• Search Engine Marketing With Six Sigma
    Success with paid search is creating some interesting dilemmas for many companies today. In most cases, success is dependant upon the expansion of keywords, higher budgets, and a continual search for opportunities that the competition has not yet unearthed. Already data-centric, growth can often include problems and missed opportunities because there is simply too much detail to account for and review.
  • Braving the New World of Lower Merion
    Image of slaughtered cows not approved by teacher. Google them at your own peril. ? from a 10th-grader?s poster on Homer?s Odyssey displayed in Lower Merion High School. Meet the students of Pennsylvania?s LMHS.
  • Online Is Not the Place for the Path Less Traveled
    We are all creatures of habit. We travel in well-worn grooves, interacting with the familiar and generally eschewing the unfamiliar. Of course, not all people are alike, but generally speaking, we as a species don't like breaking new ground. Occasionally we will nudge ourselves out of our rut to try something new, but pretty big win had better be in store for us. In the early days of the Internet, everything was new. Every visit online was forging new horizons. We made new discoveries daily. We had no choice. If we chose to go online, we were forced to venture …
  • A Super Post-Bowl Question
    The acid flashback hit hard upon first walking in the door. There was Allison Hemming, founder of the Pink Slip Parties, cheerful as ever at the entrance, sponsored by The World Wide Web Artists Consortium (WWWAC). On more than one occasion, one could overhear someone asking a friend, "Hey, is that Courtney Pulitzer?" These were the sights and sounds at the Silicon Alley "Back in the Day" Bash, evoking the times when you could hold a drinking game during Super Bowl Sunday to down a beer every time Monster or E*Trade aired an ad, and no one would be well …
  • The Growing Battle Between Content & Commerce
    Have you ever attempted to conduct research online, only to be bombarded with search results that contain ads, product endorsements, and advertisements about a product seemingly related (possibly remotely) to the topic queried? Maybe you've even stumbled upon affiliate information, or were bombarded with banners that don't directly relate to your topic, but instead seem to fit a certain demographic. One thing is definitely certain. What you haven't found is what you're looking for - objective, credible, "non-commercial" information. And you keep asking yourself - isn't that what search engines are supposed to do?
  • Search Around the World, Part III
    The Search Insider racked up frequent flyer miles in the last couple weeks, and it's time to cash in. In recent editions, this column turned to search engine marketing professionals spanning Europe and Asia to discuss what about the industry excites and frustrates them. This week, we look for the threads that pull it all together.
  • Rashtchy's Golden Search Turns Platinum
    On November 9, 2004, Piper Jaffray analyst Safa Rashtchy dropped a bombshell on a small handful of people at the New York Ad:Tech show. He doubled his search revenue projections for the next five years. And, he bumped these projections less than two years after they originally came out. Back then, Rashtchy's $7 billion by 2007 revenue projection was quoted everywhere. You couldn't turn around without seeing a reference to these amazing growth predictions. And now, he nonchalantly walked up to the podium and said search revenue in 2007 will be more like $13.5 billion! I was sitting in the …
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