Not All Marketing Data Is Created Equal
    To evaluate brand health, replace your vanity metrics with ones that offer real insights.
  • First Week Of Fall -- So, What's Your Holiday Sales Strategy?
    Here are some tips to consider. For example, go beyond Facebook and Instagram to reach more consumers.
    Today's Workplace Culture Gap
    A strong corporate culture will translate into a strong relationship between a brand and its stakeholders.
    Practical Steps Brands Can Take To Navigate Disruption
    For example: Start having a two-way dialogue with consumers.
    Leading Hotels Of The World: Lessons In Agile Marketing
    LHW launched more campaigns in the third quarter of 2020 than it had in years past, increasing its cross-functional collaboration and innovation.
    The Power Of Difference In Creative Materials
    Recognize intersections, not stereotypes -- and other tips on how to implement diversity in creative materials and your workplace.
  • DATA
    Marketers, Stop Apologizing: It's OK To Use Data
    Let's pause and consider something radical. What if it's OK to track consumers individually and personalize advertising?
    Time For The Retroweb Reboot?
    I've been thinking about a couple of sites that felt homegrown, hopeful, free-form and experimental, and how they could be rebooted for the 2020s.
    The Junk Mail & The Damage Done
    Why lazy, me-first, long-odds sales outreach is bad for everyone -- even the salesperson who argues "It's a game of percentages."
    Sports Marketing's Biggest Storylines Still Revolve Around Fan Receptivity
    The hot potato of the moment is vaccination mandates.
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