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  • 'Impact' Shop Picture Motion Expands Into Theatricals, Consumer Brands: Adds Campaign Strategist in MediaDailyNews on 05/26/2017

    Picture Motion, a new kind of "impact marketing" agency that began as a boutique shop promoting cause-related independent films, is expanding from its documentary roots into features, as well as more conventional consumer brand marketing, and it is bringing some strategic campaign planning talent in to help support it. Michael Denton has joined as vice president of campaign strategy and will focus on developing and executing social action campaigns for film and other media-related projects.

  • Pressure Group Turns Heat On Hannity's Sponsors, As Fox News Retracts Conspiracy Story in MediaDailyNews on 05/24/2017

    A month after Fox News fired its biggest star, Bill O'Reilly, following pressure from advertisers and advocacy groups surrounding allegations of sexual harassment, another of the network's top personalities, Sean Hannity, is facing a new advertising boycott. And he's not backing down -- although Fox News is publicly distancing itself from the conspiratorial rant.

  • Dentsu Aegis' MKTG Signs On For Bogusky-Backed Video Venture Brandzooka in MediaDailyNews on 05/23/2017

    Brandzooka, the self-serve, programmatic video advertising platform backed by Alex Bogusky, has gone from the long-tail to one of Madison Avenue's biggest, signing Dentsu Aegis Network's MKTG lifestyle marketing unit on as an enterprise-level customer. The startup enables advertisers and agents of any size to scale custom video advertising campaigns via an intuitive and easy to use front-end.

  • Wall Street Betting On Broadcast, Digital Upfronts: Cable Will Be More Of A Bear in MediaDailyNews on 05/22/2017

    The 2017-18 upfront advertising marketplace will once again defy gravity, proving that what goes down also goes up. That's the conclusion of an equities report issued by the research team at securities firm BMO Capital Markets Friday after its researchers discussed various upfront supply-and-demand scenarios with buyers and sellers attending upfront presentations. "We expect upfront broadcast volumes and pricing to be up slightly, while total cable dollars could decline as premium online video continues to take share from niche cable nets," the equities researchers conclude.

  • Commissions Rebound As Agency Comp Model: Fees, Incentives Begin To Recede in MediaDailyNews on 05/22/2017

    After years of erosion, Madison Avenue's original media commission-based compensation system is making a comeback, albeit marginally, according to just-released findings from the Association of National Advertisers latest "Trends In Agency Compensation" report. The report shows that after bottoming out at a low of 3% of compensation models cited by respondents in 2010, media commissions has grown to the preferred model among 12% in 2016. While that's down from the majority of agency commission models cited when the ANA began tracking agency compensation models in the 1990s, it is on the upswing, while the fee-based systems that replaced it are beginning to erode, falling from a high of 81% in 2013 to 68% in 2016.

  • Obit: Roger Ailes, Most Powerful Name In News, Dead At 77 in MediaDailyNews on 05/18/2017

    Roger Ailes, a communications strategist who became one of the most powerful names in news as the creator of Fox News, died this morning. He was 77. Ailes, who founded Fox News in 1996, and continued as its CEO until he was fired a year ago following allegations of sexual harassment at the network, was one of the most influential people shaping news -- and politics -- behind the scenes.

  • Fox's Marchese: Can You Hear Me Now? -- Gets Upfront Attention With, Well, Attention in MediaDailyNews on 05/16/2017

    Just three days into his new job as president of advertising sales at Fox, Joe Marchese opened the network group's upfront sales presentation in New York City Monday afternoon in a way that was bound to get every ad exec and media buyer's attention. "Consider this," Marchese told attendees, noting that "we as an industry have done studies to demonstrate that having the sound on is a more effective way of delivering your commercials. "Seriously, let me repeat that...," at which point the audio on the loudspeaker system went mute and all you could hear was laughter from the audience.

  • Over-The-Top, Ad-Supported Tubi TV Closes New Round On Eve Of Upfront in MediaDailyNews on 05/15/2017

    Streaming service Tubi TV last week closed a $20 million round of funding that it will use to expand its presence on Madison Avenue as well as with consumers. The service, the closest thing to a conventional ad-supported TV network distributed online, utilizes conventional TV advertising breaks to pay for consumer access to film and TV show libraries.

  • Time-Based Engagement Champ Batkin Named CEO Of Webspectator in MediaDailyNews on 05/11/2017

    Digital media veteran and champion of time-based engagement advertising models Andy Batkin has been named CEO of Webspectator, which markets a variety of advertising formats guaranteeing advertisers time-based advertising exposure in digital media.

  • Marketers Alter Mix: Begin Integrating PR Due To Social, Digital, Real-Time in MediaDailyNews on 05/09/2017

    Driven by three burgeoning trends -- social listening, "digital storytelling," and real-time marketing -- a majority of big marketers plan to boost both their internal staffing and their overall spending on public relations over the next five years, according to findings of a new report released this morning by the Association of National Advertisers.

