• Enquiring Minds Want To Know How Rupert Murdoch Became David Pecker
    Rupert Murdoch's media empire arguably did more than any other source to help the President get elected in 2016, and it appears to be doing everything it can to help him get reelected. But unlike the lead-up to 2016, when Murdoch's Fox News and New York Post simply drummed up partisan coverage, this time they're simply promoting the kind of manufactured political hit job that otherwise would have been handled by a certain supermarket tabloid.
  • My Conspiracy Theory On Why Americans Are Playing An Increasingly Dangerous Game
    Want to understand why QAnon has become the first known instance of a "crowd-sourced cult?" You just need to know one word, according to Omnicom's Sparks & Honey: gamification.
  • MAGGOT Is The New MAGA
    Ever since the Nixon/Kennedy debate, televised debates have been less about substance and more about optics. So all other things being equal, the optics of a fly landing on Mike Pence's head serves in stark contrast to an Obama/Biden administration known for rapidly dispatching the annoying pests during nationally televised moments.
  • Fear & Loathing On Top Of The World
    "Whatever happens to Donald Trump when the wolves finally rip down his door seems almost beside the point, now... All we can really ask of him, at this point, is a semblance of self-restraint until some way can be found to get rid of him gracefully."
  • Only The Best People Vs. Losers And Suckers
    As far as campaign managers go, the President's defy his assertion that he hires "only the best people." Optics aside, there seems to be a pattern here.
  • Alternative Facts Fueling Alternate Realities
    When it comes to the presidential campaign, America is divided into two alternate realities. And according to an analysis by the top political polling expert at Ipsos, it is due largely to the alternative facts they are getting from news media.
  • All The President's Men, Yet Again
    Nineteen years after terrorists used our own commercial airline industry as weapons of mass destruction against us, new information is coming to light about an equally nefarious, but far less visible attack on America using another one of our homegrown industries against us: targeted advertising. Unlike Sept. 11, 2001, the attack didn't end in one day. It's been going on for at least five years and if anything, it's getting worse as hostile foreign actors -- principally Russia -- develop new and increasingly sophisticated means of using our own data and targeted advertising platforms against us.
  • How Ted Cruz's Dad Ended A Presidency (No, Not That One)
    It's fitting that analog media like books and newspapers may be the undoing of this Presidency, given the way Russia and Cambridge Analytica utilized sophisticated, illicit methods to turn our own digital media into a weapon against us.
  • How Facebook Can Really Help Democracy: Go Dark For 60 Days
    It's both ironic and fitting that as soon as Mark Zuckerberg posted news about new steps Facebook is taking to combat turmoil before, during and after the Presidential election, it was immediately flooded with tumultuous comments spreading cynicism and division.
  • What If Americans Are Just Sick-And-Tired Of You-Know-Who?
    One of my favorite Marvel Comics is the "What If" series posing fantasy scenarios and outcomes. I was reminded about it by a pitch from a company called "What If Media" showing the incumbent President has a more than two-to-one media awareness vs. his challenger. But what If voters are just sick and tired of seeing him?
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