5 Reasons Podcasts Should Be Part Of Your Marketing-To-Moms Strategy

This post was originally published in an earlier edition of Marketing Insider.

There’s a lot of buzz about podcasts. According to research by BSM Media, 67% of moms under 40 years old have listened to at least one podcast in the last week, yet less than 5% of brands targeting moms are using this marketing tactic. 

Figuratively speaking, podcasts are the most intimate form of marketing. Your customer is wearing ear buds and your brand’s voice is INSIDE their head. 

“Those brands willing to test the tactic are finding great results because they are speaking to moms when moms want to listen,” says Rich McFadden, vice president of operations for Radio America, who oversees podcast production.

Here are five reasons you should consider adding a podcast to your marketing strategy.  

  1. Podcasts provide the deeper content younger millennials and Gen-Z moms seek from brands. These tech-savvy moms seek out content that delivers more than marketing sound bites. They are eager to learn and confident in their ability to find the information they need to meet their needs.
  1. Podcasts establish a deeper relationship between brands and moms. Moms have an innate desire to nurture relationships, and this includes with brands. Podcasts provide conversations between her and the brand that she can take along with her in the car, resume while waiting at a practice field or when the house quiets down at night. 
  1. Podcasts are appointment listening.  When was the last time a mom came to you to hear what your brand has to say? Podcasts allow your brand to deliver content and messaging when Mom has time to listen. She selects to listen to you — what a great place to be as a marketer. 
  1. Podcasts create a library of content about your brand. Moms move in and out of life stages. Your brand or products may not remain relevant to her indefinitely. Podcasts allows your brand to be ready for the next wave of moms in your target market, with a constant library of relevant content. Your brand will always be there with the content when moms need it. 
  1. Podcasts are an affordable, turn-key marketing tactic with a long shelf life. Remember when you weren’t quite sure how to jump into Instagram? Marketers tend to resist new tactics because they fear the expense of production, distribution and the required human resources to execute them. Fortunately for brands, podcasts can easily be built off existing content and communication plans and are more affordable than buying traditional media. Best of all, podcasts are easily distributed online.



There have been few marketing tactics more aligned with the lifestyles and content consumption needs of a mom as podcasting. The on-the-go appointment delivery of solutions and information that is relevant to her life stage allows brands to speak to moms when she has time to listen to your message in a manner that fits her hectic life. The earliest adopters of podcasting will become the leaders in the next wave of mom marketing.

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