• Vox Populi, Vox Dei: Musk Won't Own Twitter Much Longer
    If the voice of the people really is the voice of God, as Elon Musk keeps telling us, then he probably won't own Twitter much longer.
  • Poll: Should @realDonaldTrump Have Been Reinstated Based On Results Of A Poll?
    Following Musk's decision, I figured I'd run my own poll. If you'd like to cast a vote go to @jmandese and I'll follow up with some MediaPost coverage of the findings.
  • When The News Warrants It
    "This is literally like when you talk about grandpa while grandpa's right there in the room with you muttering about what's on television," The Atlantic Staff Writer Tom Nichols tweeted during his excellent play-by-play analysis of how the networks covered a Florida man's announcement.
  • Take My Resignation, Please
    Elon Musk is right about charging to authenticate users, but I don't want to belong to any platform that would verify me as a member.
  • You've Heard Elon's, Now Here's My Endorsement
    At a time when the majority of Americans now get their news from digital devices and platforms, there's been a surge in consumption of "right-leaning news" from less-than-transparent sources leading up to the midterm elections.
  • How Elon Musk's Meetings With Madison Avenue Went
    "Everyone is asking about the meetings," said one anonymous holding company source, adding: "All I can tell you for sure is that a meeting was requested."
  • When Madison Avenue Freezes Over
    If I could be a fly on the wall at big agency meetings this week, I'd want to be present to hear Elon Musk make his hellscape pitch to Madison Avenue's top media-buying brass. It's not because of what Musk will tell them. It's because I'd like to hear what the ad execs say in response to him.
  • So Let Me School Elon Musk On The Flip Side Of Relevancy - It's Called Differentiation
    Instead of tweeting a letter to advertisers, Musk would have done better to show up at the ANA in Orlando, hat-in-hand, with the other one holding a bidet.
  • The New Half Life Of Brand Response Time
    "If you are a huge global sportswear company that was founded a long, long time ago by actual Nazis, you really need to have a faster trigger on anti-Semitism."
  • How The Ad Industry Can Fix Greenwashing, Overnight
    Emissions offsets have been a good start, but if we really want to tackle greenwashing, maybe it's time to start using "omissions offsets."
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