• Three Ways Google Ensures Safe Online Shopping
    Google has several "tools and features in place to make sure you can trust what and who you're buying from," says Neeti Deshmukh, Google product director of Commerce Risk.
  • Will Consumers Buy Products Based On Recommendations From ChatGPT?
    As data reveals what people think about ChatGPT, the transformation of search has begun. With changes expected for Google Search and Microsoft Bing, marketers need to know what to expect.
  • ChatGPT: Marketers Missing Online Review Opportunities
    Consumers view online reviews as a two-way dialogue, building a bond with brands. They expect an answer from the brand and are more than happy to explore new review methods like ChatGPT to keep in touch. A lack of response by the brand can break the tie with consumers.
  • Nextdoor Reduces Harmful Content, Makes Neighborhoods Safer
    The report, similar to the ones Google and Facebook publish, highlights findings from 2022, how the platform online and offline impacted more than 75 million verified neighbors, 3.6 million claimed businesses, and 5,000 public agencies across 11 countries.
  • Positive Attitudes: Pinterest CEO Calls On Industry To Self-Regulate AI
    Pinterest CEO Bill Ready is calling on the social media industry to self-regulate AI and take accountability to build a more positive internet. He addresses the state of AI and the impact on society if measures are not put in place to control it.
  • Attention Spans: California, Pennsylvania, Illinois Residents Have The Shortest
    Brands see smartphones as a lifeline, while others see them as a distraction. A study conducted in January reveals insights into human behavior on smartphones.
  • Meta Launches Paid Blue Verification Service For Facebook, Instagram
    Similar to Twitter's verification tag, Meta Verified will give users an opportunity to use the blue verification badge on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Meta Verified is available in New Zealand and Australia, but the company has plans to expand the tag globally soon.
  • Twitter Opens Advertising To Allow Cannabis Ads
    Twitter has updated its ad policies to allow cannabis ads to run on its service in states where it is legal, in accordance with federal guidelines.
  • Microsoft's Chatty Bing Technology Unnerving To Some
    Microsoft shared positive and negative reviews this week of its new AI-powered Bing search experience. Some unnerving responses came from people testing the platform.
  • On-Site Search Failing Because Retailers Still Lack Advanced Resources
    Traditional search engines are moving toward AI and conversational chat, causing a gap in retailers' on-site search services. Research released Wednesday by ecommerce experience platform Nosto suggests 69% of consumers head for the search bar first when visiting online retailers.
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