• It's A Lot More Than The Economy, Stupid
    Yes, in normal times, it is mainly the economy. But these are not normal times, and there's an even bigger existential threat than a financial one on the minds of most Americans, including those in Battleground States.
  • 'You Wanted A Reality Show Host As President, Well Now You're On Survivor'
    I don't know who created that meme, but he or she should join Joe Biden's campaign, because there's no more effective message for the 2020 race, as Americans of all political persuasions realize that having a reality TV show host as President may at best be entertaining, but at its worst is horrifying.
  • Why COVID-19 Is Like Being Stranded In The Arctic, And Why You Shouldn't Freak Out
    "I started following what was happening with some horror, going into complete freak-out by early February, followed by some relief," GroupM's Brian Wieser told attendees during an ARF's Town Hall on COVID-19 today.
  • You Don't Want To Make President Hulk Angry (It Will Scare You!)
    "What do you say to Americans right now who are scared?," NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander asked the President during a White House press briefing today. "I say that you are a terrible reporter. That's what I say," the President responded, visibly losing his cool and practically turning green in front of the viewing public's eyes.
  • An Ad Industry Forecast You Never Wanted To See
    It's not uncommon for some of Madison Avenue's leading modelers to forecast outcomes like a epidemiologists predicting a viral spread, but usually, it's about media. On Tuesday they did that literally during an Advertising Research Foundation "virtual town hall" on the impact the COVAD-19 pandemic could have on the United States.
  • 'It Would Be Great If We Could Really Give The News Correctly'
    The scariest part of the President's method of gaslighting us, is when he doubles down. That's what he did Sunday after the press set the record straight that he misrepresented that the White House was working with Google to launch a site that would triage Americans for COVAD-19.
  • How Much Have YOU Heard Or Read About QAnon?
    As far as dog whistles go, none may be as dangerous as the President of the United States sending secret signals to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy group espousing far-fetched radical theories like a ring of "deep state" pedophiles secretly plotting against the President and his supporters. But that's what happened Sunday when the President and his social media manager Dan Scavino circulated a tweet depicting the President fiddling and featuring a QAnon tagline: "Nothing can stop what's coming."
  • The ROI Candidate
    At $10 per vote yielded through noon on March 4, Biden has had the most cost effective campaign to date, beating his next closest rival, Bernie Sanders, by a margin of three-to-one. The disparity gets even more startling as you work your way across the spectrum of candidates to the billionaire boys club with Mike Bloomberg paying a whopping $240 and Tom Steyer $1,260 per vote.
  • #LASA: Let America Sleep Again
    If you're like me, you probably haven't had many restful night's sleep the past few years. So today's column is devoted to letting America sleep restfully again, or in the spirit of grassroots meme movements: #LASA, for "Let America Sleep Again." I hope it catches on. Here's why.
  • From Oddsmakers To AI, The Democratic Race Is Still Anyone's Guess
    In recent months, I've begun to receive a variety of predictive analyses offering various handicaps from Las Vegas oddsmakers to AI technologists that are interesting to follow -- but if you ask me, are no more reliable an indicator than the latest polls.
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