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  • Cash, Free Products Most Common Forms Of Influencer Comp in Research Intelligencer on 07/20/2018

    Cold cash, followed by free products and/or services are the top methods multinational marketers use to compensate so-called influencers for promoting their brands via influencer marketing campaigns. That's one of the top-line findings of a study of 34 big, multinational marketers released today by the World Federation of Advertisers designed to shed light and create transparency for the burgeoning influencer marketing marketplace.

  • Cover Story: 'Time' Magazine's Man, Er Men, Of The Week in MediaDailyNews on 07/19/2018

    Static or animated version of this week's Time magazine cover. Either way, its a creepy morphing of President Donald J. Trump into President Vladimir V. Putin designed to make a visual point coming out of this week's summit in Helsinki.

  • Audio Killed The Digital Screen: People Get Smart Speakers To Reduce Screen Time in Research Intelligencer on 07/18/2018

    Something the screen-based digital media marketplace may want to consider is that a significant percentage of consumers buying smart speakers are doing so to reduce the amount of time they spend looking at screens. The findings, which comes from "The Smart Audio Report," released this week by Edison Research and NPR, may seem like an ironic technological disruption to people who believe screens -- especially video ones -- will remain the dominant user interface. The study found that 22% of "first adopters" (people who have owned at least one smart speaker for a year or longer) and 38% of "early mainstream" users (people how have owned a smart speaker less than a year) did so to reduce the amount of time they spend on screens.

  • Top 10 Netflix Markets Worldwide in Research Intelligencer on 07/18/2018

    Nearly 765 million people worldwide will use a subscription over-the-top (OTT) video service, such as Netflix, or Amazon Prime at least once per month this year, according to revised estimates released by eMarketer. That represent 10.2% of the global population, or nearly a third (32.1%) of digital video viewers worldwide. eMarketer also projects the OTT market will expand 24% this year, due to increasing internet penetration, faster speeds and a broader shift toward internet entertainment.

  • Top Emerging Technologies, Plotted By Level Of Implementation in Research Intelligencer on 07/18/2018

    Forrester Research today released the 2018 edition of its top emerging technologies report, indicating that three -- computer vision, deep learning, and natural language generation - are expected to help marketers "build decision engines that increasingly automate operations and engagement" processes. "Human employees are increasingly being paired up with intelligent machines to reshape the future of work," the report concludes, adding, "Today there are two principle vectors for integrating intelligent machines into an employee's daily journey to complete tasks and achieve results. Creating centaurs involves applying

  • Truth, Justice & The Not-So-Involved Way: How Comic Book Fans Index On Civic Engagement in Research Intelligencer on 07/18/2018

    Despite the superhero ethos of civic engagements, comic book superhero fans index below the average American when it comes to participating actively in civil, social or political issues. The insight, which comes from a special analysis Viant did leading up to Friday's opening of Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego. Viant, the ad technology and data division of Meredith Corp., analyzed millions of first-party data sets to understand how comic book fans indexed vs. non-comic book fans. Overall, the analysis found fans are 18% less likely to take an active role in civil, social or political issues.

  • Advertiser-in-Chief: Study Finds Trump Is Facebook's Biggest Political Account in Red, White & Blog on 07/18/2018

    If there was any doubt that Donald J. Trump was in active campaign mode, an analysis of political ad spending on Facebook the past two months should put that to rest. The analysis, conducted by New York University professors for 'The New York Times,' shows that Trump -- both individually and vis-a-vis his Political Action Committee -- is Facebook's top U.S. political advertiser.

  • Nielsen Snaps Up Another Digital Audience Segmentation Customer, Snapchat in MediaDailyNews on 07/18/2018

    Nielsen this morning announced a deal to license its "premium audience segments" data to Snapchat. The audience segmentation method, which will be available through Snapchat's ad buying platform, will enable advertisers and agencies to plan and buy inventory based on Nielsen-branded audience segments, which for many are the industry standard. Nielsen said the data provides "more than 30,000 segments," including cuts from both Nielsen Buyers Insights, as well as its Nielsen Catalina Solutions joint venture, which utilize actual consumer store purchasing data. Significantly, Nielsen said the integration will also enable advertisers to leverage their own "first-party" data segments to target users on Snapchat's platform. The deal complements previous Nielsen data licensed by Snapchat going back to 2014.

  • Europe Hits Google With $5 Billion Android Antitrust Fine in Digital News Daily on 07/18/2018

    At a time when America's big digital media platforms are bracing for fines related to Europe's new consumer data privacy regulations, the European Commission has fined Google the old fashioned way -- for antitrust.

  • All The News That's Fit To Phone In in Research Intelligencer on 07/17/2018

    It used to be a pejorative to say a journalist was "phoning it in," but new research from the Pew Research Center shows that may actually be the American news consumption norm now.

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