Your Guide to Seasonal CTV Planning: From Valentine’s to Veteran’s Day
Thursday Jan 28th, 2021 - 1:00 PM

2020 saw Connected TV prove itself as an effective direct-response ad channel. Now with a new year upon us, marketers can build on that momentum and leverage it for every major shopping event on the calendar.

Join the experts from SteelHouse as they dive into Connected TV planning strategies, with a special focus on holiday promotions that can help drive revenue throughout the year. Performance TV Product Manager, Hannah Hesser, will share insights from her years of experience planning and analyzing Connected TV campaigns for the world’s top brands. She’ll cover everything from campaign, audience, and budget guidance, to a showcase of the tech and tools that can best deliver revenue and conversions.

Joined by Director of Content Marketing Tim Edmundson, they’ll explore what marketers need to make the most of this year’s CTV opportunity. This webinar will cover:

  • Seasonal Connected TV ad strategies marketers can use to drive revenue.
  • Insights into which campaigns are right for your goals, and how best to deploy them.
  • Guidance on how to leverage Connected TV as a direct-response ad channel.
  • A review of the ad tech marketers need for measurable and impactful campaigns.


  • Hannah Hesser, Product Manager 
  • Tim Edmundson, Director of Content Marketing

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True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI
Tuesday Feb 9th, 2021 - 1:00 PM

Accelerated trends in TV forced an inflection point in advanced TV marketing strategies. Media owners, publishers, and content distributors must take control of their cross-screen impressions to properly respond to the marketer’s need for real-time measurement. True fluidity provides the flexibility that advertisers crave and gives sellers better control of their impressions. 

In this webinar, LiveRamp will explain: 

  • Why players who embrace true fluidity are better positioned to increase their yield across all inventory and maximize ROI
  • The latest TV measurement opportunities available for content providers 
  • How to unlock your data for immediate and strategic insights to manage and optimize your inventory

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