• Holiday Refresh: Marketers Seeing Higher Cost Per Clicks
    The cost per click (CPC) rose 15% compared with the previous quarter as a result of more clicks on competitive queries in the Q2, according to Microsoft data.
  • Nearly 62% Of Consumers Still Blame Poor Onsite Search For 'Bounce,' Abandonment
    Product discovery is the biggest ecommerce problem brands may not know they have. Difficulty finding products on a retailer's site is one of the top reasons for abandoning the search or "bouncing" to another website, according to survey results released today from Qubit.
  • Without Personalization, Consumers Don't Get What They Want From Brands
    The Cordial Cross-Channel Marketing Study set out to show how marketers should explore what motivates consumers, approaches marketers take, and how messaging strategies need to evolve to personalize experiences.
  • Google Chooses Similarweb Data To Get SMBs Ready To Cross Borders
    The free Market Finder platform helps SMBs expand internationally by identifying opportunities to export goods and services, diagnosing a business and evaluating how it's set up for opportunities to expand overseas.
  • Google Ads Pushes 'Phrase' Or 'Broad' Matches Vs. Simple Keywords
    Google is taking steps to improve the predictability of how keywords match, especially when multiple keywords are eligible to match the query.
  • What Happened To Voice Search?
    Only 18% of voice-search users surveyed search for products or services -- sharply down from just a few years ago, according to The Manifest. Experts at OC&C Strategy Consultants in 2018 expected smart speakers to fuel growth, suggesting voice shopping would catapult a $2 billion business to $40 billion by 2022.
  • eBay Promoted Listings Advanced Becomes Available To All Advertisers
    The cost-per-click model gives sellers access to promote their listings in the key top slot in search with more keyword control and enhanced budget management.
  • Criteo Data Analyzes Summer Travel, Retail Holiday Trends
    Criteo's Commerce Trends Dashboard provides insight into monthly shopping trends by product category across more than 15,000 retailers worldwide, with data forecasts and advice around the upcoming holiday season.
  • Acquiring Customers: The Financial Impact Of Bots, Invalid Clicks
    CHEQ's report, The Cost of Lost Revenue Opportunities, reveals how much revenue companies in six sectors lose due to bots and fake user profiles.
  • Mozilla Tags TikTok In Misinformation Struggle
    TikTok is struggling with misinformation. The platform removed nearly 350,000 videos with misinformation about the U.S. 2020 presidential election, and more than 50,000 videos about false COVID-19 information.
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