• Free Branding Advice For A New Social Media Platform
    I would like the impeached former President to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot.
  • The 'Real Story' Behind Facebook's Australian News Blackout, According To Facebook
    Facebook global affairs chief Nick Clegg charges there is a "fundamental misunderstanding" of Facebook's relationship with news publishers. His argument suggests the greatest misunderstanding is actually Facebook's.
  • 'Would MediaPost Give Goebbels An Award?' Great Question!
    It's probably a good time to talk about the elephant in the room. No, not the Republican party mascot, but the metaphor for that awkward thing that needs acknowledging. Coincidentally, the awkward thing has to do with former Republicans who founded The Lincoln Project.
  • Obit: 'Big Fat Idiot,' Dead At 70
    Rush Limbaugh's greatest legacy was that he was an incubator, pioneering a platform that gave voice to racists and misogynists to follow -- all the way to the White House, and even the steps of the Capitol.
  • How To Buy An Insurrection
    Here's my back-of-the-envelope estimate for the paid vs. earned media mix the former President's campaign used to incite the violent insurrection on our nation's capital.
  • Doctoring Doom
    Why media should be included alongside climate change, nuclear war and global pandemics as one of our greatest existential threats.
  • Promises Of Carnage Made, Promises Of Carnage Kept
    Have you ever woken from a nightmare so terrifying you had to replay it in your head to get back to sleep? That's what watching Frontline's "Trump's American Carnage" is like.
  • So Nice To See!
    That unfamiliar sound you heard was the collective exhaling of America. Well, most of it, anyway. The far more delicate, almost imperceptible, noise was the melting of countless snowflakes embodied by Wednesday's trending -- and ironic -- hashtag #notmypresident
  • The Media Optics Of The Capitol Insurgency
    In the new Civil Info War against America the score is: Insurgents one, Democracy zero.
  • Our 2020 Coverage Emphasized 'Right,' Not 'Left'
    Since it's the end of an epic year of political discord, I ran a quantitative analysis of MediaPost's editorial bias. Here's what I found.
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