July 27 - 28, 2020
Virtual Event

D2C’s Next Growth Wave

Disruption ain’t what it used to be. The great wave of D2C brands that flooded the market in the past five years now face increased competition of their own. Customer acquisition costs soar as quickly as investors’ demand for growth. Brand building, exploring new customers via old media, finding retail partners, dealing with Amazon – have complicated the marketing challenge. It’s not enough to be just another D2C that can hit its first plateau of growth on smart, accountable performance media.

At the Summer 2020 edition of MediaPost’s D2C Brand Insider Summit D2Cs new and old, as well as legacy brands share the tactics that are getting them to the next stage of growth.

We will explore:

- How are they differentiating their brand in a cluttered space?
- How are they managing the rising costs and less micro-targeted environments of the Facebook/IG, Google/YouTube platforms that helped get many of them in the game?
- How are they moving their famous devotion to accountable media to larger, less measurable video screens?
- What’s the Amazon Strategy? Do you need one?
- What does it really take for a legacy brand to go D2C?
- The Direct-to-Consumer channel is ready for its next stage of growth. What marketing tactics will it take to get there?

Brand Insider Summit D2C 2020 Attendees Include

Reasons and Benefits of Attending

  • Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the Industry
  • Opportunity to hear from and interact with over 40 speakers who are senior level brand marketers and solution providers
  • Be part of driving the Channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry
  • Unlimited access to stay in touch with the office: WiFi enabled conference room and quiet office area; opportunities in morning to stay up to date at the office; afternoon five hour break in order to stay on top of duties
  • Congenial, relaxed experience. Attendees are working together to move the industry forward
  • Enhance your brand marketing initiatives with new solutions learned and partnerships gained

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Monday, 07/27

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
Day 1 - Disruption 2.0

We open the D2C Summit confronting clutter - how to build brand against me-to competition and tell a larger brand story that breaks through.

9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
9:45 AM
Karalyn Zamora, Dir. of Digital Marketing and Growth, Gravity Products LLC 
10:00 AM
Panel: The Disruptors Fight Disruption: Branding Against the Clutter

Innovators in a range of D2C categories now face competitors, me-toos, counter-measures from legacy incumbents. How do brands differentiate now that being D2C is not enough? How has it changed their media strategy? How are they measuring impact?

Dan King, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Growth, Ritual 
Karalyn Zamora, Dir. of Digital Marketing and Growth, Gravity Products LLC 
10:30 AM
Sponsor Spotlight and Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Case Study: Mastering Video
11:30 AM
Panel: We Want Our D2C TV: Making Video Perform Across Screens

As D2C brands look for new customers outside of digital channels, TV is the next frontier. But how do these infamous performance and accountability junkies bring their methods to bigger screens? What is the brand vs. performance equation now? How are these brands adapting to the OTT/CTV, spot, cable and broadcast worlds? And how are those worlds adjusting to them?

12:00 PM

Brand Building Against the Clutter
Migrating to TV
What's the Amazon Strategy?

12:45 PM
1:00 PM
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
6:30 PM
Cocktail Party
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception

Tuesday, 07/28

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
Day 2 - New Adventures in Acquisition

Day 2 of the D2C Summit engages the full funnel of tactics - exploring everything from managing changes to the performance media ecosystem to converting traffic into customers

9:00 AM
Keynote Q&A
Kara Goldin, CEO, Hint Water 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:30 AM
Case Study: Next Stage Customer Acquisition
Eric Tsai, VP, Marketing and Analytics, Joybird 
9:45 AM
Panel: The Moving Platforms: Customer Acquisition Tactics

The primary channels for customer acquisition for most D2Cs - Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube continue to change the rules of play. As CPMs skyrocket for micro-targeted advertising, they try to move clients into broader segmented buys, but often at the cost of brand control. How are marketers adjusting their customer acquisition tactics as these and other platforms evolve heir product mix? How has their ROI changed? Their allocation strategies? What is moving the needle most effectively (and affordably) in growing the customer base?

Eric Tsai, VP, Marketing and Analytics, Joybird 
10:15 AM
Sponsor Spotlight and Coffee Break
10:45 AM
Panel: It's the Conversion, Stupid: Building the Better Funnel

As driving traffic to your Web site becomes most costly and complex, moving the right people through the conversion process efficiently is more critical than ever. WE explore how the savviest marketers optimize their on-site experience, adjusting personalization, leveraging content most effectively, building a customer journey rather than waiting for one.

11:15 AM
Panel: What’s the Amazon Strategy for D2Cs?

Some D2Cs built their brand on Amazon, while others avoid it like the plague. Still others are trying to open a parallel channel there without cannibalizing their own direct business and direct relationships with customers. And on or off the e-tail platform, Amazon represents a media and advertising platform that is hard for any brand, new or old, to avoid. Yup, it takes a strategy.

11:45 AM
Case Study: Next Level CRM
12:15 PM

New Adventures in Customer Acquisition
Optimizing for Conversion
Next-Gen CRM

1:00 PM
6:30 PM
Cocktail Party
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception

Featured Speakers

Kara Goldin

Hint Water

Dan King

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Growth

Karalyn Zamora

Gravity Products LLC
Dir. of Digital Marketing and Growth

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

Eric Tsai

VP, Marketing and Analytics

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