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  • It's Official: Digital Overtakes Traditional This Year, Amazon Remains Ascendant in Research Intelligencer on 02/20/2019

    Well, it's official. Digital will overtake "traditional" media in share of U.S. ad spending this year. That's the news of the day from digital media statsmaster eMarketer, whose updated calculations call for $129.34 billion in digital ad spending this year, vs. just $109.48 billion for traditional media, which includes things like TV, radio, print, out-of-home and directories. By 2023, eMarketer projects digital's trajectory will exceed two-thirds of U.S. ad budgets, up from a 54.2% share this year.

  • Giant Spoon Will Get SXSW Attendees To Literally Bleed For HBO in MediaDailyNews on 02/19/2019

    As far as experiential media campaigns go, Giant Spoon's next big event for client HBO likely goes where none have gone before: into people's veins. The campaign, tag-lined, "Bleed for the Throne," promotes an American Red Cross Blood drive that will take place March 7-10 at a "Game of Thrones" takeover at Fair Market in Austin, TX, as part of their experiential effort at this year's SXSW Interactive.

  • Mobile Traffic Poised To Reach A Zettabyte, And With It, Greater Share Of Internet in Research Intelligencer on 02/19/2019

    Mobile traffic will approach an annual run rate of a zettabyte (1 trillion gigabytes) by the end of 2022, according to a new forecast on global mobile data traffic and speed released today by Cisco. The report projects mobile traffic will account for 20% of all global IP traffic by that data, up from just 5% ten years ago.

  • AI Projected To Be The 'Word' Of 2019, 'Transparency' Dominates 2018 in Research Intelligencer on 02/14/2019

    AI (artificial intelligence), which ranked only third as the word or term of the year for 2018, is projected to be the most important one in the ad industry this year, according to interviews with advertisers and agency executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Research Intelligencer in January.

  • 'Blockchain' Most Overrated, 'Transparency' Most Important Words Of The Year in MediaDailyNews on 02/14/2019

    Blockchain was named the most overrated word of the year by ad execs surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions for MediaPost's "Research Intelligencer." The study was fielded by Advertiser Perceptions following the ANA's recent release of its "Word of the Year" for 2018: "brand purpose," which ranked as the fourth-most important term in our survey of advertisers and agency executives.

  • Dentsu Aegis Network Restructures Amnet, Accordant: Puts Next Generation In Place in MediaDailyNews on 02/11/2019

    Nearly two years after acquiring independent agency trading desk Accordant, Dentsu Aegis Network is ready to lean back into that brand again. Founders Art Muldoon and Matt Greitzer have spent most of the past two years focusing more on their broader role as co-CEOs of Amnet, the programmatic technology and data division of DAN that services its other client-facing agencies.

  • Ads.txt Expose Proves There's No Perfect Solution To Fraud, Except Vigilance in RTBlog on 02/11/2019

    The good news is that the Interactive Advertising Bureau's ads.txt initiative has seen remarkably fast compliance among the world's top website publishers doing business with big advertisers and ad agencies. The bad news is nothing's perfect.

  • The Path Retaken in MediaPost Weekend on 02/10/2019

    Media agency wunderkind Richard Beaven left Madison Avenue to pursue his passion for photography and restore a farm in Ghent, NY seven years ago.

  • No, We're Not THAT 'Enquirer' in Publishers Daily on 02/08/2019

    Sign bunny memes popped up on Twitter today from publishers seeking to distance themselves from American Media Inc., and/or its National Enquirer magazine. America Magazine, "the Jesuit Review of Faith and Culture," which goes by the Twitter handle @americamag, pinned a "not American Media" sign bunny to its Twitter account late morning.

  • Enquiring Minds Have To Go in Red, White & Blog on 02/08/2019

    Jeff Bezos' whistleblowing indictment about how American Media Inc. has been "weaponizing its journalistic privileges" sheds new light on what has been an increasingly creepy and destructive media enterprise. And, if his allegations hold up, a criminal one.

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  • Knowing Isn't Free by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 02/04/2019)

    @Douglas Ferguson: Saying news is a commodity is like saying knowledge is a commodity. All knowledge is not equal.The Washington Post -- and the news organizations it celebrates in its ad -- distinguish themselves with exceptional journalism that uncovers or otherwise advances what we know.If they went away tomorrow, you'd still have knowledge, but I believe you'd have less of the kind that keeps us free.

  • How -- And Why -- A 'Walled Garden' Will Help OpenX Optimize The 'Open Web' by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 01/28/2019)

    @Doc Searls: Agree with your comments, but would point out MediaPost's audience is not everybody, but business people who are hopefully using ethical and legal privacy-compliant means of targeting people with ads, whether it is on the open web, or anywhere else.

  • The POTUS Who Cried Wolf by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/09/2019)

    It makes me wish we had a President we could trust.

  • Analyst Raises Ratings For IPG, Publicis: Maintains Omnicom, WPP by Joe Mandese (MAD on 01/07/2019)

    @John Grono: Good catch. We've updated the graphic. Sorry about that.

  • Hitting The Wall by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/02/2019)

    @John Grono: I'd contribute metaphorical tax dollars toward it.

  • 2018 Marketing Word(s) Of The Year: 'Brand Purpose' by Joe Mandese (Marketing Daily on 12/06/2018)

    Thanks for the addendum, Bill.

  • America Has A Bad Case Of Potus Mouth by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 11/21/2018)

    @Douglas Ferguson: false equivalency and bad case of whataboutism. There's a big difference between a POTUS intentionally using a loudspeaker like Twitter to use profanity, sexist and racist comments, and one who unintentionally let's some real language fly. Beto is a better example, but contextually he was using it as a statement of respect, vs. the current bull-schitter-in-chief, who uses it to disrespect, and dishonor the office and the people who elected him.

  • Nielsen Taps Madison Ave. Vet David Kenny As CEO, Continues Strategic Review by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 11/20/2018)

    @Henry Blaufox: Kenny will also receive millions in equity awards, as well as about $4 million in "make whole payments' offsetting incentive payments he would have received from IBM.

  • Suppose They Gave A Press Briefing And Nobody Came? by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 11/14/2018)

    I am Jim Acosta!

  • Suppose They Gave A Press Briefing And Nobody Came? by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 11/14/2018)

    @David Shank: Agree with "presence," but it can come in many forms. And the one in which our most accomplished, professional and (I believe) principled journalists are turned into props for public display, disinformation and, worst of all, gaslighting, is what I'm recommending against.I think your one, authoritative representative/pool idea is a good solution. They should try it and see how it works.I still think there are ways of "covering" the briefings without serving as a prop -- and a tacit endorsement -- of what's going on.The briefings air and stream live for anyone who wants to cover them -- -- so if the White House lobs any policy bombs -- they can still cover them and they can still ask follow ups for clarification, amplification, etc. without the theatrics of the TV "show."I'm just recommending the press seize control the part of the narrative where they are turned into adversarial characters in a scripted reality TV show.It would have been cool to see Helen Thomas star in that.

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