• Paid Search: Meghan Markle And The Royal Wedding
    Speculation around what Meghan Markle would wear impacted the amount marketers spent on paid-search advertising during the week leading up to the royal wedding.
  • Memorial Day Opportunities Link Search With DOOH And Mobile
    Data released this week suggests that online marketing and advertising campaigns should lead consumers into stores, rather than focus on getting consumers to make purchases online.
  • Forrester Calls Amazon, Voice New Search Opportunities
    The Forrester report suggests retail brands will invest 55% more in online marketing and advertising by 2023 and less in traditional search channels as more consumers head toward Amazon and retail websites for shopping and toward Google and Bing for answers to questions.
  • Privacy Expert Dylan Curran Talks About Advertising's Future With Data, Search
    Privacy watchdog Dylan Curran believes that people no longer search the web, but rather the web searches for information about people. He recently exposed Google and Facebook consumer data practices in a contributed article. We caught up with Curran to get his views about the future of data.
  • Amazon Alexa Losing Market Share To Google, Others
    Strategy Analytics' results show that Amazon's market share continues to slip as other home hubs hit the market. Amazon has shipped about 4 million Alexa units and Google, about 2.5 million; while Apple has shipped about 600,000 HomePods.
  • Ad Tech: Finding A Way Through The 'New' Chaos
    Modern entrepreneurs must now understand many of the tools required to run their business and advertising strategies. Clate Mask, CEO-cofounder of Infusionsoft, calls the challenge "new chaos."
  • Paid Search: Best Mother's Day Media For Purchases
    Paid search was the best last-click channel for Mother's Day with nearly 31% of orders, followed by organic at around 24% and referral at around 23%. Paid-search ads were clicked by 31% of all online shoppers immediately prior to purchase.
  • What Consumers Do After A Voice Search And Other Data
    A recent study found that after conducting a voice search, 28% of consumers will call a business, 27% will visit its website, 19% will visit its physical location, 14% will research the business further, and 12% will research other businesses.
  • Forrester Estimates E-Commerce On Smartphones Will Reach $209 Billion In 2022
    Forrester's latest U.S. mobile and tablet e-commerce forecast estimates Americans spent $153 billion on retail products using mobile devices in 2017. But when asked how often they purchased physical goods on a mobile phone, 46% in 2017 said they never did -- up from 41% in 2016.
  • IAB: Search Rises, With Mobile Contributing 54% To Revenue
    Paid-search advertising, desktop and mobile rose about 18% year-on-year to nearly $41 billion in 2017. Digital ad revenue captured by search fell to 46.2%, from 47.7% in 2016.
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