U.S. Multicultural Consumer Imperative For Global Brands
    Millions of multicultural consumers are not being courted by global brand giants. Here's why multicultural marketing will be a business mandate for these brands' future success.
    Advertising Best Practices Revealed By 2018 Midterm Campaigns
    The urgency with which political campaigns must understand and adjust the targeting and effectiveness of their efforts has yielded new best practices.
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    Data Drought Coming: Prepare With Effective Use Of First-Party Data
    Walled gardens, regulations, data scandals: The data well is about to start drying up. What can marketers do?
    Tailor Content Marketing To Fit Your Brand Like A Glove
    You don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel or be first to try a strategy. But try something different so you're not competing head-on with your rivals.
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    'Tis The Season for Dirty Data Clean-Up
    The holidays have come and gone - a time for big revenue and oodles of new customer data. That's great, right? For revenue, yes. For data, maybe.
    The Digital Demise Of Common Courtesy
    Have you been ghosted recently? This phenomenon has now crept its way into corporate America with a vengeance and is changing the way we conduct business.
    Super Bowl Social Media Playbook
    While the big action is being viewed on TV, the big activity is happening on mobile. Every single marketer who uses social media the right way can make powerful plays.
    Want Better Customer Relationships? Walk A Mile In Their Shoes
    What my company learned from switching to the customer side for one day.
    Today's Audience Targeting Strands Marketers In The 'Uncanny Valley'
    The uncanny valley is the strong aversion many people feel when observing a robot or computer-generated image that closely approximates a human-but not quite well enough.
    How To Feel Better About Being A Marketer -- Because That's No Fun Right Now
    Before you throw in the towel and apply for that Maine lighthouse operator position, take a breath and feel your power as a marketer.
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