Is Your Brand Prepared for the Holidays?
    As consumer brands and retailers keep adapting holiday strategies to meet changing shopper preferences, it's worth considering the following tips.
  • The Increasing Insanity Of Marketers' Indifference Toward Older Consumers
    The latest U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey provides a wealth of evidence why 50+ has become a critical consumer segment. The data speaks for itself.
  • MOMS
    5 Reasons Podcasts Should Be Part Of Your Marketing-To-Moms Strategy
    One reason: Podcasts are appointment listening.
    3 Ways to Bring Consumers Deeper Into Your Brand
    If you're looking for great examples of consumer-brand engagement, look no further than top food brands. Here's how to leverage their ideas.
    CPG Brands: Winning In The Era Of Relevance
    In the U.S., top 25 food and beverage brands now generate just 2% of industry growth, while the smallest 16,000 brands account for 53%.
    How To Join Teens In Going Green
    It's clear that 2019 has brought us to a climate tipping point. What are some of the implications for youth marketers?
    Driving Loyalty Through Faster Communication
    JetBlue, an early customer of tech firm Gladly's platform, is using that solution to roll out live-chat capability from within its mobile app.
    Customized Experiences Gain Importance In Live Sports Environment
    Emotional connections, fan access and physical amenities and activations must be carefully intertwined for the peak experience.
    Cultivating Hispanic Basketball Fans Scores Points On, Off The Court
    U.S. Hispanics are younger, concentrated in urban areas, and have been integral to the evolution of popular cultural cornerstones such as hip-hop.
    Brands: Steal These 5 Lessons From Entertainment Marketing Campaigns
    For example; Make entertainment, not advertising. Tease, don't tell.
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