• Streaming Approaching One Quarter Of Total TV Usage
    Streaming's share of total TV usage has been inching up week-to-week so far during the pandemic crisis, according to a special report released today by …
  • Streaming Subscribers Feel Overwhelmed With Choices
    The value proposition for consumers is changing as subscribing to multiple streaming services can easily rival the cost of a cable or satellite subscription.
  • Consumers Seek 'People-Friendly' Brands During COVID-19 Crisis
    Consumers are gravitating toward brands that demonstrate integrity and a willingness to help people cope with uncertainty, a survey by advertising agency The Variable suggests.
  • Brand Pandemic Grades: Two-Thirds Reassuring, One-Third Alarming
    Brands are playing an indispensable role informing, caring for, comforting and reassuring consumers so far during the pandemic crisis, according to findings of a special …
  • Advertisers Satisfied With Research Teams: Data Teams, Not As Much
    Advertisers of all sizes are generally pretty satisfied with their research and analytics teams, as well as their consumer research and insights groups, but they …
  • Radio Provides Comfort For Harried Listeners Amid COVID-19 Crisis
    Radio provides a media lifeline to consumers who are stuck at home as health officials urge people to isolate themselves from others.
  • TV Shows To Binge When You Have To #StayTheF***Home
    As many of us are working from home, and stuck at home, with no bars or restaurants to go to, no clubs or concerts to …
  • COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Lack Of Trust In Government, Media
    Only 14% of people worldwide said their government is "very prepared" to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Brands have an opportunity to respond to consumer …
  • Retail Messaging Losing Efficacy During Pandemic
    Almost half of online shoppers said the messaging from retailers all sounds the same, limiting its effectiveness during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Data Consumers Are Willing To Share With Brands, Pre-Pandemic
    Trust has always been a fundamental part of the relationship between consumers and any brand, or brand proposition, but never more so than today. When …
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