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  • Pressure Group Turns Heat On Hannity's Sponsors, As Fox News Retracts Conspiracy Story by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/24/2017)

    Thanks for the added perspective.

  • Pressure Group Turns Heat On Hannity's Sponsors, As Fox News Retracts Conspiracy Story by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/24/2017)

    @Henry Blaufox, why do you think it might be inappropriate? We are an ad trade publication. The story is about an advocacy group targeting that list of advertisers. Do you think it would have been more appropriate if we just linked to it? In any case, we believe it was relevant and material information to publish based on the context of the story.

  • Fox's Marchese: Can You Hear Me Now? -- Gets Upfront Attention With, Well, Attention by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/16/2017)

    @Ed: Moat utilizes a variety of heuristics -- things like dwell time, time in-view, cursors moving on screens -- as a proxy for user attention. I don't know how they will apply that to linar TV, but it's a good follow up.

  • Over-The-Top, Ad-Supported Tubi TV Closes New Round On Eve Of Upfront by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/15/2017)

    @Ed: You may recall similar debates in the early days of cable TV, until Walter Reichel came up with Ted Bates' "5% solution" to address the under-delivery of broadcast in cable TV households (ie. light network viewers). Obviously, there was also a demographic consideration, given that cable was perceived as more affluent than covnentional broadcast households. I think the same things are operating here, but on steroids (younger demos, and in some cases, zero linear TV access). If you don't think those are valuable consumers to factor into the mix, well...

  • Over-The-Top, Ad-Supported Tubi TV Closes New Round On Eve Of Upfront by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/15/2017)

    @ed: I'm not sure, I think Tubi TV has 20 million installed users (not the same as active users), but is growing fast (9x growth in 2016). I don't see a media kit of any boilerplate on their site, but here's their ad dept. contact:

  • 'NYT' Makes 'Truth' Easier To Find, New Spots Break On TV, Online by Joe Mandese (Publishers Daily on 04/21/2017)

    @Carleen Kelly: Couple of thoughts. 1 - I think the difference in being there is that they can get stories first hand and enable readers to understand things they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to. 2 - Re. the photo of the Patriots White House visit, I don't think the New York Times actually published that. I think you're referring to a photo NYTs sports editor John Stallman tweeted on Twitter, which he subsquented acknoweldged as an errort and apologized for. In terms of what the NYTs publishes, they have made plenty of mistakes in the past, and have always set the record straight when they learned about their errors. The NYTs has always supported self-criticism, including ombudsmen and a public editor to help it keep the record straight. Journalism is not an exact science, but what sets truthful news publishers apart is when they own up to their mistakes and set the record straight, even when the error was in a tweet, not in their news publication.

  • 'NYT' Makes 'Truth' Easier To Find, New Spots Break On TV, Online by Joe Mandese (Publishers Daily on 04/21/2017)

    Not sure it qualifies as a commerical, but it is a great piece of content. Thanks for adding, PJ.

  • Nearly Half Of Ad Execs Don't Know Or Care About Using 'Fake News,' Big Brands Most Prone by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 04/04/2017)

    @Marshall & Ed: I don’t disagree that it is best practice to provide readers with methodology and sample information when reporting on survey-based research. We always try to do that. In this case, this was all the information we could get from the source of the research and we made a decision that it was still worth publishing. News reporting is not an exact science and we are constantly making judgement calls about the veracity of sources and the information they share and how to contextualize it for readers. I’m sorry if we let you down in this case. But you can get too extreme about it too. When I worked at Ad Age in the early 1990s, they had a requirement that every story about statistical research had to have the margin of error in it. For a guy who wrote regularly about TV ratings, it got a little obnoxious for me -- and I think for many readers. I'll try to do a better job in the future.

  • Cover Story: Is Truth Dead? by Joe Mandese (Publishers Daily on 03/23/2017)

    @Douglas Ferguson: re. never having seen the media "go after an elected President with such vigor," we have never elected a President like Donald Trump before. Politics aside, MediaPost focuses on the media part of the story and Time's "Is Truth Dead" cover is relevant news for the industry -- and arguably -- for the world. The most remarkable part is it is based on an exclusive interview with Trump and that he agreed to the premise of it. I recommend reading it and judging the truth for yourself.See the full transcript here:

  • Cover Story: Is Truth Dead? by Joe Mandese (Publishers Daily on 03/23/2017)

    @Douglas Ferguson: I'd say the main difference is that the President of the United States was the one saying it. Re. Russia's involvement in the U.S. presidential election, the director of the FBI just confirmed they are investigating that. I think you are right that anything beyond that is speculation. But it's okay for the media to speculate on things, so long as they make it clear that it is speculation. If you read Donald Trump's verbatim comments in the Time magazine interview, he believes his own speculation is the truth, hence Time's cover story: "Is Truth Dead?" Here's the Q&A: Time magazine: Is there anything different about making these kinds of predictions without having the factual evidence as President?Donald Trump: I'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right.

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