Conviva’s State of Streaming Q3 2021

Given that streaming consumption has increased 266% over the past three years and so many people predicted the pandemic lockdown period to be the pinnacle, it’s almost inconceivable that it continued to grow this quarter. But it did—up 21% over Q3 2020. So, it seems that streaming video—whether it’s a massively popular streaming show, a trailer promoting that show on YouTube, or a range of TikTok video fan reactions—will continue to entertain populations the world over. 

Read the report to learn more about the latest in streaming, including industry growth, streaming advertising advances, and social video trends.

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Brand Voice Comes of Age

It’s what you say as a brand that defines how customers perceive you. But finding, fine-tuning, and scaling a brand voice while staying true to your company’s vision is a delicate balancing act at the best of times – and in the resource-draining disruption-frenzy of the early 2020s, it’s closer to a high-wire act.

It’s no wonder 68% of marketers are constantly stressed about striking the right tone with customers and struggling to optimize performance.

Our latest Orange Paper shows marketers how to balance pitch-perfect messaging with an enhanced customer experience. 

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2021 Cold, Flu, and Immunity Forecast

After a year plus under our belts of living with a heightened health awareness, the next cold & flu season is here. Healthline Media consulted with our in-house medical experts to learn about the expected shifts in behavior, consumption, and more, as it relates to immunity. In our 2021 Cold, Flu, and Immunity report, you will learn:

    • What is informing both short and long-term wellness choices and decisions
    • New health focuses people will be committed to or experimenting with
    • How to get ahead in empowering whole person well-being

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AI, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Marketing

AI is here and powering performance for paid digital media. Are you a marketer thinking about your 2022 programmatic plans and wondering if your campaigns connect the dots between privacy-friendly targeting, custom quality metrics, and unique business goals that can scale? If so, download "AI, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Marketing," a reference guide written by Scibids, to help marketers learn how AI solves the biggest challenges facing digital marketing today. Scibids AI delivers performance improvement of up to 70% across all addressable media without using cookies or personal information to target users.AI is raising expectations in marketing -- and expectations should be high.

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Ad Results Media: The 4 Superpowers of Podcast Advertising

Share Your Brand Where It Belongs. On Podcasts.

Boost your marketing and customer acquisition strategies with this comprehensive guide to podcast advertising. You’ll learn how to effectively scale this innovative marketing channel, acquire customers and look like a hero.

In this 12-page whitepaper, we’ll breakdown the four superpowers of podcast advertising, including:

  • How to scale customer growth
  • How podcasts create measurable business impact
  • Why podcast advertising works so well
  • Why podcast ad creative is better than digital

Take a look at our comprehensive whitepaper to help unlock the power of podcast advertising by creating impactful, authentic, and audience-centric audio connections.

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