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2018 Winners:


American Express Your Business By The Numbers


Dell EMC’s Dell Unfrozen Campaign 


Best Use of Data Driven Marketing

Busch Gardens Add-to-Calendar Campaign

Best Use of Dynamic Email Content

Royal Caribbean BOGO 50 Campaign with Live Pricing

Best Email Newsletter

American Express’s Your Business By The Numbers

Best Use of Marketing Automation

American Express’s Your Business By The Numbers

Content Marketing

Olive Garden – Blue Moon

Lifecycle/Loyalty/Membership Programs

AARP Rewards for Good Loyalty Campaign 


Olive Garden – Meatball Day

Best Seasonal Creative

AARP Local Campaign

Use Of Video

IBM’s Watson Analytics Opt-in Nurture Series


MediaPost's tradition of honoring trailblazing digital marketers continues with the introduction of our newest awards program, the EIS Awards -- for the outstanding email marketing programs and initiatives undertaken by brands and their agencies.

According to research from a leading marketing solutions company, every dollar spent in email marketing sees an ROI of $38 (3,800%). The EIS Awards will honor those email marketers who are at the forefront of optimizing this powerful medium.

Categories for this award recognize the latest trends in email marketing.

The Jury will be composed of those creative and strategic marketers and agencies who have been blazing the new trails others will follow. (Jury members will not judge their own work). 

Email Marketing Creativity

Entrants in these categories will be judged on the specific creative tools and techniques that helped lead to demonstrable actions and results. Both B2C and B2B are eligible.