• Content-Driven Campaigns Expected To Grow
    Content marketing is far from a fad, according to a new analysis published by eMarketer. Citing a World Media Group study conducted late last year, the analysis shows 79% of marketing professionals expect "content-led" campaigns to grow over the next two years, while only 2% expect them to decline.
  • Forrester Finds Customer Experience A Weak Indicator Of Repeat Business
    Consumers said that saving money was the most pronounced part of a positive brand experience, outweighing other considerations.
  • Ten Years Of iPad: It's Still Meaningful, But Hasn't Lived Up To The Hype
    To mark today's 10-year anniversary of Apple's introduction of the iPad, Statista prepared an analysis showing the device's contribution to Apple's revenues.
  • Public Political Ad Files Data Shows The Impact On Des Moines TV Market: Cost-Per-Point Pricing Disclosed
    Enlightening TV ad market data is coming to light thanks to a compilation of FCC public political ad file data released today by Advertising Analytics. Using the Pharos database -- the largest compilation of the FCC's public political ad files -- the Advertising Analytics analysis shows how the political advertising deluge in the Des Moines, IA TV marketing is tightening market conditions. While the average candidates ad rates remain relatively constant, and have actually dipped a bit to $106 per rating point, they qualify for stations' lowest unit rates.
  • Sales Data Shows Oscar Ad Prices Fluctuate Year-To-Year
    Unlike the Super Bowl, whose annual advertising price tag seems to defy gravity, going up every year, the next big perennial TV advertising event -- the Oscars telecast -- appears to fluctuate year-to-year.
  • Survey: Amazon Is First Place To Search For Specific Brands
    More than half of internet users begin their product search on Amazon when they know of a specific brand name, compared with only 30% who start at Google.
  • Branches Die On The Vine: Consumers Prefer Banking Online, Via Apps
    Generation Z is more likely than older groups to expect bank branches to become obsolete.
  • RTB Reaches Tipping Point In 2020: Private Deals Top Open Market Trades For First Time
    Private marketplace deals will account for the majority of the real-time bidding marketplace for the first time this year, according to estimates released by eMarketer. The statsmasters projects private deals will expand nearly 17% this year to represent 51.1% of the 2020 RTB marketplace.
  • 2020 Consensus Remains Unchanged, Despite Dour Update By Dentsu Aegis
    The consensus estimate for global advertising growth has been revised downward three-tenths of a point for 2019, but remains unchanged for 2020, following Dentsu Aegis Network's revised outlook, released this morning.
  • Consumers Seek Belief-Driven Brands As Income Inequality Undercuts Trust
    Most consumers worldwide said the media they use are contaminated with untrustworthy information.
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