• Why Captioned Videos Rule
    For reasons including content density and accessibility, as well as consumer multitasking and multiculturalism, the preferred way of consuming a video is to read it.
    The Hottest Packaging And Color Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2022
    Just as we saw at the close of 2020, the collective challenges faced by society have had an interesting impact on design trends.
    2021: The Year Of Context Switching
    Context switching is a human workforce term used often by technologists to describe the process of constant stop/start across multiple projects.
    Consumer Capacity For Holiday Spend Uneven Again
    This year, consumer confidence numbers indicate that the highest and lowest income consumers are converging in cautiousness.
    Create Loyalty With Connected Experiences
    Brand fidelity essentially translates to the strength of the brand bond with consumers.
    The Power And Importance Of Inclusive Storytelling
    Balancing authenticity and action is difficult. One tip: Know that identity is complicated, intersectional, and fluid.
    Not All Marketing Data Is Created Equal
    To evaluate brand health, replace your vanity metrics with ones that offer real insights.
    The Homogenization Of Brands On TikTok
    Brands have been copying what has unofficially become the TikTok rule book. Top offenses include paying an influencer to dance with your product.
    Blending Experiences: The Secret To A Great Holiday Season
    Stores should also be thinking about "extra" services that let consumers get more out of the physical shopping experience, like salon treatments.
  • 4 Emerging Marketing Strategies to Try in 2022
    For example, use more video -- and invest in creating a strong brand image.
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