• Google Maps Updates Tech Keeping Contributed Content Fraud-Free
    Google has updated its machine-learning model to recognize numbers overlaid on contributed images in Maps, through analyzing specific visual details and the layouts of photos. It's part of a strategy to keep Maps free from fraud with helpful contributed content.
  • Google's NBA Pixel Arena App Gets An Update In Time For The Playoffs
    Google and the NBA announced updates to the NBA and Google Pixel Arena inside the official NBA app just before the end of the season. The playoffs begin April 15.
  • Alibaba Splits Into 6 Groups - Will Google Follow?
    Alibaba, one of China's largest ecommerce companies, this week announced plans to split itself into six independently run companies that could file separate initial public offerings.
  • Google Search Adds Ways To Verify Information
    Google has launched several ways to verify information in search -- including perspectives, and the "About this author feature," on Tuesday. The information aims to show brands how to build trust on websites and in search results.
  • In Generative AI We Trust?
    Do humans really trust AI -- specifically generative AI technology? Not so much. Trust is pretty low across every consumer group participating in a DISQO survey.
  • Articles Queried, Read Reveal The State Of Consumers' Minds
    Taboola shows consumers are less concerned about inflation, but they will continue to budget and watch their spending.
  • Reddit Continues To Update Ad Platform
    Reddit on Thursday made it easier to set up and run ad campaigns across its platform as the company continues to grow its global ad business.
  • AI Makes Search Relevance Critical
    Delivering on search relevance will become more important and difficult in the future, making artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) more important, according to a survey conducted by Lucuidworks.
  • The One Question Google Bard Told Me It Cannot Answer
    I asked Google Bard the one question it said it cannot answer. Here's what it wrote back to me in response.
  • Expect More Data In Microsoft's Coffers
    Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has reaffirmed plans to open an Xbox Digital Store on mobile. Apple and Google will be required to open their mobile platforms to app stores owned and operated by other companies under a new rule expected to come into force in March 2024 under the EU's Digital Markets Act.
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