• Halloween Haunts And Clicks
    To determine the least and the most popular costumes, Kantar examined U.S. desktop clicks on product listing ads for 2,988 costume keywords between Oct. 1 and Oct. 26, 2018.
  • Google's Tricks And Treats
    Google delivered several Halloween treats. Through an API, Google Maps helped support a neighborhood trick-and-treat locations map and released its first multiplayer Google doodle game for up to 8 players on its search home page.
  • One-Third Of Online Shoppers Will Go Elsewhere After One Poor Experience
    As more U.S. consumers buy more products online, it only takes one bad experience to lose a customer -- especially during the holidays. A recent study suggests that between 20% and 30% of people shop online weekly -- even daily.
  • Voice Search Leads To Physical Actions
    More than two in five people using voice search ask for directions, an address or business hours, and 88% of those are likely to use driving directions after a voice search to find the local store.
  • Google: The Liability From Within And Sexual Misconduct
    Advertisers respect Google and its achievements, but fail to recognize the human mistakes and algorithmic errors behind the machine. Corporate culture has become critical to how Google conducts business.
  • U.S. Voters Attack Search Engines With Political Questions
    Interest in the midterm elections this year has soared, and U.S. residents are arming themselves with information found on Google and Bing search engines.
  • Search Ads, Yes -- But Consumers Want Cashback Loyalty Programs
    Consumers love your brand, but if the retailer doesn't have a cashback or loyalty program, all efforts may be futile, according to findings from a study released Tuesday.
  • In Search Of Free Speech
    Free speech accessed through a variety of media, including search engines, will die if those in the U.S. do not stand up for the process.
  • Google Bundles Search In Europe To Keep Market Share
    Beginning later this month, it will cost Android manufacturers in Europe as much as $40 more per device to sell devices preloaded with Google's PlayStore and other mobile apps.
  • Google Makes AI Dominant In Niche Categories For Search
    Brands running organic search strategies on Google should tailor the content to their niche market. That's how Google helps marketers pinpoint the messages that satisfy the query.
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