How The Pandemic Revealed the Way We Really Want to Work
    Once, remote working was the exception but has now become the rule, with the added challenge for many of online schooling for children.
    3 Ways CPG Marketers Can Prepare For Post-Pandemic World
    CPG marketers proved themselves to be more vital than ever by providing consumer essentials during the COVID-19 crisis.
    Fintech Helps Hispanics With Financial Services Needs
    The pandemic has accelerated adoption of financial apps and services, with Hispanic and Black consumers leading the way, says research.
    Watch Your Tone When Talking To Teens
    A new language is emerging online to address ambiguity in online communication: tone indicators.
    Taking A Stand: Why Brands Should Stay In Their Lane
    Brand engagement on divisive political issues is fraught with risk. Do not pass go unless you are prepared for the consequences.
    How A Travel PR Agency Stepped Up To Pandemic
    How Laura Davidson Public Relations helped three clients -- a tour operator, a hotel, and a destination -- weather the storm.
    From Digital-First To Digital-Everything
    When the pandemic struck, digital was forced to grow up fast and begin to deliver on the promises it's been making for decades.
  • We Shop Together: How Hispanic Collectivism Affects Online Buys
    English-language-first family members often wield tremendous influence over purchases made by Spanish-language-first loved ones.
    Should Brands Emulate Political Marketing?
    Some stand-out tactics worked well for candidates and are worthy of emulation, while others have no place in business.
    Marketing In COVID Era: Now More Than Ever, Fortune Favors The Bold
    This is the time to increase spending to capture greater market share, build customer loyalty, and aggressively supplant your competition.
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