Do Viewers Remember Seeing your Ad on Connected TV?
Thursday Mar 18th, 2021 - 1:00 PM

The time has come to challenge the CTV status quo. 

In the leanback world of Connected TV advertising, brands face obstacles that few people talk about - Is the consumer paying attention to the TV during an ad break? Do they feel that the brand’s message is relevant to them? How do we measure brand success in this non-clickable environment, leaving behind legacy video measurement metrics? 

These obstacles matter. 

Join Origin, the original architects of Native CTV, and early Native CTV adopters for a roundtable discussion around innovation in CTV and native solutions that capture the attention of a room, immerse the audience in active dialogue and elevate the brand’s impact. Origin Founder and Media veteran Freddie Godfrey will guide the discussion around experience and insights from groundbreaking Native CTV campaigns.

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