• Pandemic Creates Challenges For Ad Pipeline, Clients Shift To More Internal Capabilities
    It may seem small consequence given the human toll, but the ad industry is experiencing significant challenges in creating new ads in the wake of the pandemic, according to a special report released today the the Association of National Advertisers.
  • Facebook Advertising Costs Decline During Pandemic
    The cost-per-click on Facebook fell for consumer brands by 31% from February to March, as the COVID-19 outbreak magnified declines typically seen in the post-holiday season.
  • Hispanics Boost Media Consumption During COVID-19 Pandemic
    As health officials urge people to stay home to avoid infection, U.S. Hispanics have increased consumption of electronic media, including social networks and streaming services. About one-third (32%) of survey respondents said they signed up for a new streaming service while staying at home.
  • Americans Want Ads To Change And Have Already Noticed One, Mostly Positive
    Most Americans believe the nature of advertising should change to reflect the "realities" of COVID-19, and most have noticed such a change in advertising, according to findings of an in depth survey of U.S. adults conducted by digital ad platform RevJet. The study goes into great detail about consumer sentiment concerning more conventional ad issues, but the COVID-19 questions were added as the pandemic began spreading across the U.S. to measure how it is impacting advertising receptivity overall.
  • ANA Guide Provides Legal Advice For Advertising During Pandemic
    To help brand marketers navigate potential legal liabilities related to the pandemic, the Association of National Advertisers has published report providing some basic legal advice. The report, "The Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Advertising and Marketing," was written by the ANA's legal counsel Reed Smith and is intended as a general reference guide, but the ANA recommends brands consult with their own legal counsel before taking specific actions.
  • Virus Goes Viral, Literally: COVID-19 Hottest Topic For Most Categories
    Brands can use the insights to formulate strategies for how to connect with consumers who face uncertainties about public health and the pandemic's effect on the economy.
  • How 'Tiger King' Became The King of Social Media's Jungle
    The surprising success of Netflix's "Tiger King" series proves there are winners, as well as losers in any crisis. The show featuring the subculture of America's colorful big cat breeders and private zoo owners has spiked from what would normally be moderately buzzworthy content to one of the most talked about pieces of current entertainment content, due in part to the fact that an unprecedented number of Americans are stuck at home and starved for distracting content.
  • Pervasive Mistakes By Digital Agencies Can Be Costly
    Digital marketing firms are susceptible to making costly mistakes, with 99% of agency decision makers saying they have witnessed mistakes at their companies.
  • News Audiences Continue To Soar, But Kids And Entertainment Approach Normalcy
    Following an unprecedented spike in news viewing, national TV audience patterns are beginning to normalize as kids and general entertainment audiences rebound, according to an analysis of year-to-date data from Nielsen by the equities research team at UBS. While sports isn't likely to rebound at least until live sports events return to TV, the most recent patterns indicate at least some return to normalcy, though news audiences continue to climb.
  • How Retail Brands Have Been Disrupted, How eCommerce Can Help
    Like most brand marketing categories, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail store traffic has been quick and profound, and new report from IPG Mediabrands Reprise unit, makes a case for how eCommerce planning can help manage it for brands dependent on the category.
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