5 Ways Graphics Can Boost Content Marketing Success
    Perfectly crafted copy isn't the only key to success. In reality, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
    Female Empowerment Ads: Why Execution is More Important Than Theme
    From media heavyweights like Nike and Kellogg's to lesser-known TV advertisers like Bumble, it seems everyone is jumping on the female empowerment bandwagon.
    What Marketers Can Learn From The 'Fortnite' World Cup
    For one, it showed us the monetary and influential power of Gen-Zers.
    Redefining AOR: From Agency Of Record To Agency Of Reality
    When the AOR model was defined, digital marketing wasn't even a glimmer in its eye. To meet the needs of social media alone, this term must undergo a transformation.
    Go Beyond The Lead
    It's important to show the impact of experiential marketing on your target consumer's perception, affinity and advocacy -- which has been called return on experience, or ROX.
    What We Can Learn from China's Use of Facial Recognition Tech
    One company is using "Smile To Pay" at KFCs in Hangzhou., China. This product allows customers to complete their payments by smiling in front of the restaurant's self-service kiosks.
    How To Work With The 'Inexternal' Agency
    Marketers will continue to make distinction between providers of strategic and conceptual advice, and design and production. These expert external arms and legs make up the inexternal agency.
    Why Aren't More Brands In Gaming Space?
    Gaming is officially a $43 billion industry. Still, non-endemic brands are still nervous to take the leap into this industry -- and they are seriously missing out on an untapped audience.
    Growth Now Central To Marketing Agenda
    They should also be planning for a very different kind of workforce, including entirely new roles like "immersive experience designers," "growth hackers" and "futurologists."
    The 4 Worst Mistakes Marketers Make On Social Media
    Among the bloopers: Joining a conversation three days after it's relevant, and failing to understand the proper tone to take.
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