October 4, 2021
New York, NY
Congratulations to our 2021 EIS Award Winners!
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MediaPost's EIS Awards recognize outstanding email marketing programs and initiatives undertaken by brands and their agencies.

According to research from a leading marketing solutions company, every dollar spent in email marketing sees an ROI of $38 (3,800%). The EIS Awards will honor those email marketers who are at the forefront of optimizing this powerful medium.

Categories for this award recognize the latest trends in email marketing.

The Jury will be composed of those creative and strategic marketers and agencies who have been blazing the new trails others will follow. (Jury members will not judge their own work).


Email Marketing Creativity

Email Marketing Sector Campaigns


Paul Airy

Beyond the Envelopeâ„¢
Email Design and Developer

David Baker


Stephanie Hamel

Astound Commerce
Director, Email Programs

Adrian X Olvera

Vice President

Kath Pay

Holistic Email Marketing
CEO & Founder

Jasmine Penny

Email Program Manager

Adam Reynolds

Sleep Number
Sr. Manager, Loyalty & Email Marketing

Amanda Scarnechia

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Manager, CRM and Consumer Data


Q. What are the Campaign Eligibility Dates?

Campaign Eligibility Dates: Email campaigns  must have been launched and active during the qualifying period of
September 30, 2020 - July 26, 2021.

Entry Deadline is September 7th, 2021 at  8:00PM EDT

Finalists Notified: mid September

Winners to be announced on October 4th.

Q. Do you accept entries from foreign, non-U.S. countries?

Absolutely! The EIS Awards is an international competition and entries from all countries are welcome. The 300-word brief should be submitted in English, and all supporting videos and other foreign language-based creative material should be translated into English before submitting your entries.

Q. What are the eligibility requirements?

To qualify for the awards submission, all work must have been presented to the public in a verifiable location or medium during the eligibility period, we do not accept "spec" ads or websites.

Q. What is the deadline?

All entries must be received by 8:00 PM on September 7th, 2021. 

Q. What are the Entry Fees:

The early bird entry fee is $295 per entry.

The standard entry fee after June 7th, 2021 is $350 per entry.

When submitting the same entry into multiple categories, the above fee will be multiplied by the number of categories. Entries will not be judged if they are not accompanied by full payment or if they are incomplete in any way.

Q. What are the Payment Options:

All entry fees are due at the end of the submission process via our online entry system. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. We can not issue invoices or accept purchase orders, checks, or bank transfers.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

There are no entry fee refunds after the final entry deadline of September 7th, 2021.

Q. How do I enter?

Entrants can submit mail campaigns for as many categories as they like, and/or submit multiple entries for each category. Submissions should reflect work that was predominantly done by the submitting agency or advertiser or other firm, and the role of any collaborating agencies and entities should be referenced in the separate field provided on the entry form.

Each entry requires a "brief" with a description of the objectives email campaigns as well as any anecdotes, supporting facts or figures that illustrate its creativity and accomplishment. Briefs should be fewer than 300 words in length.

All other supporting materials must be submitted electronically:

Provide a single URL link per entry. This should link to a page containing all creative materials, easily viewable by our Judges. Clear and concise presentation at a single web URL will be important for proper consideration. The entry URL must remain accessible until October 30, 2021. Please make sure the link works before you add it to your entry.

We reserve the right to re-categorize entries.

Q. What required fields are on the online Entry Form?

The online entry form consists of 4 pages:

(1) Entrant's contact info

(2) Entry details:
     Category/Categories (each entry can be submitted into either one or multiple categories)
     Agency (that will receive the award if won)
     Campaign/Website Title

Please Note: If your entry is a finalist or winner, the info for Agency; Client/Brand/Advertiser/; Campaign will be etched as you have provided it on the entry form.

     URL containing the creative materials for the judges (make sure this link works!)
     Individual Credits (ECDs, Developers, Designers, etc.)
     Any 3rd party Affiliated Agencies that were involved in the work.

Please Note:
If your entry is a finalist or winner, credits for the entry will be published on the EIS Awards site. Please make sure before submission of your entry that all appropriate individual credits and 3rd party affiliated Agencies are listed.

     300-word Brief ( a description of the execution or campaign and the compelling reasons why it should win).

 NOTE: Each time an entry is edited, the previous version of uploaded files are deleted. If you edit and entry, you MUST upload your files again on this 3rd page.

(4) Payment information/Checkout

Please proof your entry before sending. Be sure to include all key individuals.
If you need to edit your entry prior to our entry deadline, The link to your entry is on your entry payment receipt. Your receipt for entry payment will come to you via awards@mediapost.com    If you cannot access this, contact Nicole Fadner at nicole@mediapost.com

Q. Do you have any helpful tips for me?

We strongly recommend creating a landing page for your submission(s) that are not websites themselves - this is not mandatory but helpful in the review process and will position your work in the best light.

Include as much supporting information as possible. Such as: goals, objectives, stats, case studies, videos and of course links to any live work (and screenshots or staging sites where work is no longer live)

Entries will be judged on innovation, creativity and results, so be sure to include this information in your brief.

Q. Will we be informed if we are finalists?

All finalists will be notified in mid September of 2021.

Q. What is your Publishing Policy?

Creative materials and briefs become property of MediaPost Communications. MediaPost is granted the right to publish the winning briefs and creative materials on the EIS Awards Web site and within MediaPost’s online and print publications. If you are submitting information in your brief that is for the jury's eyes only, you must write clear instructions to that effect at the bottom of your brief.

Q. When and where will the awards show be held?

Winners will be announced on October 4th.

Q. What is the refund/cancellation policy for EIS Awards Reception tickets?

Substitutions will gladly be accepted at any time. Cancellations received by September 24th, 2021 will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after September 24th. All substitutions and cancellations must be submitted, via email, to Nicole Fadner with "EIS Reception Request" as the subject line.

Q. Can I order another copy of my winner's trophy?

Absolutely. Duplicate Trophies will be available the day after the awards ceremony on the EIS Awards site. You can also customize the trophy to include a person's name which is great to recognize a client or a key player on your team. Please note all orders will be verified against our list of winners. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Q. Any questions not covered on this page?

For any other questions about the EIS Awards, please contact Nicole Fadner.

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