• Google Cofounder Cautions On The Use Of Artificial Intelligence
    Sergey Brin expressed caution in his annual shareholder letter this year, sharing his thoughts on the company's services and the ability of artificial intelligence to help computer systems learn without the need to humans to hard code them.
  • What Consumers Do After A Voice Search And Other Data
    A study from BrightLocal found that a surprisingly large number of consumers have used voice search to find local business information in the last 12 months. Some 56% have used a smartphone to find information, 28% have used a desktop or laptop, and 26% have used a tablet.
  • Gartner Analyst: Marketers Struggling With GDPR Terms, Requirements For Consent
    Andrew Frank, Gartner Research vp and analyst, says that although GDPR documents clearly define the definition of "consent," the process of obtaining it is less clear.
  • Retail Brands Investing More In Amazon, Less In Traditional Search Channels: Forrester
    Retail brands will invest 55% more in online marketing and advertising by 2023, but less in traditional search channels like Google, Forrester says -- signifying a shift in consumer shopping.
  • Mother's Day Search, Research For Young Adults Begins On Smartphones
    During a Q1 earnings call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said J.Crew has adopted AMP, increasing its mobile page loading times by more than 90%. "They are integrating the Google payment request API," he said -- which reduces checkout times from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Google: Predictions Vs. Suggestions For Paid Search
    It's unclear whether an algorithm focused on predictions will get advertisers closer to serving perfect search ads. Google certainly wants to get rid of any bias in query results.
  • Even Positive Fake Reviews Can Improve Paid Search Conversion Rates
    It looks like bogus online reviews for rehab centers are back. They began appearing on Craigslist sometime in March, promoting part-time jobs for a social media assistant.
  • GDPR-Related Searches Rising On Organic, Driving Up Paid Cost Per Clicks
    As the deadline for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation compliance draws closer, searches for the acronym "GDPR" on Google's search engine continue to rise. It prompted companies like Adobe and IBM -- which offer consulting services -- to buy up search terms, driving up the price of keywords.
  • Search Terms Reflect A Change In Grocery Shelves
    If product categories shelved in center-store aisles have become more important, per a new Catalina study, then using product segment words to promote the items in paid search ads should become a key campaign driver.
  • Wish List: A SEO Tool From Alexa.com To Identify Bad Links, Create Disavows
    Altitude Agency CEO Sean Hakes has been talking with Alexa.com about creating an SEO tool that would allow marketers to identify bad links and create disavows in one dashboard.
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