Power of the People

Viant’s new report, Power of the People, features a survey of 250+ brand-side digital marketing executives, examining the current state of people-based marketing and the level of its adoption within the U.S. This report uncovers: 

  • The main reasons for investing in people-based marketing and the current challenges marketers are facing
  • How brands are embracing an omnichannel world and connecting consumers’ online and in-store activities
  • The evolution of people-based marketing outside of the walled gardens and how advertisers are using this approach to reach people across the open web

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The Real Millennial

Millennials have been a topic of conversation since someone thought to coin the term. But do marketers really understand them? Exhaustively researched and sourced, this white paper will help marketers identify the content, trends and motivators that make up the "Real" Canadian Millennial.

Fast facts from this report:

  • Millennials spend 10% more on their international travels than the average traveler
  • 94% of Millennial travelers are looking to take a bleisure trip in the next five years
  • TV reaches an average of 96% of 18-34 year olds per week
  • 50% of Millennials appreciate brands that take a political stance

Download your (free) copy of The Real Millennial white paper and use the data to personalize your content to reach this much sought-after generation.

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Drawing Attention in a Distracted World: The Success of Sponsored Content

Sponsored content has become a critical element of campaign strategies for marketers, publishers, and brands. The resulting partnership between brands and publishers benefits both sides. Brands expand their reach and build or reinforce their trust with the publishers’ audiences, and publishers gain additional resources without compromising their content.

Understanding how viewers engage with sponsored content and what factors can increase the success of the content can help brands and marketers use the platforms more effectively, benefiting all parties involved.

This whitepaper, based on YouGov data, examines the ways companies use different types of sponsored content, including paid consumer product reviews, taking advantage of celebrity endorsements, utilizing native advertising, and targeting influencers, as well as the ways that consumers respond to varying types of sponsored content.

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