• GroupM Estimates 1 In 5 U.S. TV Ad Dollars Now Goes To CTV+
    Roughly one in five U.S. TV ad dollars is now going to a CTV advertising unit, according to an update of the U.S. advertising marketplace released this week by GroupM's Business Intelligence team. While defining the category may be somewhat semantic to the TV and advertising industries, the report, the June 2021 mid-year update of GroupM's "This Year, Next Year" report on U.S. ad spending, includes various sub-groupings of "connected TV," OTT (over-the-top), AVOD (advertising-supported video-on-demand), etc. However, GroupM notes "it's all TV to the consumer," and suggests lumping all of it under a single category dubbed "CTV+."
  • Havas Finds Google, Other Media/Tech Brands, Are The World's Most 'Meaningful'
    Google is the world's most meaningful brand, according to findings of the 2021 edition of Havas' "Meaningful Brands" report, a once-every-other-year study measuring what a global panel of consumers deem to be the most meaningful attributes of the world's biggest brands, and ranking them accordingly. The top 10 list for 2021 shows brands that mostly have some technological or media utility for consumers, including PayPal, WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung, and Microsoft, followed by retailer Walmart, confectioner Cadbury, financial services marketer Visa and furniture retailer Ikea.
  • Why Most New Broadcast Shows Will Flop
    These are the best of times for TV viewers, but it might be the worst of times for broadcast TV - although it doesn't have to be. I haven't seen most of the new broadcast prime-time pilots yet, but I can confidently predict that most of them, at least those that aren't spin-offs of current hits, will flop. In this week's edition, I explain why and also what can be done to avoid it.
  • Study Finds Striking Range In Monthly Savings/Loss Among Households Cutting Cord
    In an effort to understand the actual net cost tradeoff for Americans shifting to streaming services vs. cable TV subscriptions, Versus Reviews conducted a nationwide survey asking streaming service subscribers in each state to estimate the difference between their monthly streaming service and cable TV bills, and then published them as state averages. That it found, was quite a range -- from a monthly loss of $26.42 for households in West Virginia to a monthly saving of $4.60 to households in New York State.
  • ANA Studies Indicate More Organizations Deferring Business Travel
    Despite the fact that more than 87% of industry executives say they have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, they believe their organizations are more reluctant to allow business travel than they felt three months ago. That's the net of a Research Intelligencer analysis of executive travel surveys the Association of National Advertisers conducted among its members and non-members in February and May. The May study found a three percentage point increase among respondents who weren't sure when their organizations would allow business travel again, and a seven percentage point increase among those saying it would be deferred until 2022.