• California Privacy Law Will Evolve Search Data Collection Practices
    Search engines still rely on data collection to serve the "most relevant" ads, but a new California privacy bill passed Thursday will continue to change the way marketers target consumers using search engines such Google and Microsoft Bing.
  • Price, Convenience, Reviews Essential To Early Adopters
    Price and convenience remain two of the most important messages when it comes to searching and buying products and services, especially when these services are tied to Amazon, Lyft, and Netflix. Reviews also help to convince consumers to sign up.
  • Smart Campaigns To Get Small And Local Businesses On Board
    With Smart Campaigns, we finally have an online ad platform specifically designed to support small and local businesses looking to run search and other types of ads online.
  • Google Optimizing Featured Snippets? Analyzing Knowledge Graph Rates
    Stone Temple Consulting analysis released Tuesday suggests Google is undergoing an optimization process to improve results for Google featured snippets, which change frequently over time.
  • Microsoft Takes On Societal Responsibilities
    Addressing societal issues that arise from technologies such as artificial intelligence seems to appeal to Fernando Diaz, who recently took the position at Microsoft in Montreal as principal researcher and lead of the new Montreal FATE Research Group at Microsoft.
  • Adthena Tracks NBA Finals Keyword Terms
    Kayak and Expedia came out the biggest winners in terms of click share during the Finals series for the term "Cleveland Cavaliers." Expedia dominated the term "Flights to Cleveland" with a click-share rate of at least 27% throughout the final games.
  • Onward To Digital And Innovative Ideas
    The shift to digital and emerging technologies and the inability of some large holding companies to meet the needs of brands has fostered the growth of smaller, independent agencies created by industry vets who believe they can fill the gaps being created by big holding companies.
  • Search: Men Outspent Women For Father's Day
    This year the top spenders were those ages 35 to 44, according to data from NetElixir, which analyzed separate data from mobile and desktop campaigns running from June 4-June 17, 2018.
  • What Google's And Craigslist's Founders Have In Common
    Google's co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page did not destroy advertising. Their company's engineers simply found a way to generate more revenue and reach more consumers than ads in newspapers, billboards, radio and television.
  • Google: Westworld And Ikea Campaigns Capitalize On Data, 150B Monthly Searches
    The Swedish retailer Ikea analyzed peoples' search questions around relationships and family drama, and began renaming its products to match some of the most searched-on phrases in google.com.
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