• How Small Brands Are (Still) Stealing The Spotlight
    The heat is on and marketers everywhere are feeling it. With the barrier to entry lower than ever, new products are appearing almost daily and speed to market is becoming a priority. Eighty-four percent of fast-moving consumer goods professionals said they feel more pressure to bring products to market quickly today than they did five years ago. Only 1% said they feel less pressure.
  • NFL Fumbles Start Of New Season, Fox Has Greatest Ad Exposure
    Three weeks into the new NFL TV season, network audience delivery is down 3% from prior-year levels. That's the bad news. The even worse news is that posts off the first three weeks of last season were down double digits, as was the entire 2017 season. While that's also bad news for advertisers, it's terrible news for the ad-supported networks that are most dependent on NFL inventory for revenue. According to an analysis published today by securities firm UBS, Fox has the greatest overall exposure, with nearly a third (31%) of its commercial views coming from NFL coverage, followed by …
  • Evaluating The New Fall Shows
    In this week's "The Sternberg Report," I'm sharing my thoughts on a variety of things, including my evaluations for the new fall TV series, the networks' promotional follies, and how to make the major awards shows -- the Emmys and Oscars -- more viewer-friendly.
  • Zenith Stays Pat On Global Ad Outlook: Search/Social Represents Two-Thirds Of Growth
    Publicis' Zenith Media unit released an updated global ad outlook Monday, leaving it virtually unchanged from its last one in June except for a small downward revision for ad growth in 2020. Zenith projects that two-thirds of all the growth in the global ad expansion between 2017 and 2030 will come from a combination of paid search and social media ads.
  • Data Shows Pandora Fastest-Growing Audio Market Player: +45%
    In the wake of SiriusXM's $3.5 billion deal to acquire Pandora, Standard Media Index released the most current trending data on its ad revenue growth vs. chief audio streaming competitor Spotify and the radio marketplace overall. For the first eight months of the year, Pandora's had the fastest U.S. ad revenue growth, rising 45% vs. the same period in 2017.
  • Facebook Ad Spending Rebounds, Return On Ad Spend Does Not
    Ad spending on Facebook has rebounded from its post-Cambridge Analytica crash, but the return advertisers are getting from it has not, according to an exclusive analysis by marketing attribution firm C3 Metrics. It shows that while Facebook's monthly ad-revenue volume has returned to recent highs, the average dollar returned per ad dollar invested remains about a quarter of what it was prior to the crash.
  • Interpublic Finds Machines Perform Better Than People In Campaign Management
    A controlled test utilizing a new, state-of-the-art measurement system indicates machine learning makes advertising more effective by identifying and targeting people most receptive to the campaigns. The study -- conducted by IPG Mediabrands' Magna and IPG Lab units in partnership with 21st Century Fox's True[X] subsidiary -- utilized True[X]'s Up//Lift measurement technology to measure three campaigns over a month to find out which performed better: campaigns managed with or without machine learning.
  • Correction: Study Finds Animated Units, Not Banners Looked At By Highest % Of Users
    An article (Scientific Study Finds Video Least Viewable, But Most Neuro Ad Format) in the Sept. 17 edition of Research Intelligencer incorrectly described standard banner ads as being looked at by the highest percentage of users. The animated ad units in the test were looked at by the highest percentage of users. The data in the chart referenced it correctly, but the story has been updated.
  • Does Pre-Season Buzz Really Matter?
    In this week's "The Sternberg Report," I evaluate the new TV series with the most pre-season buzz. The charts in this week's edition show new, ad-supported original scripted series on broadcast and cable since 2001 and compares the shows that received the most pre-season buzz to those that were actually successful during their initial season. Going into the 2018-19 primetime TV season, I'm listing several shows as receiving the most buzz. But there does seem to be less enthusiastic buzz for ad-supported new series over the past couple of seasons than any in recent memory. This could be because there …
  • Report Finds Digital Ad Discrepancies Remain High, In Need Of Solution
    More than a third of ad execs say their digital ad insertion orders do not run according to their plans, at least some of the time. The finding, part of a study of 300 advertiser and agency execs conducted by Advertiser Perceptions in May, comes from a report on the potential for blockchain technology to reduce or remove errors in the digital supply chain.
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