• Bing Gives More Data In Shopping As Analysts Estimate Ad Spend To Rise
    Global search ad spend should increase from $101 billion in 2017 to $160 billion in 2022, per a Raymond James analyst -- reflecting a compounded growth rate of about 10%.
  • Valentine's Day Ad Spend Up, But Searches Down
    Marketers' search advertising spend rose 23% compared with the prior year. Consumers' spend through ecommerce channels rose only 5.3% for Valentine's Day 2019 compared to last year.
  • Leave A Little Love
    When customers give a little love (or not) in online reviews, business owners may want to give a little back.
  • Google: Too Much Transparency Helps Abusers Game Search
    The European Union has approved new regulations to increase fairness and transparency for search engines, app stores, booking sites and marketplaces that will have 12 months to implement the changes once the rules are published.
  • Search And Assistants Slowly Become Vocal, Estimated To Hit 8B By 2023
    Gadget lovers tend to use voice-controlled devices for simple functions. Sixty-six percent use virtual assistants to play music or listen to podcasts, 56% use them to set an alarm or reminder, and 48% use them to receive updates.
  • Google Ads Brings Click-Share Metrics To Search Campaigns
    Google is bringing the click-share metric to Search campaigns in Google Ads to help advertisers get a better sense of how their ads perform.
  • Google Valentine's Search: Love Means Never Landing On Page 2
    Brands looking to tap organic search to help them drive purchases of gifts online need to learn that love means never having to go to page 2 of Google.
  • Google Pays Out Millions To Squash Bugs
    Google is serious about security. On Friday the company announced it paid $3.4 million to 317 different security researchers in the past year.
  • Super Bowl Ad Recall Dips For Brands That Excel Online
    Advertisers are willing to pay a lot for consumers' attention during the biggest TV event of the year, but what about ad recall? Game-time TV ad recall seems to dip for some brands that did very well online.
  • Google Consolidates Performance Reporting In Search Console
    Google plans to change how Search Console Performance reports count some metrics. For some searches, rather than using the URL that appears in the search bar, it will begin using the canonical URL for reporting.
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