How Brands Can Get The Most Bang From Influencer Partnerships
    How can you make sure your partners are powered up to do the best they can in telling your brand story?
    2019 Affluent Outlook: What A Difference A Year Makes
    Overall, economic storm clouds appeared in late Q4 '18 and clearly provided a darker context for the data.
    Social Resposibility: Is It Good Marketing?
    A marketing and sales association is giving out an award for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Does that mean focusing on CSR is really good marketing?
    Being Bored Is The New Luxury: Consumers Struggle With Lack Of Time
    The most valuable thing your audience possesses isn't their hard-earned money, or the brands they spend that money on -- it's their time.
    Freeform Finds Its Flow For Teen Content
    Though much of the teen content landscape is shifting from scripted to unscripted programming, one media brand is notably bucking the trend: Freeform network.
    Why You Should Care About Fan/Customer Intensity
    A sports talk radio debate about the importance of "fan attendance" versus "fan intensity" got me thinking about my long-held belief that pure reach is secondary to engagement.
    No Young Man Left Behind: How To Market To Millennials
    Young men remain a desirable audience but are an elusive demographic for marketers to reach.
    How To Be Your CFO's Best Friend
    When I meet a CFO for the first time, I explain how a great marketer uses both halves of the brain -- creative and analytical -- in pretty equal measure.
    CPG Marketers: Maybe Rethink Targets Of Snack Food Ads?
    Packaged food advertisers who want to reach the right target for their products are targeting people who shouldn't be using them.
    The Yin-Yang Of Luxury As Marketing Opportunity
    Luxury is a feeling, but many consumers have mixed emotions of enjoyment and guilt when buying luxury goods.
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