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Entry Deadline: Sep 23, 2019, 8pm EST. Enter Now!
Award Ceremony: September 23, 2019 New York City

The OMMA Awards were created in 2004 to honor agencies and advertisers that push the potential of digital advertising. OMMA stands for Online Marketing Media and Advertising, and we are proud to have honored ...

Entry Deadline: Oct 15, 2019, 8pm EST. Enter Now!
Award Ceremony: October 15, 2019 New York City

Finalists announced! The awards recognize the best work in out-of-home venues, innovative work by industry vertical and the the best uses of the platforms themselves.

Recently Presented Awards

Award Ceremony: May 15, 2019 New York, NY

The Appy Awards are all about acknowledging creativity and excellence in app design. The Appys were created to acknowledge extraordinary Applications, whether they be mobile, social, or Web-based Apps living inside another Web site. The ...

Award Ceremony: April 17, 2019 New York City

The Marketing Automotive Awards honor agencies and advertisers who are excelling in today's myriad forms of communication and rewriting the handbook on automotive marketing.

Award Ceremony: January 24, 2019 Yale Club, NYC

MediaPost’s Agency of the Year Awards celebrate the agencies that were able to rise above the rest over the past year — the companies, clients, suppliers and executives that represented the best of class in ...

Award Ceremony: January 23, 2019 Yale Club, NYC

MediaPost's Online All Stars celebrate the stars in the online media, advertising and marketing industry, who have pushed the business to new levels of excellence through their outstanding achievements and thought leadership.