Demystifying Data Lakes

Data used to be a marketer’s best friend. But now, marketers are being crushed by the volume of data flowing through their business in different formats and from separate platforms. With the amount of information expected to grow, marketers need to be able to tie together data sources to maximize insights.

This has led to the rise of a new powerful tool for advertisers: The Data Lake. A data lake is a flexible, cloud-based platform that stores all of a brand’s data in one centralized repository. As a result, marketers get a complete, transparent view of performance – from initial ad exposure to how consumers engaged with ads across channels to which stores they visited, and when they actually purchased.

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Does Your OTT Service Have Too Many Moving Parts?

Today’s technology and consumer habits are changing the OTT video landscape by driving more choices, competition and complexity of delivery.  OTT services are popping up everywhere leading content rights holders to ask themselves one common question - should I build my own OTT service using multiple vendors or buy a single vendor managed service? Download this whitepaper to discover the components needed and the best approach to deliver a successful OTT service.


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Your Secret Weapon to Getting New Clients

It's about placing the platform right in the client's hands.

Using marketing automation in your pitch is a near sure-fire way to win over prospective clients. You get to demonstrate your expertise with the platform, and clients can see exactly what’s missing in their marketing strategies.

In this agency guide, you will:

·      Learn how one agency uses marketing automation to sell marketing automation

·      Discover how to personalize each pitch with the client’s data, logo, etc.

·      See how one agency increased its monthly recurring revenue by 30%

 Integrating marketing automation into your own strategy makes it easy to find new clients, pique their interest, and get them to say yes.

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Why ROAS is a BFD.

Get the industry's first mobile benchmarks report exclusively on CPG campaign performance. With mobile getting double the dollars of desktop, it's never been more important to see how your ROAS measures up. Download the latest version of our exclusive report comparing the measured sales effect of 248 mobile campaigns by 138 different brands

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Reach Over 2.5 Billion of the World's Marketable Consumers

We live in a world where globalization and internet adoption provides new opportunities to reach and engage consumers everywhere via new digital platforms.

Global brands naturally want to take advantage of this borderless digital world to deliver great customer experiences in key markets. But acquiring and activating consumer data globally has been extremely challenging due to various complexities, such as:

• Differences in the availability and granularity of data by country

• Divergence in the rules around data collection, use and sharing on a country-by-country basis

• Inability to resolve identities across digital and offline channels, and

• Limitations around how data can be integrated into publishers or platforms

To overcome these challenges, a brand needs to expend valuable time and effort to learn what data is available in each country, how that data can be used from a privacy perspective, contracting and purchasing the data, and figuring out how to activate data across digital channels.

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