• If Yaccarino Had Them, She'd Be King
    Say what you want about Elon Musk, he's got balls. They just happen to be canine balls and nearly a year since he took the helm of Twitter, he's wagging them in the face of the media.
  • Anti-Vax, Hate And Rock & Roll: Why SPIN's Guccione Comes To Their Defense
    In the wake of Jann Wenner's ouster from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board, a surprising source came to his defense: long-time rival Bob Guccione Jr. In the following Q&A he explains why free speech trumps "woke" society's reactions to it.
  • A Tale Of Two Presidential Merch Campaigns
    If the presidential election campaign plays out anything like the presidential merch campaign, incumbent Joe Biden is winning. Dark Brandon too.
  • The White Glove Treatment
    "Junk fees are those sneaky fees that are hidden from consumers when they are shopping for the best price, and sneak up on them when they have already made up their mind and are about to make payment," National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard said in March, while making a case for the Biden Administration's new junk fees polices, noting, "Each year, 'junk fees' cost Americans tens of billions of dollars."
  • The Anti-Anti-Defamation League
    Sadly, the real reason advertisers have been abandoning Twitter/X is that it has become an even more unsavory place for reputable consumer brands to show up, in a world with many important alternative options. So, I mean, why bother?
  • The Art Of The Running Without Running Deal
    According to one analysis, the former president handily defeated all GOP debaters without even showing up. He should do the same thing in November 2024 and it will be a win-win for all concerned.
  • A Picture Worth A Thousand Words, Er, Cheers
    That's what a new Lincoln Project spot seems to show the moment the twice-impeached former president's mug shot flashed on CNN on a large screen in a crowded bar somewhere in America.
  • If You Think A GOP Double-Header Is Odd, Here Are The Actual Odds
    "People can wager on just about anything. Personal attacks, discussion topics, buzzwords/phrases and, of course, Hunter Biden, are all on the betting table."
  • Turns Out X Actually Is A Much Healthier And Safer Platform -- If You're A Nazi
    A week after CEO Linda Yaccarino boasted about its brand-safety gains, a new report finds X Corp. has been monetizing ads on a pro-fascist, pro-Hitler account.
  • Here's What Publir Is And Who Is Behind It: A Conversation With Anand Ramanujan
    Publir is a publisher monetization platform and the person behind it is Anand Ramanujan. In the following Q&A, he explains Publir's policies, business model and why some questionable publishers are part of its client list.
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