Is Brand Safety Enough?

Brand safety technologies exist to help advertisers avoid placing ads on inappropriate sites, or next to concerning content. Many of the leading brand safety tools that currently serve these needs do a great job at protecting brands across the web. 

Yet, as with many challenges that reside within the (m)adtech landscape, brand safety technologies face their own issues, and given the high risk associated with failure, these tools often find themselves held to the highest scrutiny. 

4D, the Contextual Outcomes Engine built by Silverbullet, and partner Factmata, an AI-company aimed at making the internet a better place, uncover the use case for a blended approach to brand safety and suitability. As we step into the new marketing age, where third-party cookies fade away, and contextual intelligence will surge, brands can look to adopt a variety of tools to safeguard them against future threats. 

In this paper, you will discover:

  • A ‘one-size fits all’ approach to brand safety and suitability will not serve for the post-cookie era
  • Marketing spend is landing on unsuitable content – this investment could be spent elsewhere
  • Nuance is key as we step into the new marketing age

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Ten Tips for Acquisition Email Success

How well do your email campaigns stack up when it comes to attracting new customers and prospects?

Acquisition email campaigns are a great way to reach new customers. But many marketers have traditionally shied away from these campaigns, often due to concerns about privacy, spam or the validity of email prospect lists. The reality is that an acquisition email campaign can be fast, painless and very profitable – if you choose the right partner. Of course, it also helps to know a few other rules for success. In this report, Claritas unveils a series of tips and best practices from over 300 acquisition email campaigns across multiple industries.

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The Compelling Allure of ICTV

Undertone is the recognized leader in bringing a creative lift and memorable impact to rich media. Interactive CTV (iCTV) is a natural extension for them - bringing their creative capabilities to the biggest screen in the consumer's household. With interactivity marked by creative vision,” welcome intrusions” will become a part of every family's viewing experience. Check out this insightful paper on the iCTV landscape from Undertone’s President, Dan Aks to find out how to bring your creative to life and make an impact, bigger than ever before.

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