• The Next Generation Of Native Advertising Needs To Be Integrated
    Online publishers are facing a serious problem: They're not making enough money. Mashable recently sold for a scant $50 million (even though it was recently valued at $250 million), BuzzFeed is on pace to miss its 2017 revenue target by 15 to 20%, and Vice is expected to fall roughly $800 million short of its target this year, according to "The Wall Street Journal."
    3 Changes You Can Expect to See In The Consumer Goods Industry
    With continued disruption in the consumer goods industry, changes in the coming year are inevitable to combat the increase of unconventional and low-cost stores like Lidl, Aldi and Amazon, gaps in retailer-manufacturer communication, and evolving consumer shopping habits. As a result, 2018 will be a year where manufacturers are asked to reevaluate and reposition their trade investment strategy for data-driven decisions and mutually optimized returns.
    Pharma TV Ads Should Die A Quick Death
    Unlike consumer goods branding, healthcare branding is not a celebration of self. People don't engage with healthcare brands to shape their identity. "Look, I got a new Dior bag...a new BMW...a cool brand of beer!" Healthcare branding is a protection of self, helping to restore aspects of one's identity lost to illness.
    The Loss Of Meaning
    Let's face it, the world is changing rapidly. We are going through a mass cultural disruption where we feel numb one minute, elated the next and downright overwhelmed most of the time. While many of these growing pains are brought on by the new world order fighting for control within the existing framework, consumerism seems to be the stabilizing force. Or is it?
    Travel Industry Revelation: Taking Customer Experience To The Next Level
    In today's digital, hyper-connected world, consumers are savvy and quick to judge. Couple that with increasing competition from industry leaders and new market entrants, and brands today are left with little room for error.
    Teens Make Over Market Research
    For decades, market researchers administered surveys over the phone, or in person with a paper and pencil. About 15 years ago, survey-taking started moving online, revolutionizing market research. Today, online platforms dominate as a means of collecting data. However, much of the research being done online hasn't evolved over the last 15 years.
    The Customer Strikes Back: The Dark Side Of A PR Crisis Is Costly
    Video game company EA recently experienced just how strong the dark side of a PR crisis could be, during the launch of its new Star Wars title.
    The More Screens The Merrier This Holiday Season
    Holiday sales this year are expected to increase up to 4% over 2016, according to Insider Radio, with the potential to reach $682 billion. Advertisers looking to get a piece of this massive pie have the calendar working in their favor with 32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and an extra shopping weekend because Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year.
    Generic Sports Marketing Strategies Begin With An Understanding Of Fan Motivations
    As we put another year of conducting research with sports enthusiasts in the rear-view mirror, there's opportunity to reflect on what we've collectively learned. I've often used this space to admonish those who eschew an appreciation and understanding of fan motivations for a greater focus on marketing's shiny new toys.
    System 1 Secrets For CPG Brands
    Everyone in marketing is talking about System 1, and with good reason. Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s concept divides human decision-making into two distinct categories. "System 1" is where instantaneous decisions, driven by instinct and often subconscious memories, are made. "System 2" is where logic-based decisions are made, with far more conscious thought and at a much slower pace than choices originating in System 1.  What does this have to do with advertising and CPG brands? Everything. Consumers don’t spend much time thinking about CPG brand choices. Mostly, the shopper breezes through the store thinking about her kids, ...
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