Amazon's Biggest Strength: Utilitarian Products With Utilitarian Journeys
    Amazon's greatest strength isn't a traditional product category, but rather a type of product - utilitarian - that cuts across categories.
    How To Join Teens In Going Green
    It's clear we're at a climate tipping point. What are some of the implications for youth marketers?
    Podcasts Are The New Black, With Many Shades Of Grey Within
    While podcasts are hot, understanding the important differences across listeners can make or break your podcast strategy.
    Marketers Are Missing The Bidirectional Toggle
    Why are Hispanic marketing budget artificially lows? Marketers fail to account for the nature of influence and purchasing in a multigenerational family.
  • GEN Z
    2020: Year Of The Gen Z Mom
    Here are some key characteristics of this cohort: Thrifting is a desirable form of shopping, and scents are key when choosing products.
    Seeking Perfect 2020 Vision? 3 Lessons From Beauty Industry
    Here are three ways beauty could help CPG companies navigate the road ahead.
    Icons or 'Authentic' Travel Experiences? How To Deliver Both
    Research showed travelers want to get a "real" feel for a destination, but not miss out on the must-sees, either.
    How Aspiration Can Inform Pragmatism In Ticket Marketing
    There's nothing wrong with initially seeking out the most aspirational fan desires, absent any parameters, as an entry ramp to inform the ultimate pragmatic solution.
    Is Your Special Event Anything Special?
    Successful events share two qualities, the two M's: being meaningful and memorable.
    Non-Inclusive Ad Testing: Real Culprit Behind Tone-Deaf Ads
    Common market research missteps include using a DIY tool with a skewed convenience sample.
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