A New Era of TV - How TV is Working to Drive Real Marketing Outcomes
Wednesday Dec 2nd, 2020 - 11:00 AM

With the first wave of COVID almost behind us, we’re reflecting back on what we learned. We have a good understanding of how the pandemic has reshaped the ways that consumers interact with media and therefore advertising. With multiple seismic shifts happening in parallel, time spent on TV is on the rise as well as time spent on digital TV screens and devices. Advertisers now have more opportunities than ever to use the power of TV advertising to drive not just reach and frequency, but hard business outcomes they care about. Digital campaigns have always been about accountability and action; every dollar spent can be measured and often held to strict performance objectives. With TV however, performance has typically lived in the realm of upper funnel branding metrics - utilizing sight sound and motion to impact the heart and emotions of the consumer.

How do marketers navigate the opportunity in the merging of these mediums. Where will TV measurement land along the spectrum of branding to performance and how best to take advantage of the opportunity of driving and measuring results of Television?

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The Future of Media: Creating a Sustainable Supply-side Replacement for the Cookie
Tuesday Dec 8th, 2020 - 1:00 PM

The decline of cookies will drastically impact the quality, addressability, and value of supply-side media. Publishers and content producers will need to establish a new way to connect with advertisers in order to sustain CPMs and secure media dollars. Neustar and PubMatic have established an identity sync using a real-time identity API to gain access to user-level intelligence for identified or authenticated traffic in the absence of a third-party cookie.

Please join us to discuss how the Fabrick ID will maintain addressability and sustain your business including:

  • Implementing a reliable replacement for the cookie and device ID connecting media to advertiser audiences 
  • Maximizing first-party data with granular user-level intelligence including demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geolocation-based data 
  • Creating a direct connection with major brands and agencies to build greater relevancy and improved CPMs.
  • Increase relevance and targetability of media inventory to boost CPMs and improve measurement performance.

- Lori Walker, Director, Product at Neustar
- Ankur Srivastava, Sr. Director, Product at PubMatic
- Bill Michels, GM of Product at The Trade Desk

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How to Reach Apple’s Users in a Privacy-First World
Wednesday Dec 9th, 2020 - 2:00 PM

At WWDC 2020, Apple threw the mobile industry into chaos by announcing plans to deprecate the IDFA (Identifier For Advertisers) on iOS. Along with recent moves like ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention), which limits the effectiveness of cookies on the web, this has left the mobile ecosystem scrambling to find privacy-safe attribution techniques that will continue to deliver actionable reporting data.

To thrive in this new world, marketers will need to adopt new strategies and work closely with trusted vendors to upgrade the infrastructure they rely on. Digital marketing is here to stay, but the days of unlimited data by default are coming to an end.

Join experts from Merkle and Branch for a walkthrough of where we are today, what is likely coming down the pipe over the next few months, and what you should be thinking about to ensure you and your team are prepared. Key takeaways:

• A recap of what's changing in iOS 14, and how this fits into the broader context of changes in the adtech landscape.
• What you need to know to optimize your marketing strategy for a world without IDFA data.
• Insider tips on what you should be doing right now to take control of your private ID Graph to be ready for these changes.
• How Merkle and Branch can help you adapt to this new reality and maintain your competitive edge.


Pete Rogers, SVP, MarTech Strategy, Merkle
Alex Bauer, Market Strategy Director, Branch

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