• Don't Fear Negative Reviews
    Negative reviews are an important tool for shoppers because they demonstrate to consumers that brands can and will make things right, a PowerReviews survey of more than 6,500 consumers shows.
  • Merkle's Cookie-Crumble Guide To The Future
    The deprecation of third-party cookies continues to intensify, along with confusion. Merkle this week released a guide outlining the brief history of privacy regulations, and how organizations can own their first-party data future.
  • Search Takes On New Work-From-Home Responsibilities
    Remote work has put a major strain on technologies connecting employees to information, knowledge, and one another during the pandemic, with a greater impact on companies' top- and bottom line.
  • 86% Of U.S. Consumers Have Abandoned Carts
    Marketers test and optimize websites and content served by Google and Microsoft search engines only to find that consumers add items to their carts they may never intend to buy. Here's why.
  • Is Search A Public Utility -- And Google A Common Carrier?
    Some consider search, especially from Google and Microsoft, a public utility. To an extent I do, though it sits on the edge of the internet and isn't considered the "infrastructure."
  • Apple Maps Makes Major Changes To Compete With Google Maps
    At Apple's WWDC 2021 developer's conference Monday, Apple announced several new features and services for its Maps app in iOS 15, including augmented reality (AR) features that makes its navigation app more competitive with Google Maps.
  • Now There's An 'Upfront' For Performance Marketers
    While the eCommFronts may not have the same flair of a network TV upfront, the event will have some stars from the world of ecommerce on hand.
  • RTB House Collaborates With Oracle Moat To Measure Ad Campaign Performance
    Oracle Moat Head of Product Mark Kopera believes the collaboration will allow advertisers to leverage advanced attention metrics to see how consumers engage with ads in real time across channels, from search to OTT and connected television.
  • DoubleVerify Comes Off Stellar Quarter, Reports Q1 Earnings, Hires SVP
    After DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski reported Q1 earnings of $67.6 million, up 32% year-over-year, the company announced the appointment of Mimi Wotring, SVP of publisher sales and client services.
  • VidMob's CMO Turns Up 'Mathy' Part Of Creative
    Andrea Ward isn't your average CMO. She's all about talking numbers and translating concepts into business performance. She loves numbers, data, and historical fiction.
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