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  • OpenX Now Open For GDPR Business, Guarantees 100% Compliance in MediaDailyNews on 01/18/2018

    With new, more stringent consumer privacy regulations poised to take effect in Europe soon, a leading digital advertising exchange has become the first to announce it will be fully compliant, offering advertisers, agencies and trading desks inventory that measures up to the new standard. OpenX this morning said that effective Jan. 18, 100% of the inventory listed on its exchange will be compliant with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), months ahead of when the new rules take effect in May.

  • My Dinner With Donald in Email Insider on 01/17/2018

    Well, that's what I assumed would happen when I clicked on a link to enter a chance to "win dinner with President Trump at the best spot in Florida on the ANNIVERSARY of the people's inauguration." The email, which came from and had the official Trump/Pence logo on it, said if I win, they'll take care of getting me and a friend to Palm Beach and "reserving your room..."

  • Red, White & Bizarro in Red, White & Blog on 01/17/2018

    I was not a big social media user before Nov. 8, 2016, but that all changed when Donald Trump was elected President. Partly because I wanted to understand the role social media -- especially Twitter -- played and continues to play in all things Trump, I jumped in. With both feet. I've learned a lot. Not all good. But the first thing I ever posted about Trump was an image on Instagram of Trump as "Bizzaro # 1," a reference to the character in Superman who comes from Bizzaro World, where they say things that mean the opposite of what they mean on planet Earth.

  • It's The Data, Stupid: Why Digital Dominates The Political Media Mix in Marketing Politics Weekly on 01/17/2018

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- If there was any doubt that digital media has taken center stage in political marketing, it was put to rest by top execs, operatives and consultants speaking at MediaPost's Marketing Politics conference here Tuesday. While traditional media remains a mainstay for many local races, public affairs and issues-oriented campaigns, top digital and data officers of the two major U.S. parties and others made the case that digital is taking the lead in national and important state races, mainly for the same reasons it is beginning to dominate the mix for conventional consumer marketers: because it's efficient and it works.

  • Media-Buying Continues To Migrate In-House Thanks To Programmatic, 'Control' Is No. 1 Reason in RTBlog on 01/15/2018

    The Centro study found that 81% of marketers plan to bring at least some of their programmatic advertising in-house over the next 12 months, while 59% said they will no longer outsource their programmatic media-buying to a third party by next year.

  • U.S. Citizens Rank Political News Accuracy Low In Global Study in Marketing Politics Weekly on 01/11/2018

    The U.S. ranks relatively low -- between Jordan and Tunisia -- among world citizens ranking the accuracy of their news media in reporting political issues accurately, according to a global study released this morning by the Pew Research Center. A minority of 47% of respondents in the U.S. said they felt their news media were doing very or somewhat well in the accuracy of reporting political issues. The lowest response came from citizens of Greece (18%). The Philippines and Vietnam tied for the highest response, 78%. The median was 52% among the 38 nations polled.

  • Trump/Fox News Feedback Loop: Nuttier Than You Think in Around the Net In Marketing Politics on 01/10/2018

    That's the conclusion of Politico's Matthew Gertz following an intensive examination of months of Fox News and Trump policy stories, which sometimes culminate in the President live tweeting Fox's coverage as it airs it.

  • 'Welcome Back To The Studio' in Red, White & Blog on 01/10/2018

    If there was any doubt that the Trump White House operates like a scripted reality TV show, it was put to rest when Donald Trump opened today's live televised cabinet meeting with that statement, literally calling the Cabinet Room a studio. Whether he was joking, jerking our chains or wagging a dog was not clear. What was clear, is that the American Presidency is becoming a Hollywood production. Just consider the response to Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes Awards telecast Sunday night. The media -- real, "fake," and social -- went bonkers on speculations that Oprah was poised to make a bid for the White House in 2020.

  • IAB Lab Releases 'OpenDirect' Update, Supports Negotiations in Digital News Daily on 01/10/2018

    The IAB Technology Laboratory this morning released OpenDirect 2.0, an update of the specs it recommends the industry use for trading "premium" automated guaranteed ads. The IAB lab said the update completes the OpenMedia specification stack by facilitating non-real-time bidding transactions. It will accept public comments on them through March 12.

  • USIM Taps Publicis' Jayson For Insights, Analytics in MediaDailyNews on 01/10/2018

    USIM, the big independent media-services agency founded by Dennis Holt, has hired Rob Jayson as executive vice president of insights and analytics. A 20-year veteran of Madison Avenue analytics, audience science, media strategy, buying and research, Jayson joins USIM from Publicis Media, where he was global lead for branded applications.

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  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Rafael Consentino: I'm not wrong about the button on Trump's desk in the Oval. It's what he uses to order Cokes: provided a link explaining the actual means -- the "nuclear football" -- that the President would actually use: you have evidence to the contrary, then you should provide it.I don't write blogs and commentaries necessarily to change anyone's views, just to share mine. That's what columnists do.I am not qualified and have no interest in starting a political blog. I cover media, and in the case of Red, White & Blog, the role media plays in political marketing. That's explicitly what this column is about. It's just one of many things we publish at MediaPost.

