framework for AI in our organizations.
  • The New Golden Rule Of Programmatic Ad Buys: Cutting Consumers In
    Social app WeAre8 is extending its consumer ad revenue-sharing model to the open web via programmatic buys on major publishers' sites. It's kind of genius, when you think about it.
  • No, You're Not Hallucinating, But Now There's A Leaderboard For That
    Enkrypt AI, a startup focused on making AI safer, has uncovered serious vulnerabilities and safety issues around some top large language models, and released a leaderboard that rates some 36 LLMs based on risk, bias, malware, and toxicity and jailbreak, which involves unlocking closed devices.
  • 3.know: Another Canary, Or Just An Anomaly -- Shelly Weighs In On Paramount, Et Al
    Is this the end of Paramount -- and big linear media -- as we know it, or is this the beginning of the final phase of the transition from traditional media to Big Digital? Shelly Palmer explains in this week's 3.know conversation.
  • Canary In The Coal Mine
    Omnicom's Sparks & Honey helped pioneer the integration of AI on Madison Avenue. Should it have predicted its own demise?
  • AI-Centricity: Our 'First Annual' Report
    Which is the most AI-centric of the major agency holding companies? Based on a "Media3.0" analysis of their annual reports, WPP is far and away the most dominant, followed by Stagwell. All others are also-rans.
  • Warning: CARU Will Strictly Enforce New Guidelines Covering AI-Generated Kids Ads
    The warning puts brands, endorsers, developers, toy makers and others on notice about misleading children under 13 vis a vis AI-generated advertising.
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