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  • Consumer Confidence Remains High For Overall Economy, But Low For Personal Security in Research Intelligencer on 03/16/2018

    A number of polls show consumer confidence trending at or near recent highs, but when you drill below the surface macroeconomic indicators, there's still a fair amount of anxiety among Americans when it comes to their personal economic well-being as consumers. According to custom surveys released as part of comScore's "2018 State of the Online Retail Economy" report, the measurement firm shows overall consumer confidence is quite high, but when you dril into things like "unemployment/job security" and "real estate/market values," not so much.

  • Publicis Media = 30% Of Total Revenue in Research Intelligencer on 03/16/2018

    At a time when the compensation and fees -- especially rebates from media suppliers -- are under greater scrutiny than ever before, an analysis of a major agency holding company indicates its media services account for nearly a third of its revenues. "Media agencies are critical to holding companies because even with greater scrutiny on agency contracts and like-for-like fee compression, media agencies appear to be growing faster than the overall industry," a Pivotal Research Group analyst writes in a report sent to investors early this morning.

  • Addendum: 'Filtered Bot Traffic' Defined in Research Intelligencer on 03/16/2018

    Readers commented they did not understand what the definition of "filtered bot traffic" was in an analysis of declining video ad fraud published Thursday in "Research Intelligencer." Extreme Reach, which conducted the analysis, said filtered bot traffic refers to General Invalid Traffic, or GIVT, which are "video impressions that are considered invalid based on General Invalid Traffic requirements and have been filtered out of Net reports, which include bots/spiders, invalid browsers, and high frequency pattern analysis."

  • 1 in 4 Regularly Delete Apps To Free Up Storage in Research Intelligencer on 03/15/2018

    Apps that aren't used regularly or don't fulfill the user's needs are most prone to being deleted, according to the just-published "2018 Consumer App Survey" by news and how-to site The Manifest.

  • Video Ad Fraud Plummets, Ad Tech 'Vigilance' Cited in Research Intelligencer on 03/15/2018

    Ad fraud -- or "filtered bot traffic" -- has declined 31% in the digital video ad marketplace over the past year, according to just-released findings from Extreme Reach's annual "Video Advertising Benchmark Report." The share of ad fraud fell to 6.2% of all video ad inventory sold during the past year, according to the report.

  • The Greatest Showroom On Earth in Research Intelligencer on 03/15/2018

    While conventional "showrooming" has grown significantly, many consumers now also comparison shop at Amazon before making a purchase at another online retailer -- a finding that comScore previewed as part of the forthcoming release of its "2018 State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy Report."

  • One In Four Online 'Almost Constantly,' 11% 'Never' in Research Intelligencer on 03/14/2018

    Pew said the survey, conducted in January, is five percentage points higher than one it conducted in December 2015.

  • Nielsen Finds Time Spent With Ad-Supported Content Remains Dominant, Stable in Research Intelligencer on 03/14/2018

    Despite the proliferation in the number of media options available to the average American consumer, TV -- especially ad-supported television -- remains the dominant source of their media time, according to an analysis released today by Nielsen. Ad-supported television accounted for an 86% share of total time spent watching television in 2017, which is about the same range it has been in for the past decade.

  • comScore: Smart Speakers Represent New Threat To Brand Loyalty in Research Intelligencer on 03/14/2018

    One of the most important objectives for any brand is share of voice, but when it comes to smart speakers, brands may be losing theirs. According to just-completed research from comScore, smart speakers represent a new threat to brand loyalty. Among the findings: smart speakers recommended a brand other than the one the consumer was trying to order through the device. The new digital interface also appears to be changing the way consumers select products, emphasizing "items" over "brands." When using their smart speakers to order something, comScore found that 42% of the time consumers corrected a category item (like "detergent") vs. a brand (like "Tide").

  • IPG Taps Schmidt To Succeed Kumar As Cadreon Chief in Digital News Daily on 03/14/2018

    Programmatic trading vet Erica Schmidt has been tapped to succeed Arun Kumar as global CEO of IPG Mediabrands' Cadreon unit. Kumar, who has had a dual role, will remain global chief data & marketing technology officer of IPG Mediabrands. Schmidt, who has been executive vice president-managing director for North America, reports to Kumar.

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