The Omnichannel Trap
    Think about your communications channels the same way you think about new products. Nobody would seriously propose an "omniproduct" strategy.
  • MOMS
    5 Reasons Podcasts Should Be Part Of Your Marketing-To-Moms Strategy
    One reason: Podcasts are appointment listening.
    When Amazon Takes Over Your Brand: Strategies To Stand Out
    What happens when the place where your consumer is actually buying your brand turns into a direct competitor, eating up your market share?
    What You Can Learn From Teen Trend For Modest Fashion
    For one: Pay attention to societal trends. The rise of the young Muslim consumer arguably kicked modest fashion into overdrive.
    Is Your Brand Name Helping Your Business Or Hurting It?
    Bad names can happen when companies get carried away being "kree8tiv."
    The End Of Multicultural Marketing?
    It has become a central battleground for the cultural wars in the U.S., pitting multiculturalism vs. assimilation.
    On The Clock: Why Marketers Should Consider TikTok
    With its steady rise, the platform is testing more advertising capabilities, with more brands exploring new opportunities on it.
    How To Connect With Millennials, Gen Z With A Live Event
    One tip: Pick a location with a "wow" factor.
    Content Marketers: Time To Call In The Language Professionals?
    With purchasing power and internet usage on the rise across the globe, more companies are offering localized content in other languages.
    How AI Can Help Companies Understand What Customers Really Want
    As AI increasingly comprehends the subtext of people's emotions, the stronger the tools that brands will have to attract new customers.
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