5 Questions To Ask Your Agency About Marketing To Millennial Moms
    For example: Are we delivering a product message relevant to moms' routines?
    U.S. Consumers Hungry For Latin Flavor
    We are living in such a global time that marketers must keep up with the ever-changing flavor profile and cross-cultural influence sweeping the U.S.
    The Most Important Decisions Are The Ones Your Customers Make
    Companies who manage by the additional dimension of customer will realize a step-change in revenue, profit, and customer loyalty.
    Affluent Outlook: Finding Clouds In A Silver Lining
    While 63% of total Affluents said 2019 was a good year for the U.S. economy, 73% of boomers and 79% of seniors agreed with the statement.
    Livestream Shopping: What Marketers Need To Know
    Streaming platforms are ideal for fast-moving consumer goods -- household products that are affordable and in high demand.
    Branding For The Five Senses
    With touch, the challenge has always been the distance between the marketer and the customer. So some brands sell through experiences.
    SampleCon 2020 Highlights Importance Of Multicultural Sample
    New census projections indicate that for youth under 18 -- the post-millennial population -- minorities will outnumber whites in 2020.
    Privacy, Please: Another Challenge For Travel Marketers
    Travel marketers are particularly vulnerable to consumer concerns about privacy.
  • GEN X
    How JLo Shattered The Ageism Glass Ceiling In 2020
    Beyond Jlo's role in the movie "Hustlers," her Super Bowl performance was the real turning point in how our culture views women over a certain age.
  • CBD Branding Evolution: What Marketers Need to Know
    Among key trends defining this new wave of cannabis-infused branding: luxury packaging and light-hearted copy.
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