Moms And Back-To-School Spending
    Back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, and moms are actively filling their baskets with products for the first day of classes.
    Image Isn't Everything: Listen And Learn About Content Marketing With Podcasts
    Turns out your grade school counselor was right, image isn't everything - or at least not when it comes to creating effective advertising. While marketers are obsessing over capturing high-quality graphics to catch the consumer's eye, they may be missing out on a much cheaper, faster, and more engaging form of content: podcasts.
    Millennials Are Shaking Up Financial Services
    Financial services executives are sort of like record company execs in the late 1990s. The big difference is that the former know that massive change is coming.
    Real Recognizes Real: Why Brands Aren't Relying On Stock Photography
    There is a reason why brands like Nivea, Pernod Ricard, Heineken, and Coca-Cola are killing it on social media and building stronger connections with consumers. They aren't relying on stock imagery. Rather, they are crowdsourcing authentic images that align with their brand message and values.
    The New Face Of Marketing: Quick, Brisk, Crowdsourced
    From leaning on a crowd of individuals to suggest anything from binge-worthy shows to ideas on reducing cosmic ray exposure, organizations like Netflix and NASA are finding creative ways to leverage crowdsourcing, according to "Harvard Business Review."
    Crucial Questions To Consider Before Diving Into Influencer Marketing
    Influencer marketing represents one of the fastest-growing methods for online customer acquisition, with two-thirds of marketers planning to increase their spends in this area. And while marketers are reporting significant return on each dollar spent in this sector, that doesn't mean it's a fit for every brand.
    A Marketer's Guide To Defining Brand Suitability
    Any discussion around brand suitability should begin and end with the consumer mindset. Too often, executives think of brand suitability as a relationship between only their brands and the content. They forget that consumers bring certain expectations to the content they watch, and those expectations may affect whether or not it is appropriate for a brand's message to appear.
  • DATA
    The Costs, Benefits Of Data Cleanliness
    When data surpassed oil last year as the world's most valuable resource, it marked a dramatic milestone in the history of human commercial activity. The "information economy" is firmly upon us, and it affects us all regardless of industry. Nobody knows that better than marketing and media professionals, who rely on targeted advertising to fuel their business.
    The Amazon Ad Trick
    Amazon is the king of retail, and every now and then it finds new ways to tax its partners. The company's Sponsored Product ads, in which brands can bid to include their products within on-site search listings, have long been one of its most popular and effective tools. The reason is obvious: opening listings up to bids theoretically allows one brand to get the best ranking and pull revenue away from competitors.
    3 Ways To Engage U.S. Hispanic Audiences Effectively
    When brands think about reaching Hispanic audiences in the United States, they often consider which language to advertise in or which aspect of their rich culture to highlight. While there is no question that this is invaluable for any advertising push aimed at U.S. Hispanics, there's another facet that brands also need to examine, i.e., the platforms actively used by this audience.
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