• U.S. Ranks 23 For Ad-Block Software Download Queries
    European nations such as France, Sweden, Denmark, and Canada in North America are among the nations whose internet users have shown the greatest intent to search for and likely install and use ad-blocking software, according to an analysis of global data ranking and delineating per capita ad-blocking queries by nation. The U.S ranks 23 and Nigeria last among the 161 nations in the database.
  • Media Subscription Revenue Outpaces Other Forms Of Media Sales, Well Positioned To Combat Churn
    Media industry subscription revenues have far outpaced other forms of sales revenues over the past three years, according to the just-released March 2021 edition of subscription management platform Zuora's "Subscription Economy Index Report."
  • Study Finds Game And Social Apps Yield 'Happiest' Ad Environments
    Advertisers looking to reach consumers in environments where they fell happy vs. unhappy would do well to target them via mobile gaming and/or social media apps vs. those providing new and/or utilities. That's the conclusion of a recent survey conducted by AdColony. The "Consumer Sentiment Survey" also finds different ad formats produce more positive or negative sentiment.
  • Mask On, Mask Off And Other Thoughts On The New TV Season
    There is apparently no standard for how prime-time series handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Many incorporate it into their storylines, while others touch on it briefly and then move on to an unspecified near-future time after the virus. For those that are existing in the time of COVID, there is one disturbing and baffling detail. In virtually every series, the main characters put on their masks to go outside, but as soon as they go inside, whether to a workplace or other venue, they take off their masks -- despite being in close quarters to multiple people with whom they obviously …
  • Study Finds Speed Of Open Determines Ultimate Lifetime Value Of Email Subs
    Like many other forms of media, the speed of initial engagement for newsletter subscribers correlates to their ultimate lifetime value. That is the findings of a new report from DMi Partners, analyzing nearly 8 million new email subscriber acquisition acquired by 10 major publishers. While the findings relate explicitly to email newsletter publishers, they are relevant for brand marketers who utilize newsletters or similar email registration programs as part of customer relationship management, loyalty or other programs, often involving opt-ins for first-party consumer data.
  • Most Marketers Say Virtual Events Are Here To Stay, Budgeting More For Them This Year
    The vast majority of marketing execs surveyed late last year believe virtual online events are here to stay, and more than half (58%) say they are budgeting more this year to host them.
  • Which Came First, The Media Buy Or The Media Plan? Depends On Who You Ask
    We may never know whether the chicken or the egg came first, but we do know more advertisers believe the media buy comes first than do their ad agency counterparts. That's one of the findings from ID Communications' 2021 Global Media Trading Report, which asked advertisers and agencies, which drives the other.
  • Study Finds Industry Researchers Spend Less Than Half Their Time Researching
    Less than half the time (48%) marketing industry researchers spend doing their jobs actually involves designing, fielding or analyzing research, according to findings of a survey of 531 research professionals conducted in the fourth quarter of 2020, according the findings of Greenbook Research Industry Trends data.
  • ANA Study Finds Only Half Of Ad Execs Plan Biz Travel This Year
    Even as ad agencies consider plans for returning to life as "normal," including business travel to clients and in-person industry events, most big advertisers plan to stay close to home for the foreseeable future, according to findings of a new study released this by the Association of National Advertisers. Three-quarters (76%) of respondents said their companies currently do not allow business travel for their executives, and only a fraction (2.5%) said they would be willing to travel domestically by air for a business trip.
  • Ad Price Inflation Resumes, 3% Rise Forecast For 2021
    Following a year of rollbacks for most major media, ad prices are poised to inflate an average of 3.0% worldwide this year, according to a forecast released this morning by ECI Media Management. The increases, which range from as much as 3.6% for high demand medium digital video, to a decrease of 2.3% for magazines, reflects longer-term systemic media supply-and-demand patterns for the ad industry.
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