How Shoppers Pick Personal Growth Programs
    Shoppers for self-improvement subscription programs are generally very open to persuasion, and there's plenty of opportunity to catch their attention.
    Marketing Meetings: Driving Attendance, Overcoming Hesitancy
    The meetings industry faces significant challenges in returning to pre-pandemic numbers.
    In Changing Digital World, Consider Incentivized Advertising
    As users are more informed than ever on privacy concerns, advertisers must provide consumers with assurance that their time and attention is valued.
  • Why Captioned Videos Rule
    For reasons including content density and accessibility, as well as consumer multitasking and multiculturalism, the preferred way of consuming a video is to read it.
    Marketing Is A Story
    Your overarching brand strategy is a story, and needs to make sense across time, media and vehicle, and across initiatives as a coherent story.
  • 3 Reasons We Hate NFTs -- And Why Those Reasons Don't Matter
    While some brands have jumped on NFTs as a publicity stunt, there are broader uses emerging.
    How To Launch A Successful Mobile App
    One tip: Decide if your ultimate goal is getting new users or increasing exposure.
    New Segments Of Sports Fans Mark Interesting Inflection Point
    Incessant pursuit of fan growth and an obsessive focus on younger generations have put us at a crossroads in how sports content is being served up.
    The Power And Importance Of Inclusive Storytelling
    Balancing authenticity and action is difficult. One tip: Know that identity is complicated, intersectional, and fluid.
    Advertising Case For Podcasts Is Loud And Clear
    Podcasting will be a billion-dollar advertising medium, and savvy brands will tune in.
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