Your Guide to Data-Driven Creative Refreshes on Connected TV

Ad fatigue is an ongoing battle—from losing loyal customers to wasting company resources, the negative effects of creative fatigue can be costly. The solution? Advertisers need to continually iterate and refresh their ad creative to keep their consumers from well, nodding off to sleep (and build that all important connection with your brand). To keep your message fresh, updating your creative approach is a must. We’re going to break down the best practices, benefits and actionable steps needed to maximize your media budget and keep viewers hooked onto your next ad campaign. 

    • Smash screen ubiquity: 87% of TV viewers watch with a second screen in hand—a smart distraction could not be more welcome.
    • Revel in real time: Creative refreshes via CTV produce consumer feedback as it happens (unlike on linear), ensuring that your advertising budget is well-spent.
    • Capture your creativity: Bottle your best ideas into an asset library to accelerate your ability to address ad fatigue in the future.

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