My 6-Month Test Of Twitter's Promote Mode
    I never became Twitter-famous -- but I did check out how effective this feature (still in beta) is.
  • The Case For Not Being A Data-Driven Organization
    Bad data, bad analysis, nonexistent data -- reasons why all company decisions should NOT be supported only by data and analysis.
    Marketers Can Learn A Lot From In-House Agency Debate
    Surely in-house talent can get things done faster and cheaper, right? Perhaps. But what about innovation? What about overhead? A blended approach may be best.
    5 Gaming Myths Debunked
    Think gamers are all young males with no disposable income? Boy, are you wrong.
    Rise Of Personal AI Assistants: What Does This Mean For Marketers?
    Brands are shifting their marketing efforts to consider AI assistants among their target audiences.
    Partnerships Help Hyatt Differentiate Brands
    Upscale brand Park Hyatt teams with National Geographic for a marketing/guest services campaign; more affordable Hyatt Centric buddies up with Sofar Sounds and Spotify.
  • DATA
    Finding Metrics That Matter
    Data exhaustion doesn't necessarily have to be a problem for marketers. The key is having a clear purpose and knowing which metrics matter.
    Social Media Best Way To Vet Your Next CMO
    You can't afford to hire someone who is unfamiliar with the most cutting-edge social media marketing strategies.
    How Not To Sound Like A Lightweight In Front Of Your Agency
    If you are brand-side -- aka, "client" -- your agency does talk about you when they leave the room. Here's how to avoid any smack talk.
    Self-Referencing Drives Social Media Ad Conversion Among U.S. Hispanics
    Self-referencing is defined as people's ability to better remember information when that information is linked to the "self" -- or their habits, values and lifestyle.
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