Winning Marketing Strategies For Amazon Prime Day
    Amazon Prime Day has changed online shopping significantly. Our research finds in 2017 nearly 50% of consumers shopped Amazon Prime Day, speaking opportunity for both retailers and consumers.
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    Realigning The Data Seller's Mission With Marketers
    There's a persistent myth in digital advertising that data can solve every issue a marketer has. Vendors preach about helping advertisers find thousands of new customers they didn't know existed, using digital behavioral signals. They promise ease of use, and the idea that campaigns are only effective when they hit the biggest audiences.
    Getting To Know You - And You - And You
    Getting to know customers through their behavior when planning and booking travel has become a priority for marketers. Technology companies have proliferated aiming to help marketers know the customer better - what sites they look at, where they have traveled before, what their travel preferences are.
    How To Maintain Quality In Influencer Marketing
    Unilever's rally cry to increase transparency and integrity in Influencer Marketing has escalated the conversation around influencer fraud and brand safety over the past few weeks. Here are seven ways brands can maintain the highest level of quality when working with influencers.
    The Customer-Centric Risk You Need To Take
    Brands have more access than ever to the direct feedback of their customers. If you're smart, you're using this feedback to guide virtually any decision about your brand strategy. With that said, many marketers wondered: What was IHOP thinking?
    How To Break Into A New Industry And Accelerate Your Marketing Career
    I started my marketing career as an assistant brand manager for mayonnaise, marmalade and breakfast cereals. Now I'm the CMO of a global technology services company.
    Events Play A Role In Brand Marketing
    A good event leaves an indelible imprint, resonating for years to come. It is why global brands have been shifting their marketing dollars away from traditional advertising in favor of experiential marketing. For a generation of streamers who consume media on their own time, a unique in-person experience is a shareable moment, and for big business an opportunity to develop a deep personal connection with consumers.
    Get The Skills You Need To Keep Up With Modern Marketing
    The skills needed to support the changes in marketing move at the speed of light. Even the most intelligent marketers can easily fall behind if they don't work to expand their skills.
    4 Tips For Millennials Who Want to Succeed In Marketing (And Everywhere Else)
    Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce today, according to Pew. And yet they seem to be the ones who struggle most to find and keep the jobs they really want.
    Drive Your App To The Top Of The Charts With Burst Campaigns
    When implemented within a holistic marketing strategy, burst campaigns can catapult an app to the top of the charts and have a significant impact on user base growth and brand awareness. With more than 5.8 million apps in Google Play and Apple App Stores, marketers face tough competition, and visibility is key. Burst campaigns can be a golden ticket to those coveted top positions in the charts.
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