• Consumer Spending In Apps To Reach $156B By 2023
    Apple announced earlier this week that developers now can advertise their apps in App Store Search across an additional 46 countries. The company estimates 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, 65% of downloads occur after a search in the store, and App Store ads average a conversion rate of about 50%.
  • How McDonald's Acquisition Of Dynamic Yield Changes Recommendations
    The technology will run in McDonald's outdoor digital drive-through menu displays and other digital customer experience touchpoints, such as self-order kiosks and the McDonald's Global Mobile App.
  • BBC Pulls Podcasts From Google Apps, Cites Anticompetitive Behavior
    Anticompetitive behavior really hasn't sunk into the minds of decision makers at Google.
  • Where Marketers Plan To Put Their Search Budgets In 2019
    A WordStream poll analyzed where brands invest their ad budgets, from Google and Bing to Pinterest and Facebook, and examined how many will spend more.
  • Pinterest Heads Into IPO With Former Walmart Ecommerce Lead
    As Pinterest execs prepare to take the company through an IPO, Jeremy King, former Walmart CTO and vp, engineering, eBay, steps in to join the company as head of engineering for the visual search engine.
  • Google Builds Brands, 93% Of CMOs Say It's An Increasingly Difficult Task
    CMOs cite naming a product or a service rather than positioning and advertising as the most important element when bringing a brand to market and considering long-term success.
  • How Instagram Will Change Search, Path To Purchase
    Facebook built ecommerce capabilities into Instagram, which has been known as a photo-sharing app. Now the platform uses photos to bridge discovery with purchases, changing the meaning of search.
  • An Hourly Bidding Algorithm Launches For Amazon Advertising
    The hourly bidding algorithm is powered by an econometrics and machine-learning data model that for the first time, according to the company, allows Amazon advertisers to adjust bids automatically, adapting to changes in the marketplace.
  • Google's Algorithm Upsets Search Rankings
    One of a brand's key investments is for websites to create long-term user relationships. Malte Landwehr, Searchmetrics vice president, highlighted the importance of building expertise in a topic, so users and Google trust the site.
  • Bing Shares Insights Into AI And Rankings, Foreshadows Updates And Releases
    Microsoft Bing emerges from the shadows to share details of some recent updates and upcoming releases.
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