• Four Consumer Insights To Aid Search
    Epiphany, a search marketing company In the U.K., surveyed 2,029 adults to understand their purchase behaviors. Here are four findings that stand out.
  • Consumers Still Prefer Google, But Siri Has Her Fans
    Google's biggest competition isn't other search engines like Yahoo (1% on mobile, 7% desktop) or Bing (1% mobile, 5% desktop). It's Siri, which accounted for 6% of mobile search market share.
  • Search May Not Be Sexy, But It's Valuable
    Recently, SearchDex surveyed 100 marketers about the importance of search for their business, and the results reveal its value. Here are a few things everyone can do to make their search programs more valuable.
  • Make Review Cultivation A Core Business Practice
    Review cultivation needs to be an important part of your regular business practice. Here are five things to do get started.
  • Time For Small Businesses To Jump On The SEO Train
    In a survey of 500 small business marketers, search marketing firm HigherVisibility found many aren't even covering the basics when it comes to search marketing.
  • It's 2017: Do You Know What Your Content Is?
    "Content" these days is everything, so much so that Accenture Interactive has gone so far as to declare "You Are Your Content." That content - and the rise of its importance - is closely tied to the ease of search.
  • The Value Of URL Keywords
    In a world where the tiniest factors can make a huge difference, might URL keywords be worth it?
  • Using 'Near Me' To Your Advantage
    If you're not thinking about how location-based search marketing can work for you, you're late to the game.
  • The Benefits Of Serendipity
    Every now and then, a consumer happens upon a brand by accident and such serendipitous discovery can mean additional business if you plan for it.
  • Creating 'Strategic Content' For Search
    Search helps brands get found in a crowded marketplace, while content provides the opportunity to make connections.
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