Report Finds Digital Ad Discrepancies Remain High, In Need Of Solution

More than a third of ad execs say their digital ad insertion orders do not run according to their plans, at least some of the time. The finding, part of a study of 300 advertiser and agency executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions in May, comes from a report on the potential for blockchain technology to reduce or remove errors in the digital supply chain.

Twenty-nine percent of the executives said their orders "occasionally" do not run as planned, while 8% said they "rarely" do. One percent said they "never" run as planned.

As indictable as that finding might seem, it's not entirely new for media-buying overall, and digital media in particular, as many factors contribute to errors, especially manual processes. But the study also suggests that the problem isn't getting better and the industry is in need of a better solution.

Equally troubling is another finding that the vast majority of respondents said they experience discrepancies between what their ad servers report and what the publishers they do business with provide in their delivery reports.

Forty-three percent of the execs said that occurs "occasionally," while 24% said it happens "frequently," and 15% said it happens "all the time."

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