• Microsoft Sees Big Gains, But Not From Bing
    One report suggested Microsoft "blew minds" on Wall Street after reporting fourth-quarter 2018 fiscal year financial results: $30.1 billion in revenue up 17%, and $8.9 billion in net income, up 35%. That meant the company delivered more than $110 billion in revenue for the full year.
  • Marketers Spent 165% More On Amazon Sponsored Product Ads In Q2
    And while Sponsored Products took the majority of ad spend in the second quarter of 2018, the amount spent on Headline Search Ads also rose, up 162%, year over year, according to Merkle's data.
  • What If Google Moved Android To A Paid OS Model
    A model that would require mobile handset manufacturers to pay to put the Android OS on their devices could change the entire balance of mobile search.
  • Image Thumbnails See Major Increase In Local Mobile Queries
    It's not unusual for more images in results to become the next evolution of search. The real innovation will occur when those static images become six-to-15 second videos.
  • Latin American Soccer Teams Got Most Hits On YouTube
    Despite the win by France, teams and players in Latin America got the most attention on YouTube's video platform this past year. Zenith's Online Video Forecast 2018 estimates global viewers will spend an average of 67 minutes per day this year watching online video, up nine minutes compared with the prior year.
  • Tech Companies Fail To Make A Positive Impact On Society; Diversity, Trust Are Key
    How do Americans perceive the 2018 Fortune 500 companies?
  • Finding The World Cup Influencers Through A Social Search Engine
    While Nike highlights the true colors for the two World Cup finalists, marketers also will show their true colors by connecting with influencers talking about the game and the brands.
  • Celebrity Deaths, Presidential Scandals, Odd News Drove Publisher Site Traffic, Engagement
    The five search terms with the largest traffic increase from Q1 to Q2 2018 were anthony bourdain, kate spade, xxxtentacion, avicii, and world cup. The most improved non-branded keywords point to celebrity deaths, presidential scandals and odd news stories such as yanny laurel, Michael cohen, Hawaii volcano, and nba.
  • Google Announces A Measurement Partners Program To Strengthen Metrics
    The partnership program brings together 23 new and existing partnership across viewability, brand lift, brand safety and more.
  • Beware Tech: Lost In Google Maps
    Google Maps began testing new shortcuts for directions to home and work - but it is less dependable in charting rural parts of the world. ,
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