Why Brands Should Invest In Gaming
    In a world of social media-induced anxieties, gaming is providing people with micro-doses of success and little drops of dopamine throughout the day.
  • COVID-19
    For Consumer Brands, No Going Back To Pre-Pandemic World
    Trends that have been progressing steadily for years have been suddenly accelerated to a degree no one could have predicted.
    How Does Your Company Look To Brands -- Or Consumers -- That Value Diversity?
    Some companies have more pets on their website team pages than people of color.
    Do You Want Your Meal To Be A Kit?
    Grocery stores can create meal kits to be ordered day of delivery/pick-up, are less expensive than subscription meal kits, and offer something that traditional meal kits cannot.
  • MOMS
    What Mom Consumers Want from Retailers During COVID Era
    For example, please note: Check-out lines make moms anxious.
    How To Stop Selling To People Who Will Never Buy
    Here are a couple of tips to gauge the real efficiency of national versus local media and, in turn, focus on people who will actually buy from you.
    Working Together, Separately: How We Do It
    Treat your co-workers the same way you would during a hallway conversation. Make jokes, tell stories or tease them mercilessly.
    How To Create A Virtual Hearth In Troubled Times
    Brands can create a virtual hearth by facilitating escape and creating a sense of community.
    Post-Pandemic Workplace: Not Always Remote, Sometimes Dispersed
    Companies for which "culture" is a core value might stop somewhere short of a permanent shift to all-remote work, until the remote workplace is truly ready for prime time.
    How To Analyze, Redesign, Rebuild Brands For Post-COVID Era
    The pandemic has forced eyes on so many brands' core values, their logo design and even the colors they use.
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