• 2016: Disliked Candidates, Half-Truths Election
    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are having a difficult time changing the injurious opinions a majority of Americans have of them. Hillary Clinton currently sports a 54.7% unfavorable rating, which would be a recent record low -- if not for Donald Trump's 57.7%, per 'The Huffington Post.'
  • Clinton's Ad Strategy Begins By Attacking Trump's Treatment Of Women
    Last week, the pro-Clinton group Priorities USA released two anti-Trump ads focused on a general election strategy: keep the spotlight on his offensive comments about women. Backed by a $6 million ad buy, the spots are expected to run for the next two weeks in Nevada, Ohio, Florida and Virginia
  • Unpredictability Of Trump Reflected In Campaign Disorder
    Donald Trump and his campaign have completely defied expectations this cycle. He has been able to win a densely crowded Republican nomination with a minuscule campaign staff is a testament to the strength of his name and his incredible ability as a self-promoter.
  • Brand Identity: Marketing Political Slogans That Rally Voters
    Political slogans are among the pillars of any campaign. Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again," has become the rallying call for what is a new reactionary movement, while Clinton has adopted a new tag: "Stronger Together."
  • Online Poll Points To Potentially Huge Voter Turnout In November
    Polls point to a huge leap in electoral turnout when compared to any general election over the past century. Fifty-one percent of respondents (Democrat, Republican and Independent) were "absolutely certain" to vote in November.
  • No More Gun-Free Zones, Except In My House
    Fewer than four years after applauding President Obama's response to the Newtown shootings, Donald Trump has received the endorsement of the N.R.A. much earlier in the cycle than any recent GOP nominee.
  • The Trump Choice: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet
    As we all know, Donald Trump is an avid Twitterer, using the platform to give his opinion on almost everything, ranging from terrorist attacks to a candidate's spouse. Will Trump's Twitter obsession be a liability in a general election campaign?
  • Clinton, Sanders Lead Trump In Electoral Engagement Poll
    Emotions have run high in the 2016 cycle, with turnout in GOP primaries drastically higher than in past presidential elections. While Democratic turnout is down from Barack Obama's first election in 2008, a new poll shows Clinton supporters are the most electorally engaged of the remaining candidates.
  • Is It Time For Sanders To Throw In The Towel?
    For months, Democratic leaders have been calling on Bernie Sanders to cede the Democratic nomination for president to Hillary Clinton. The forecast rowdy Republican convention is over, whereas Democratic officials appear to have a rockier road ahead to their convention in Philadelphia.
  • Radio Has Key Role in 2016 Election
    In late March, Borrell Associates revised its projected political advertising spend for the 2016 cycle. The highest expected increase came from radio. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, radio offers a stable and extensive reach across demographics.
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