• The Search Agency Mandate: Differentiate Or Die!
    Search agencies: Do you offer a free consultation? Maybe even a free AdWords audit that normally costs $5,000? Do you have a vertical specific case study? Client success stories? Award-winning agency culture? Does your executive team have over 35 years of combined search experience? Sorry, it's 2015. Your free consultations, audits, case studies, client success stories, company culture & executive experience are no longer enough to truly differentiate your agency. Are those aspects of your agency helpful in closing new business? Absolutely. Are they true differentiators to help you stand out from the sea of other search agencies? Absolutely not.
  • One Question Will Determine If You Have the Right Employee Or Agency
    I'm often baffled by how companies make decisions to hire or fire their employees and their agencies. For example, every agency has experienced the pain of a new CMO joining a client company and firing the agency in a matter of days, seemingly without regard to performance or history. And I'm sure most employees have seen strange firings and promotions that make no sense to anyone but the manager making the odd decisions. I think there is a better method, and it's shockingly simple: asking and answering just one question.
  • Keep Up With Search Intent Using Question-Based Keyword Development
    As developers change the way search engines view and analyze keywords, it's imperative that digital marketers evolve keyword research and content development processes. Typically with keyword research, you try to identify what phrases people enter into search engines when seeking information. Google and Bing are doing a better job of understanding how the content matches up with the searcher's intent and helping them answer the questions of what, how, when, and where. Optimizing for the entire sales cycle with the questions your customers are asking in "natural language" is crucial for capturing all stages of traffic. Question-based keyword development will …
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