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  • Three -- Or Four -- Planning & Buying Issues Worth Arguing About by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 04/18/2024)

    @Ed Papazian: Historically, TV audience estimates were derived based on the percentage of total TV households that are viewing television during a given period (households using television % = household rating). Ditto for PUTs (persons using television) % = # of persons viewing TV.The new cross-media measurement standards call for real, individual people projected to the total U.S. population (or relevant geo), not TV or digital populations.

  • Kassan Out At MediaLink, Legal Actions Filed by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/13/2024)

    @Lily Robins: On the bright side, UTA spent a lot less for MediaLink than Ascential did:

  • MRC Accredits Comscore For Both National And Local TV Ratings by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2024)

    @Andy Berman: This is what we reported: "for household and average audience estimates for both its national and local TV audience measurement services.*

  • Making A Lower Case by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 03/18/2024)

    @Kevin Killion: Let's hope they vote that way.

  • OOH Ad Demand Surges, Especially Among National Advertisers by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/11/2024)

    @John Grono and Ed Papazian: Guideline did not release totals, but based on other sources (GroupM for quick reference), out-of-home's baseline is a little more than John's allowance: $35 billion worldwide and $8 billion in the U.S.

  • Warning: One In Three Republicans Won't Believe This Week's Analysis by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 02/16/2024)

    @Dan Ciccone: I'm sorry you're having difficulty reading the cross-tabulation showing the percentage of Republicans who said they believe a covert government operation involving Taylor Swift actually exists, so I added it in its entirety to the bottom of the article.It explicitly shows that 32% of Republicans responding to the survey believe it exists, not 18%.If you need me to delineate any other data, please let me know. Otherwise, please stop misstating the findings, because it might misinform other readers.Thank you.

  • Warning: One In Three Republicans Won't Believe This Week's Analysis by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 02/16/2024)

    @Dan Ciccone: Because you didn't read all of it, therefore you are misinformed.Check out page 3 of the cross-tabs showing responses by party affiliation:34. Do you think that a covertgovernment effort for Taylor Swiftto help Joe Biden win thepresidential election actuallyexists, or not? 32% of Republicans responsed "exists."

  • Ageism's MeToo Moment by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 02/09/2024)

    @Mark Sutton & Dan Ciccone: Did you read the special counsel's report and its conclusion? If not, here's his sum-up:"In summary, the innocent explanation the retention the classifieddocuments in the EYES ONLY envelope at the Penn Biden Center 1s not onlyplausible, it is a better explanation than one of willful retention. There 1sinsufficient evidence to support charging Mr. Biden or anyone else willfulretention of the documents in the EYES ONLY envelope at the Penn Biden Center."The report uses the word innocent eight times. You can check it out here:

  • IAB: Consumers Willing To Pay 12 Times What Advertisers Do For Digital by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 01/30/2024)

    @Peter Blau: The study does indeed appear to be behind an IAB member wall.There's not a whole lot more I can share about its methodology, except that the report says this (below) and has breaks for gender, demo and household income:Methodology and Respondent Profile As the digital economy becomes more privacy-by-design, IAB surveyed over 1,500 consumers to gain insights into their thoughts, preferences, and concerns regarding their personal data and digital advertising overall.

  • God Made Rick Wilson by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/19/2024)

    @Dan Ciccone: You're hilarious! Did you try reading the compilation I sent you? It includes all of Gallup's historical lows in it, as well as other "widely used barometers."But since you've found a poll to make the point you want, Gallup has not actually updated its historical presidential approval rating to include Joe Biden yet:'s probably because Biden still is President so no one actually knows what his low will be until he's not.But if you look at Gallup's data for Biden so far, his last Gallup poll (Dec. 1-20, 2023) had a 39% approval rating, which would rank him well above Roper's compilation average.As would his lowest Gallup approval rating: 37% (Nov. 1-21, 2023).So I guess you didn't read the poll you're using to prove your point either, because it actually disproves it.Why are you making stuff up? This is a serious discourse. You should be honest with the people who read our comments. And you should be honest with yourself.

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