• Ecommerce Paid Channel Use Declines - A Problem For Search
    Ecommerce advertising seems to be getting a boost from social channels. Use of search channels fell by more than 7 percentage points between 2022 and 2023, according to recent data.
  • Merkle Transitioned To Google PMax, Then Ad Performance Fell
    The agency cited AI for the lack of consistency in ad performance. It took Google several years to perfect bidding algorithms and weed out oddities.
  • How Technologists Are Selling AI To Marketers
    AI grew up this year, advancing into generative and other types. It is changing search advertising and marketing, TV and other media and how creative is produced and automated. It has become the dominants theme across the industry in earnings calls and reports, and it won't let up anytime soon.
  • Amazon Proves Ad Dreams Come True For NFL Games
    Amazon claims to drive the youngest and most affluent audiences across streaming in the National Football League. They watch 10 minutes more of Thursday Night Football than any other NFL game, and are more likely to take action on ads, according to internal data.
  • Amazon Ads Automate Creative Images For Sellers With Generative AI
    Today, products from third-party sellers represent more than 60% of the units sold across the marketplace.
  • How To Outperform 2.5B Blogs Published Annually
    There are more than 600 million blogs out of 1.9 billion websites worldwide and about 7 million blog posts are published per day, according to BrightEdge data.
  • Many Americans Still Don't Know What Companies Do With Their Data
    67% of North Americans say they understand little to nothing about what companies do with their personal data - despite Google, Microsoft and others outlining how their data is used to increase the relevance of information served up in ads and search queries.
  • Search Agencies Are Building Their Own Empire
    Google AdSense on Thursday rolled out related search ads for Auto Ads that shows content-related search terms on pages users view. This is prompting companies to build their own GPT platforms through coding. Here's how NetElixir re-engineered the ad process as marketers adopt first-party data and leave behind third-party targeting.
  • Google Ranking And Indexing Become Focus Of Search Trial
    Google will generate $170.87 billion worldwide in net digital ad revenue in 2023 worldwide, Insider Intelligence estimates - up 6.5% vs. last year, giving it a 28.4% share of the worldwide digital ad market and an estimated,organic search share of 90%.
  • What (Not Who) Can Reason Better - Ernie, Bard Or Bing?
    A Stanford computer scientist, speaking at the Wall Street Journal conference, said scientists and intellectuals will be "looking at philosophical questions like awareness, sentient, and intention." related to generative AI.
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