• Badwill
    The focus of the brand boycott of Facebook has been on how it impacts its bottom line, especially ad revenues. But it has something greater at stake: Its brand value. Why does that matter? Keep reading.
  • Dog-Whistling Dixie, Nazis Too
    Why use a dog whistle when you can whistle Dixie out loud for everyone to hear? That seems to be the new strategy of the President's reelection campaign, which placed ads in social media blatantly displaying images used by the Nazis to identify political prisoners.
  • Watch This Clickbait Before Facts Set The Record Straight
    The President's reelection campaign teased its newest spot with an email subject line guaranteed to generate opens and views: "Watch this new ad before it gets banned." It's unlikely it will be banned, but it should definitely get fact-checked for its assertion: "The great American comeback has begun -- a record 2.5 million new jobs in May. And we're just getting started." Starting what, lying?
  • Wrapping The President In The Flag: No, Not That One
    As bad as this past week of social unrest was, I'm preparing for a long hot summer, because chaos is the only strategy a despotic President has left for holding onto power. I fear he wants to spark a modern day Civil War, and a new spot from The Lincoln Projects underscores that.
  • Why Twitter's Bar Should Be Higher For World Leaders, Not Lower
    Twitter has its rule-making backwards. It is precisely because they hold so much power that world leaders should be held to an even higher standard to be allowed to publish their missives on an open social media platform, not that they are immune from it.
  • ( ! ) Get The Facts About ... Oh, Nevermind!
    Does anyone else see the irony in the White House using Twitter to broadcast the live signing of the President's executive order to put his thumb on social media networks including Twitter?
  • Opinion Done Wrong: Researchers Find Fox News Hurts Stay-At-Home Compliance
    While a variety of surveys and tracking studies have shown that the kind of people prone to watch Fox News Channel's coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic believe the mainstream media have exaggerated its risks and that local governments' restrictions are a hoax and violation of their rights, new academic research suggests it also is affecting their behavior in an unhealthy way.
  • If You Don't Like What News People Are Following, Create A Distraction
    The good news -- or, depending how you look at it, bad news -- for the Presidential campaign trail, is most Americans haven't exactly been paying attention to the 2020 race. That's because they've been preoccupied by a far more immediate crisis -- the one that could kill them in the near term. Those are the findings of the latest installment of Pew Research Center's polls on Americans' news consumption habits, which finds the COVID-19 pandemic has -- not surprisingly -- dominated the news cycle.
  • You Can Fool 16% Of The People All Of The Time
    There are two revelations in a just-released Pew Research Center study of the sources and credibility of the sources of news Americans rely on. The first is that 16% of Americans say they rely on the White House Task Force. The second is that half of those Americans believe the task force has been making much ado about nothing -- the highest level of cynicism of any group of Americans relying on any source of news about the pandemic.
  • Madison Avenue Vs. The Keyboard Warriors
    Madison Avenue was trending this morning, thanks to an assist from the Commander-in-Tweet. But not in the good way. "Thank you to all my great Keyboard Warriors," @realDonaldTrump's account tweeted late Thursday night, adding: "You are better, and far more brilliant, than anyone on Madison Avenue (Ad Agencies). There is nobody like you!"
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