• Half Of Gen Zers Won't Watch Super Bowl, Some Will Use Social Media
    Almost one-third of young adults will use Instagram on Super Bowl Sunday, even if they are not watching the game.
  • Hispanics Show Strong Preference For English-Language Media
    Media buyers shouldn't assume that Hispanics make up a monolithic audience that consumes only Spanish-language content, according to digital agency H Code.
  • Kansas City Already Won The Fan Favorite Bowl
    The Kansas City Chiefs have are the sports betting odds favorite to beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV Sunday night, but based …
  • Most Popular Brands, Greatest Lift Among NFL Fans
    As the 2019-20 NFL season/post-season winds down with this weekend's Big Game, Morning Consult has published a fascinating retrospective on the NFL's brand rub. The …
  • Nearly Two-Thirds Of Marketers Now Claim An In-House Agency
    The finding likely reflects the dramatic shift toward "in-housing" in recent years due to advances in ad tech and databases.
  • Network TV Ad Demand Turns The Corner
    Following consecutive quarters' declines, demand for "core" network TV advertising inventory appears to be building once again, according to a trending analysis published by Wall …
  • Consumers Contact Brands On Social Media For Information, Customer Service
    Findings from a consumer survey indicate brands need to be mindful of social media channels in their customer-service operations.
  • Consumers Seek Information, Deals From Brands On Social Media
    The most common reason to follow a brand is to find helpful information related to a hobby, a study finds.
  • Bigger Isn't Always Better When It Comes To Consumer Data
    Marketers that rely on vast troves of consumer data are getting an incomplete view of how their customers think and feel about a brand, making …
  • The Graying Of Facebook
    For such a young media platform, Facebook is getting old, fast. According to findings of Edison Research's "The Infinite Dial Study," 2019, the composition of …
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