Spotlight On Smart Speakers: Facebook's Portal Faces Trust Challenges
    It may seem that "Alexa" can be heard in most households across America. According to recent survey findings, however, only 36% of Americans have a smart speaker in their home.
    The Relationship Between Hispanics And Technology
    It's a contradictory relationship, according to two studies: one says they're early adopters, the other, that they're less likely to have an in-home broadband connection.
    Short And Sweet Analysis Needn't Be Short On Value
    How do we strike a balance between deep dives into data, versus soundbytes, when communicating research results?
  • DATA
    Harnessing Privacy And GDPR To Differentiate Your Brand
    As consumers become more conscious of their data than ever before, brands can set themselves apart by making privacy central to the customer experience.
    The Greater Good: Industry Must Support Standardization
    Open, transparent standards and shared principles of conduct accessible to and agreed upon by everyone will move the industry forward.
    6 Tips To Create A Winning Holiday Influencer Campaign On Pinterest
    Partnering with an influencer who can translate enthusiasm into inspiration can create excitement among shoppers who visit Pinterest.
    Smart Boomers, Smart Speakers, Smart Marketing
    Baby boomers aren't usually described as "tech-savvy." But they are adopting smart speakers at such a high rate that marketers should take notice.
    How Much Digital Advertising Is Too Much?
    What marketers can learn from P&G's cuts in digital spend.
    Direct Response IS Branding
    Too many advertisers view direct response and brand marketing as two separate and distinct efforts -- but really, they are two sides of the same coin.
    Young Adults Rock Midterm Vote
    What can brands -- and candidates -- learn from this 2018 youthquake?
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