• 5 Reasons Dynamic Search Ads Are Primed To Replace Keywords
    Earlier this year, Google upgraded its dynamic-search ads (DSA) program, making it significantly easier for retailers to improve their campaign efficiency, spending and scalability. Finally, advertisers have the ability to build out their campaigns without having to slave over keyword research. If you're a retailer with a content-rich website and your goal is to drive-high quality traffic to your most relevant pages at a cheaper cost, DSAs are the way to go. Since the update, we're seen solid results using DSAs as the primary campaign type, replacing keyword targeting.
  • My Career In Online Marketing: Lessons Learned From A Zig-Zag Path
    If I gave a commencement speech to a group of high school graduates today, what lessons could I pull from my zig-zag "path" to online marketing that might benefit them? After some thought, I came up with three overarching themes.
  • Google's Latest Trust Challenges: Can It Avoid Evil-Doing?
    Among Google's "Ten things we know to be true," a list the company uses as guiding principles, "You can make money without doing evil" is number six. This seems like a reasonable principle to evaluate. Is Google living up to this statement? Let's look at three recent events and gauge if Google can both make money and avoid doing evil.
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