How Do Your Metrics Compare? Get the Guide to Email Metrics & Benchmarks

This guide covers the pivotal metrics used by email marketers, engineers, and marketing executives to achieve greater ROI.

If you're seeking to increase email engagement or concerned about deliverability, you probably have some burning email questions. What open rates should you be seeing? How do bounces affect performance? Are your emails taking too long to send?

Download the guide to get industry-standard benchmarks for engagement, deliverability, and performance.

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How Advertisers Can Boost ROAS with Recency Targeting

For the first time ever, CPG campaign data from three major US brands has been used to test the principle of recency, which proposes that digital advertisements are most effective right before a consumer is about to buy a product.

New research from Joel Rubinson, former Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Viant® tests this theory against three ad campaigns Viant ran for three popular CPG brands.

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5 Myths of Programmatic Advertising

Much like the loch ness monster, there is lore and enigma behind programmatic advertising.  In fact, some industry experts and agencies do that on purpose to confuse you. In this article, we tackle some of the popular myths and realities of programmatic ad buying to help you get in front of the mystery and make better decisions.

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Holistic: The Future of Data-driven Video Advertising Revenues

It’s Time for Holistic Video Advertising

Data-driven video advertising is about to look a whole lot different. Is your business ready?

Holistic: The Future of Data-driven Video Advertising Revenues is Ooyala’s new white paper that shows how holistic video advertising is now combining programmatic trading and ad serving into a single, unified video ad solution. This enables content providers to earn the most from their video, regardless of the channel.

For media publishers with premium video, holistic provides more strategic ways to sell inventory with data across every sales channel, and efficiently scale ad sales alongside audience growth and content demand. And, it provides access to premium advertiser budgets across sales channels. It’s leading the way to a dynamic new era for video advertising.
Get ready for it. To learn more about holistic and how it works, download the white paper.

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Where's your data? Get the new e-book on Walled Gardens now.

Where’s your data? Get the new e-book on Walled Gardens now.

Walled Gardens offer broad reach for some advertisers, there are also downsides. In this new e-book from 4INFO, you’ll see the challenges walled gardens create, including:

  • Losing sight of your data
  • Managing campaigns across closed platforms
  • Loss of control over measurement
  • Reporting that’s difficult to consolidate

And you’ll learn five key strategies that will enable you to maintain control of your digital media buying and ensure that you get the data you need to power your marketing efforts.

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New Email Marketing Guide from Hubspot and SendGrid

The 104 Email Marketing Myths, Experiments, and Inspiration Guide is the result of a collaborative effort between Hubspot and SendGrid. Email experts from both companies have come together to share years of accumulated knowledge. We're certain there's something in here for every email marketer. 

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