• Managing Your Brand In Search
    Remember when you didn't have to think too much about how your brand came up in search results? Back then, Web sites for unique brands ranked prominently for branded queries. Most organizations didn't pay for branded keywords -- why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Then things changed. Paid search started dominating top spots in search results. Meaningful social media sites also proliferated. The Knowledge Graph significantly altered the results page. Secure search nearly eliminated keyword data for organic visitors. And then, as predicted, 2015 turned into the year of mobile, dramatically increasing the importance of …
  • Adapting To A New World Of Search
    While aspects of digital marketing like email and display advertising are reaching maturity, search continues to change in major ways. The desktop search results page looks very different from what it was like even a few years ago. The amount of new content and searches continues to increase, and searches are becoming increasingly complex. Add to that the shift from desktop to mobile, and soon, virtual reality (VR). How can we handle all of these changes?
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