• Will Google X Get Google's Mojo Back?
    What do you do when the search engine you started up with your fellow uber-geek partner makes you fabulously wealthy, but somehow all the billions it's raking in leaves you feeling rather empty? Well, if you're Sergey Brin, you find a new toy. You leave the mind-numbingly mundane business of running a multibillion-dollar mega-corporation to your power-tripping co-founder, and you lock yourself away in an undisclosed office somewhere in Silicon Valley, spending your day playing with robots, space elevators, virtual reality glasses and self-driving cars.
  • 10 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Bet Against Bing
    Three years ago, I laid out a 12-step program for breaking the Google habit, but have yet to personally conquer step two: "Believe that there is a greater resource out there." Could that be eventually be Bing?
  • Living Beyond Our Expectations
    Technology and our expectations of what's possible also seem to play a game of cat and mouse. No matter what we dream up, it seems that it becomes reality in the blink of an eye. In fact, I suspect that technology now regularly outpaces our wildest dreams. Almost anything is possible, at least in theory. If it doesn't exist, it's probably just that it's not practical. Nobody has bothered to put in the effort to make it happen.
  • When Is Marketing Not Marketing?
    It's not marketing when we do it online. Let me explain.
  • Search, Social, And Real-Time Marketing
    If you have read my contributions to Search Insider over the last few years, then you may have gathered that I am a major proponent of leveraging the interdependence between search and social efforts,and doing it in a live setting. With this in mind, today I wanted to recap some of my "search and social" columns into one list, in order to provide greater context to what I consider to be important components to real-time marketing.
  • Improve Landing Pages With 'Progressive Profiling' And Marketing Automation
    This week, I'm at the Marketo User Summit in San Francisco, so I thought it might be an appropriate time for me to write about a topic near and dear to me: the integration of marketing automation and search marketing.
  • Why Keywords Suck
    Paid search has proven to be one of the highest ROI channels in digital advertising, but keywords are both the life's blood and bane of an SEM's existence. With an infinite number of keywords that could be associated with any retailer's product catalog, it's damn near impossible to predict and manage all the right keywords that will maximize your revenue and return on ad spend.
  • Brand Beliefs And The Facebook Factor
    Last week I talked about the power of our beliefs to shape our view of the world around us. I also mentioned how our belief constructs impact our view of brands. As luck would have it, two separate pieces crossed my path this week, both of which provide excellent examples of how we may perceive brands, and how marketers often get it wrong when trying to shepherd a brand through the marketplace.
  • If Don Draper Worked In Search Marketing
    I'm sure you've all watched "Mad Men" and wondered what it would be like if Don Draper worked in today's advertising industry. But what if the greatest fictional ad creative of all time found himself in SEM?
  • How Advanced SEMs Roll: Search Query Mining
    Big data is everywhere. It's become a fashionable topic du jour, and in an industry like search engine marketing, where data is everything, that trend holds especially true. One of my favorite quotes on the importance of data to the future of business is from Google's Chief Economist, Hal Varian, "Datarati are companies that have the edge in consumer data insight... Data is ubiquitous and cheap, analytical ability is scarce... The sexiest job in the next ten years will be statistician."
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