• Patent Reveals Amazon's Efforts To Understand The Language Consumers Use With Alexa
    A patent application made public Thursday offers insight into Amazon's efforts to better understand the language consumers use with Alexa, its voice assistant technology.
  • Elite SEM's Next Act As Tinuiti
    Performance and data-driven digital marketing agency Elite SEM recently rebranded to Tinuiti. CEO Zach Morrison says the move is the result of 40% organic growth and several key acquisitions last year, including social marketing agency OrionCKB, CRM, email marketing and creative agency Email Aptitude, and Amazon-focused ecommerce agency CPC Strategy.
  • Google Introduces A New Look For Mobile Search
    The changes will help guide users through the information in mobile search results and give publishers a way for their content to stand out.
  • Rethinking Marketing: The AgeLab Dichotomy
    The AgeLab is an innovation center designed to explore and alleviate challenges associated with aging and to encourage and incubate new technologies and products for aging people.
  • Are Brands Exiting An Era Of Search?
    Search might be becoming an "old-school" marketing and advertising media, according to data from Borrell Associates.
  • Google Has A List Of Everything Purchased When Merchants Email You The Receipt
    Google has a list of everything I purchased online and offline dating back to who knows when, along with the estimated fulfillment date. The list also includes canceled orders and is based on the digital receipts that arrive in my Gmail account to help me keep track of purchases.
  • GoDaddy Integrates, Automates With Yelp
    The integration now offers an automated tool and alert that allows business owners to keep the information in the Yelp directory up to date.
  • Consumers, Publishers Struggling With Voice Search
    Some 21% of those participating in a survey use voice search weekly, but 57% have never tried voice search technology, according to data released Wednesday. Publishers have questions that Google has yet to answer.
  • Mother's Day Searches, Online Purchases Show Behavioral Trends
    Some 78% of all Mother's Day-related purchases occurred between May 5 and May 12, 2019, according to data that analyzes the first 12 days of the month.
  • Google Former Programmatic Head To Lead iQuanti Paid Media
    Lanka now leads iQuanti's analytics-driven paid-media practice and will oversee all paid products, including programmatic, social and search.
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