• Shark Tank's Cuban Triggered Change In Google's Ad Fraud Policy
    Google Ads will update the Unacceptable business practices of the Misrepresentation policy to include the concept of "enticing users," meaning trying to get them to pay money or part with information by impersonating or falsely implying affiliation with or endorsement by a public figure, brand, or organization.
  • Google Licensing Reddit Data In Expanded Partnership
    Reddit posts during the past month have increasingly served up in Google Search results, so it is not surprising to learn that Google has signed a deal with the company to use its data, which could include training its AI models.
  • Google Introduces Gemma AI To Run On Laptops
    Google has unveiled a new family of open-source AI models called Gemma to take on Meta and others, with models capable of running directly on a developer's laptop or desktop computer.
  • Media Giant Walmart's New Descriptor: From Online To Offline
    Walmart is expected to augment razor-thin margins in the grocery business with higher-margin TV ad dollars that together with its search ad services would offset spending and boost profits.
  • Talk Of Google Lawsuit Around Privacy Sandbox Rumbles Through Industry
    Captify CPO Amelia Waddington says she would not be surprised if a group of industry execs sued Google for discontinuing third-party browser cookies before its Privacy Sandbox technology successfully rolls out to advertisers.
  • Record Ad Revenue: How Yelp Reached $1.28B
    Quality vs. quantity seems to drive revenue -- especially in the services category, where brands that advertise on the site spent their budgets.
  • Memory - Remember That Word
    Memory has been a theme this week in relation to announcements around generative AI. Here's what it all means, and why it's the next shiny object for advertising.
  • Google Increases Revenue For Publishers, Support For YouTube Creators
    Google is giving greater focus and consideration to publishers and partners based on revenue streams they create for the company. AdSense has shifted to an eCPM payment model for publishers, and the company has vowed more support YouTube creators.
  • AI Monsters, Imaginary Images Infiltrate Super Bowl LVIII Ads
    One Super Bowl ad used AI to poke fun of the concept with fake creatures and humans. BodyArmor, the Coca-Cola-owned sports drink, used AI-related lines such as "artificial flavor optimized for victory times" and "BodyArmor knows there should be nothing artificial, because there's no substitute for real."
  • Google Search Ad Scams: Will LLMs And GAI Make It Worse?
    The internet economy and the introduction of large language models and generative AI may make the threat from malicious ads worse.
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