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Rafael Consentino: Factual, no. He does not have a "button" on his desk to start a nuclear war. (He has one for ordering Cokes.) for? That's a matter of opinion. I expressed mine when I reported him to Twitter and wrote this blog post, which 100% expresses my personal point-of-view, which is why it's a blog and not a news story.Is MediaPost turning into a personal blog for its writers? No, just the blogs that reflect their personal opinions, which we've been publishing since we began 20 years ago.Re. this is totally moronic, I agree 100%.

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Mr. Horn, actually what I said in a previous post is that he should be blocked from using @realDonaldTrump to tweet and should be required to use @POTUS instead, so that it is clearly delineated that he is representing the office of the President of the United States. So no, I did not suggest that POTUS should not have access to Twitter.That said, if he violates Twitter's terms of use, I think it would be reasonable to block him, which is why I reported his abusive tweet. It's up to Twitter, as a private company, to decide what to do about that, and based on their reason decision not to "block world leaders," i guess they're not going to do anything about that.If FDR tweeted abusive things on Twitter, I'd report him too.I'm all in favor of Donald Trump using radio to converse with America via fireside chats.Re. Trump creating his own microblog, also okay with me. I truly believe in free speech and as I noted, as POTUS, Trump has access to more media channels and more reach than any other human being on the planet. He even has his own TV network, and by that I don't mean Fox News, but the ironically named "Real News:"

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Mr. Horn - Again, no. Free speech, as defined by the First Amendment, does not protect all speech. It does not, for example, protect speech that leads to illegal activity and/or imminent violence, obscenity, defamation, and libel. You cannot yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater. I never decried @realDonaldTrump's access to social media, but I do object to how he uses it, because I think -- in the case of his "nuclear button" tweet -- it is intended to lead to imminent violence on a scale the world has never seen. Or, as he says, "fire and fury." Whether or not that constitutes free speech or not is debatable, but what I reported -- an abusive tweet -- isn't a free speech issue, but about the enforcement of the terms of service of a company (Twitter) and its users.Also, as POTUS, Trump has more access to more communication channels reaching more people than anyone on the planet. As an American citizen, I'd just like him to use it in a more responsible way.

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Mr. Horn -- Hmm, I can see how you might see it that way, but as EIC of MediaPost, I do many things -- some of them productive -- including authoring a weekly blog about political media and marketing. As for "trolling" POTUS on Twitter, I do that personally, on my own time. As for @realDonadTrump trolling the American public and the world on Twitter, he does that on taxpayers' time.

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @ "notf akenews" -- I'm going to take that for the newspeak complement I think you intended it to be. Thak you.  

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Dan Ciccone: Agree. But if enough people report the same subjective experience, it would become something that's not subjective. I was just expressing mine. Appreciate others sharing theirs here or with Twitter. But now that you mention it, it's funny that Twitter isn't binary and doesn't allow users to report things that are the opposite of abusive. I would love to know how many people think @realDonaldTrump's "nuclear button" tweet was a positive experience? And I'd especially like to know why?

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    @Tom, no I reported @realDonaldTrump because I was exercising my free speech. It is up to Twitter as a private enterprise if they agree Trump is violating their terms of service, and if they do anything about it. That is not a free speech issue. As President of the United States, Trump has more communications channels and reach at his disposal than any other human being on the planet. Heck, he even has his own news network. I just feel his use of Twitter is abusive and harmful and I'm using the communications channels and reach at my disposal to express that. Literally, free speech. Now ask me about the 25th Amendment.

  • ANA: In-House Programmatic Buying More Than Doubles, Agencies Becoming Marginalized by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 12/18/2017)

    Ed, never implied it was reprsentative of all advertisers or of total digital spending or of total media spending. The methodology and bases were disclosed in the column. I'm pasting more explicit methodology below.We plan on covering more data from the report tomorrow or later this week, but the respondents reported that they are buying all forms of media programmatically, including non-"digital" ones like TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc., though lower percentages of analogue.In terms of percentage of total digital budgets, respondents did report that and, as you might expect, it ranges from a few percentage points to as much as 80%.The sweet spot seems to be in the 6% to 60% range. I will publish another charge delineating that in our next post.METHODOLOGY The survey was conducted in June and July of 2017, and 149 client-side marketers participated. Respondents had a median of 21 years of experience in marketing, and more than two-thirds (67 percent) reported their job level as director or above.  Approximately 66 percent of respondents focus their marketing on B-to-C efforts, 13 percent on B-to-B, and 21 percent on both B-to-B and B-to-C. A total of 48 percent of respondents work at companies with annual U.S. media budgets under $100 million, and 52 percent work at companies with media budgets of $100 million and more.

  • MRC Releases Digital Audience Standard, Incorporates 'Duration Weighting' by Joe Mandese (Digital News Daily on 12/07/2017)

    @Harold Walters: The standard is 71 pages long, so we link to the full document in the article.You can also access it here:

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