Marketers, Time To Dust Off Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
    A month ago, brands were pushing the limits on those higher needs, but the pandemic has taken most consumers' mindsets down to the most basic of human realities.
    Comedy Consumption When Nobody Feels Like Laughing
    Given the uncertainty of COVID-19 and how it's impacting the entertainment industry at large, more generations might be seeking comedy from their social and mobile feeds.
    Influencer Marketing 2020: First, Know Your Audience
    Gen Z and millennials are extremely active in the influencer space, but the average number of influencers any one person follows is only five.
    3 Trends To Watch In Sustainable Packaging
    Among them: Plant-based packaging, in which products are wrapped in materials like banana skins, cornstarch or bamboo.
    How to Avoid Sounding Tone-Deaf During The COVID-19 Shutdown
    You've probably already seen a collection of cringeworthy brand emails about COVID-19 making the rounds on social media.
    Leadership In A Tough Time
    A pep talk on how to navigate the changes. For example, It's OK to show vulnerability.
    Who Are Your Real Brand Friends? How To Communicate With Customers During A Crisis
    I've noticed there are three types of friends in a crisis. Each type sheds light on how brands should and should NOT act.
    Pandemic Verdict: Keep Marketing Your Brand
    Memory and history confirm that brands that continued to advertise during crises fared better than brands that cut their marketing budgets.
    Week 2 Of WFH: What We've Learned So Far
    Among the lessons: There are two kinds of staffers, those with kids and those without.
    Should My Brand Proceed With Paid Social In Face Of Pandemic?
    Proceed with caution, and be conscious of how your message might be received.
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