• Is The Political Ad Dead? Depends How You Look At It
    Is the political ad dead? That was the provocative question asked of a panel of executives in the political and media space at an Advertising Week event on Thursday. According to the panelists, there are different approaches to the question, and no real consensus.
  • Did You Fact Check The Debate? If You Watched Online You Probably Did
    During the lead up to the first presidential debate, there was much talk about fact checking and whether moderator Lester Holt should call the candidates out for false statements. Turns out, more Clinton supporters (45%) than Trump supporters (26%) made their way to fact-checking sites during Monday's event.
  • Clever Marketing Spotlights Brands Surrounding Most Viewed Debate In History
    A number of brands took Monday night's debate as an opportunity to ride on the coattails of what is being measured as the most viewed presidential debate ever, with over 80 million viewers on TV and online.
  • Debate Shows Candidates' Colors: Clinton Poised, Trump Rejects Facts
    The most anticipated presidential debate in recent memory succeeded in presenting a panorama of distinctions between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Much of the heated back and forth between the candidates was due to pointed questioning from NBC's Lester Holt.
  • The Presidential Debate: Big Facts And Little Facts
    Tonight is likely to be the single-most-important event of the 2016 electoral season. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off two other times before November 8, but tonight's debate at Hofstra University is expected to sit atop the others as the most watched and consequential.
  • The Technology Behind Successful Fundraising
    One of the prerequisites to running for political office, local or national, is a solid fundraising game. Political success is largely driven by how much a candidate is able to raise. Messaging is central, but beyond styling the right message, accurately targeting potential donors is of paramount importance.
  • The Regressive Nature Of Post-Truth Politics In The 21st Century
    The word "truth" has taken on a new quality in 21st-century politics. Many now question whom to trust with the truth: the government, the mainstream media, the fringe media, political parties, think tanks?
  • Who Interacts With Trump, Clinton On Twitter?
    Twitter has started to play second fiddle to broadcast and stump speeches in the general election. Many of Trump's more than 11.6 million followers and Clinton's almost 9 million followers interact with the presidential nominees' social-media accounts on a daily basis.
  • Jason Kander: Using Provocative Advertising To Bolster Senate Candidacy
    Jason Kander, Missouri's current Secretary of State, has boosted his chance of unseating incumbent Republican Roy Blunt with a powerful new ad on gun control. The ad has raised eyebrows and Kander's national profile.
  • Trump Concedes Birther Question, Then Creates Whole New Controversy
    Donald Trump dropped his five-year-long birther position, asserting President Barack Obama was born in the United States, while speaking at his new Washington D.C. hotel on Friday. The GOP nominee deflected any blame for inciting or inflaming the issue, putting the onus for starting the birther movement on Hillary Clinton and her 2008 campaign.
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