• The 2020 Streaming Wars
    In this week's edition, I break down the winners and losers in the Streaming Wars.
  • Brand Logos: Newer Isn't Always Better
    Facebook, Sears, Yahoo and Zara were among the brands that redesigned their logos in 2019, and recent research suggests they may want to rethink those efforts.
  • Top Measurement, Optimization Firms, According To Forrester
    When it comes to measuring and/or "optimizing" the impact of marketing, Analytic Partners is the industry's current market leader, but Neustar is closing in and challengers ranging from Merkle to Nielsen are looming, according to the latest edition of Forrester Research's "Wave" studies. "Unified measurement aims to combine the statistical methodology of correlating aggregate media data to aggregate sales results with the methodologies of attributing individual sales to marketing exposures using person-level data," Forrester's analysts write in the new wave, entitled, "Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions."
  • 'Data-Centricity' Begins Inching Up Again, Most Marketing Organizations Have At Least Taken Steps
    A funny thing happened on the way toward data-centricity. It's gone down, albeit a little bit. At least that's what the data from the IAB-Winterberry Group's Data Centric Org survey found in 2019 vs. the 2016, the first year it benchmarked how people in marketing and media organizations think of themselves in terms of data-driven marketing.
  • In Brands We Trust, Gen Z Not So Much
    Gen Z is comparable to Gen X in showing a pronounced distrust of corporate America.
  • Online Communities (Think Reddit) Are Growing, Users Seek Authenticity
    Internet users are joining online communities, oftentimes anonymously, to free themselves to be more open and honest about their opinions.
  • Tipping Point: More Americans Now Channel Surf Online Vs. TV
    More Americans now surf for video programming online than via a linear TV service, according to a study by management consultant Altman Vilandrie & Co. Asked which source they were more likely to use to find video content when they didn't have a plan on what to watch, a slight majority (51%) of Americans cited online video services vs. live pay TV services.
  • Ad Execs Most Bullish On Demand For ESPN, Scripps Networks
    Ad execs, including both advertisers and media buyers, are most bullish on ESPN, HGTV and Food Network in plans to boost ad spending in the next 12 months. That's the top line of Beta Research Corp.'s annual study on ad demand for 41 basic cable and four broadcast networks.
  • Ad Vs. Premium Video Models Split By Generation
    While free, ad-supported models are still the preferred method for older consumers to access TV services, younger folks ages 18 to 34 are far more likely to embrace advertising free models, even if they have to pay for it, according to findings of a survey Hub Entertainment Research conducted for Research Intelligencer in December 2019.
  • From Health Tech To Autonomous Vehicles: CES 2020's Biggest Trends
    CES 2020 is a wrap, but here are the five technologies -- from health tech to autonomous vehicles -- that emerged as some of the most promising and disruptive. Click to download StoryTech's annual CES trends report.
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